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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Whirlpool Freezer

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Whirlpool freezer
Aug 2021

“A little while ago, I began to notice a little problem with my Whirlpool freezer; it wasn’t defrosting. Every day I come back to find a winter wonderland in my freezer, and I don’t want that. I checked the freezer out, and I found there’s a fault with the defroster. Now I have to repair my Whirlpool freezer, but I don’t know how much it’ll cost me.”

Does that sound like a story you can relate to? We understand how you feel. Whirlpool freezers tend to develop faults when you least expect them to. This statement doesn’t imply that Whirlpool freezers are bad; if anything, they’re top-class. 

Nonetheless, they also break down and require repairs sometimes. At such times, it helps a lot to know how much the freezer repairs will cost you.

Whirlpool Freezer Repair Costs in Ontario

The cost of repairs for Whirlpool freezers depends on various factors such as the product model, size and the nature of the problem. You can spend anywhere between $100 to $300 for common Whirlpool Freezer issues. 

However, the cost may be lesser or more than that, depending on peculiar situations. Below are some types of repairs for Whirlpool freezers and how much they cost.

Freezer repair cost by size

Whirlpool freezers come in different shapes and sizes. The brand has a variety of portable freezers, upright freezers and even chest freezers. These freezers come with different components and have varying degrees of functionality. Naturally, the cost of these Whirlpool freezers varies according to their functionalities.

Your Whirlpool freezer type affects how much you’ll have to spend on repairs. The bigger the freezer, the more the functionalities and, sometimes, the severity of the fault. Although it’s not a given that bigger Whirlpool freezers will always attract higher repair costs. 

Below are Whirlpool freezer types and the average cost of their repairs.

Portable Whirlpool freezer

Portable Whirlpool freezer

The average price range for repairing portable Whirlpool freezers is between $50 and $300. These freezers are compact, which makes them perfect for picnics and camping trips. Since they’re small, they often do not require extensive repairs that may cost a significant amount of money.

Whirlpool chest freezer

Considering the significant size of the chest freezer, the cost of its repairs will probably be higher. The average cost of general repairs to Whirlpool chest freezers is between $50 to $400. 

The good thing about Whirlpool freezers is that they’re easy to maintain, so they don’t break down easily. Chest freezers are also affordable to own, and they’ll fit perfectly in your garage.

Whirlpool upright freezer

The average cost of repairs for upright Whirlpool freezers ranges between $50 and $500. Upright freezers are the most common among all Whirlpool products. 

These freezers provide easy and affordable access to frozen goods. Not only that, they’ll fit perfectly standing upright beside your kitchen cabinet.

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Whirlpool Freezer Repair Cost by Parts Requiring Repairs

All freezers have different parts that work together to refrigerate your items. Over time, these components begin to succumb to wear and tear, which leads to their breakdown. Ultimately, the repair cost for the Whirlpool freezer in Ontario will depend on the part that requires fixing.

Whirlpool Freezer Repair Cost

Freezer thermostat repair cost

A broken thermostat can be responsible for your freezer not cooling enough or not defrosting. When you notice any of the two problems, you may need to check out your thermostat. By estimates, it’ll cost you between $75 and $200 to repair a Whirlpool freezer thermostat.

Whirlpool freezer door repair cost

Generally, Whirlpool freezers have sturdy doors that can withstand heavy impacts. But occasionally, they may develop issues such as not opening properly or not staying shut. 

The problem may be an issue with the hinge or a damaged door component. In such cases, you’ll need to conduct repairs on the door, which may cost you between $100 to $300. 

Whirlpool freezer seal repair cost

The freezer seal or gasket works to preserve the interior temperature of the freezer. It preserves the temperature by trapping the cold air inside the freezer and keeping the warm air out. 

However, the seals tend to harden and crack over time. When this damage occurs, you’ll need a certified Whirlpool freezer technician to replace the seal, which may cost you between $100 and $400.

Cost of regassing the freezer

Technically, this is not a repair. However, it’s still necessary to do it to ensure the proper functioning of your freezer. Modern Whirlpool freezers don’t need regassing unless something is wrong with the pipes. In such cases, it may not be cost-effective to repair the cause of the gas leak. The best option is to consider replacing the freezer.

Whirlpool Freezer Repair Costs by Problems 

You can also identify the cost of repairing your Whirlpool freezer by the problem prompting the repairs. Below are some of the common faults that Whirlpool freezers develop and the cost of their repairs.

Whirlpool freezer not cooling

Almost everyone using a Whirlpool freezer has experienced or will encounter this problem. Cooling problems are common with not only Whirlpool freezers but most freezers generally. The cooling problem usually occurs because of any of the following issues with the freezer.

  • Dirty condenser coils: Condenser coils are responsible for absorbing and dissipating heat from inside the freezer. However, they become unable to perform this task when they get dirty. The good news is; dirty condenser coils don’t require extensive repairs; you only need to clean them.
  • Broken condenser or evaporator fan motor: Condenser fan motors pull air over the coil and the evaporator. The air helps to dissipate the heat coming out of the freezer. When the fan is out of its position, it constitutes a problem. It’ll not be able to direct air over the condenser and circulate air through the freezer as it should.
  • Broken thermostat: The thermostat is responsible for controlling and regulating the temperature in the freezer. The thermostat tells the freezer when it should cool or heat up. A faulty thermostat may cause your freezer to heat up and prevent it from cooling properly.
  • Faulty compressor: The compressor is the pump that supplies the compressor coil and evaporator with refrigerants. Your Whirlpool freezer not cooling properly can be a result of a fault with the pump. Although compressors rarely ever break down, you can’t rule them off the list. 
  • Bad start capacitor: Sometimes, the capacitor may be the culprit when your Whirlpool freezer isn’t cooling properly. When the capacitor is faulty, the compressor will not power up and do its job effectively. 

Depending on the problem source, the cost of repairs for your Whirlpool freezer can be between $50 and $500. You want to hire a professional freezer repair service to help you check this problem.

Broken Whirlpool freezer water dispenser

Whirlpool freezers are also known to develop faults with their water dispensers occasionally. While this may not be a major fault, it still affects the proper functioning of the freezer. You want to look out for the following indicators of a defect with the water dispenser.

  • The water valve is not opening: A stuck water valve is common for faults with water dispensers. Many times, this happens because the water pressure is too weak. It also happens simply because the water valve is broken. To know what’s wrong, check the water pressure; if it’s up to 20psi, the problem is with the valve.
  • The door switch is not working properly: The water dispensers should stop working when the freezer door is open. The door switch recognizes when the door is open or closed and controls the water dispenser appropriately. If the water dispenser keeps running when the door is open, something is wrong with the switch. The switch is also the culprit if the water dispenser doesn’t start after the door closes.
  • A clogged water filter: It’s also quite common to find water filters in many Whirlpool freezers clogged. A clogged water filter doesn’t happen due to wear and tear. It results from the dirt in the water. You can easily repair or avoid a clogged water filter by changing the complement every six months.

The cost to repair a broken water dispenser in your Whirlpool freezer may range between $75 and $650. Of course, you’ll need to have a technician check your freezer out to know the actual amount for the repairs.

Too much noise coming from the freezer

Noisy freezers can be annoying and can get bad enough to prevent you from sleeping at night. The following are some of the faults that may be responsible for the noise coming from your freezer.

  • A broken, bent or obstructed fan blade: Usually, when your freezer makes a lot of noise, it’s due to a problem with the fan blades. The noise will often increase when you open the freezer door, which makes the blade move faster. The fault may be with the condenser or evaporator blades. You can have a technician check it out and quote how much the repair will cost you.
  • A failing fan system: A failing fan system can either be a defective condenser fan motor or a faulty evaporator fan motor. When either of these two happen, your Whirlpool freezer is going to make a lot of noise. While this may not be a significant fault, it’s always best to repair such systems when they start to fail.
  • A clogged water inlet valve: Sometimes, the Whirlpool freezer will make loud noises when the ice maker is running. The loud noise is a result of the mineral deposits clogging the water inlet valve. It’s impossible to repair this fault with your Whirlpool freezer; you’ll have to replace the valve, which will cost more.
  • Busted compressor: A tell-tale sign your compressor is defective is loud noises coming from it. Most times, a compressor makes loud noises for a while before breaking down. In most cases, the compressor is unrepairable, so you’ll have to change it anyway.

Since many things can cause your freezer to make noise, the price range is quite wide. The price of repairs for this problem on your Whirlpool freezer can be anywhere between $75 and $650.

Freezer not defrosting

All Whirlpool freezers come with a mechanism that regulates the temperature in the freezing compartment. The regulatory mechanism is responsible for liquifying frost deposits on the evaporator coils. A Whirlpool freezer will defrost automatically, but it may not under the following circumstances.

  • Defrost heater is malfunctioning: The heater is the part of the defrost mechanism that does the most work. It turns up the heat required to melt the frost off. So when your Whirlpool freezer is not defrosting, it may be a malfunction of the defrost heater.
  • Defective defrost thermostat: The thermostat regulates the temperature in the freezer. It determines when to increase the cool or turn on the heat. In other words, the thermostat instructs the defrost heater when it should start working. If the thermostat is faulty, the heater won’t come on, and the frost will remain on the coils.
  • The defrost timer is out: Most freezers have a preset defrost cycle which begins automatically at set durations. If the timer isn’t working, the preset time will stop counting, and the defrost cycle won’t start automatically. This puts the burden on the thermostat to start the defrost cycle every time.

You may have to spend between $50 and $250 to effect repairs for a defrost problem in your Whirlpool freezer. The range of causes for this problem is not wide, and they do not require much effort to fix. 

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Final Thoughts 

The range is $75-$500. But, it’s difficult to determine the exact cost of repairs for your Whirlpool freezer without a professional’s assessment. 

The factors we talk about above have a significant influence on how much to repair a faulty appliance. You’ll need to consider these factors to estimate how much you’ll spend on repairing your Whirlpool freezer. 

Or you can call us for a more accurate and detailed quote of the cost of repairs for your freezers. You can also check out our same-day Whirlpool freezer repair service at Prime Appliance Repairs. We provide these appliance repair services all over Ontario. 

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