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10 Reasons Why You Should Use A Wine Fridge

why you should use wine fridge
Jun 2021

Preserving your wine is equally important to buying the best wine. There are several reasons to use a wine fridge. Many people keep them to protect their best wine collections. 

Others buy a wine fridge because they’re a connoisseur of wine. Formerly, people kept wine in a wine cellar. Most houses had a separate room or basement for storing their expensive Chateau, Chardonnay, Blanc, and the likes. But today, it’s not mandatory to have a wine cellar in your home. A wine fridge can do the job of preserving your wine effectively.

A wine fridge is worth it because it’s a cheaper and more efficient option for storing wine. When you preserve wine in a standard fridge, it changes the taste. Not just that, a standard fridge doesn’t keep wine at a constant temperature. Thanks to its many benefits, having a wine fridge shouldn’t seem like an obligation but a need.

Reasons You Need A Wine Fridge

There’s a common perception that many people use a wine fridge for aesthetics. However, that’s untrue. Although it can add to the decor in your home, a wine fridge serves other purposes. Here’s why you should use a wine fridge. 

  1. Portability 

Unlike most cooling devices, which are bulky and oversized, a wine fridge is highly mobile. It’s organized and has a compact space. In fact, most wine fridges are built to be a portable option than cellars. Presently, you can use a wine fridge in any place with your favorite blends untouched by outside factors. 

It’s also effortless to move. Even bulky wine fridges have tires to make them moveable. This makes traveling with wines safer and easier. Not to mention, the portability allows you to renovate and style your home with aesthetics. 

  1. Cost-efficient 

If you’re a wine collector or you belong to a wine club, having a wine cellar is excellent. However, it comes with expenses. The cost of constructing and maintaining a wine cellar is higher than refrigerator repair. 

In Ontario, the average cost of building a wine cellar ranges between $13,000 to $17,000. Depending on the size, it may cost as much as $20,000. Besides, the construction of the basement may take a while. 

Since wine cellars lack the ideal storage features, you’ll need to constantly run a cooling process and a dehumidifier to maintain and regulate proper humidity. No doubt, this may increase the total cost by a thousand dollars. Aside from that, there are also electricity and miscellaneous bills. 

To maintain a wine cellar, average homes spend about $2,000 monthly on care. On the other hand, using a wine fridge offers you better wine preservation at a lower price. 

On average, a wine fridge costs $1,500. It’s budget-friendly, and it often comes with a year or two warranty. Wine fridge repair services are super affordable. 

A wine fridge offers advanced features such as LED lighting and dual-zone elements. Even a commercial wine refrigerator costs about $5,000, and it can accommodate over 500 bottles.

  1. It makes your wines accessible 

it makes your wines accessible

One of the reasons you should buy a wine refrigerator is it eliminates the problem of waiting for a glass of adequately chilled wine. There’s nothing better than having an available bottle of wine at your disposal. 

A wine fridge helps you maintain your wine at serving temperature. So after a long day or when you have friends around, you can easily pick a ready bottle of wine. 

In fact, most wine fridges have a refined cool temperature technology that enables you to cool wine quickly. At the same time, dual wine refrigerators come with two separate spaces. 

You can keep the wines you plan to serve immediately in one and those you’re preserving in the extra compartment. With a wine refrigerator, you have different ready-to-drink bottles of wine at any day and for any event.

  1. It helps you begin a wine collection 

When you use a wine fridge, you can store as many bottles as you want. Collecting wines is a delightful hobby. To be a wine connoisseur, you must have at most 50 rare and expensive bottles in your custody. 

You’ll have to keep them somewhere safe. Imagine storing plenty of costly wines in a box only to notice that some are broken while others taste sour. 

What a waste! For this reason, you’ll need a wine fridge to appreciate the true importance of wine collection. Aside from that, wine collecting requires lots of space. A typical refrigerator won’t do. Besides, you won’t get the beauty of arranging wines in it. It’s best if you use a wine fridge. 

  1. Versatility 

Did you think a wine refrigerator was solely meant for wines? The wine fridge serves several other purposes. You can use it for storing food, drinks, cheese, fruit, water, chocolate, iced cubes, etc. A wine refrigerator can easily replace its regular counterpart in the home. Its versatility goes beyond wine storage. 

  1. Stores wine horizontally 

It’s not a tradition that wine bottles are laid horizontally. Storing them on their sides allows the cork to remain damp. If the cork dries out, it’ll shrink and let air into the wine. This action will increase the aging process. When you use a wine fridge, it not only allows you to store the bottles horizontally, but it means you can choose a wine bottle without disturbing the others.

  1. It keeps the home cozy

During summer, nothing beats the experience of sipping red wine while basking in the sun. Wine isn’t meant to be too cold or hot, just in between. Now, if you live in a place with a volatile temperature (where it’s scorching during the day and freezing at night), it can affect the flavour of your wine bottles. A wine fridge benefits you because it extends the shelf life of your bottle while keeping it cool. 

  1. A wine fridge helps you enjoy and appreciate wine better

There’s a particular luxury and class that comes with drinking wine. Having a wine fridge is a significant upgrade to your taste. It adds grandeur to your space and allows you to show off your beautiful collection. It also offers you a complete experience of life without leaving your comfort zone. As they say, the best wines are savored in the home.

  1. Wine refrigerators have unique compressors 

When wines are left untouched, they age for years. So it’s not surprising that some wines are 100 years old. Movements interfere with the aging process of wines. 

Because a wine fridge has unique compressors that provide a vibration-free setting for preserving your wine, they’re a better option than conventional fridges. It’s all about kinetic energy. 

Too much disturbance causes the sediment and liquid in a wine bottle to shake. Therefore, sending out heat energy which affects both the bottle and wine. It’s the heat energy that causes the wine bottle to explode unexpectedly. When you think about all the quirks of not having a wine fridge, it’s genuinely worth it. 

wine refrigerators have unique compressors

  1. It allows you to preserve vintage wines

Vintage wines need special care. Unlike regular wines that can go a month without a cooling temperature, vintage wine cannot withstand room temperature. If you buy them, you have to consume them within a few days. Considering they need more attention and care, it’s best to get a wine refrigerator. 

Additionally, wine is better stored in a dark room. A wine fridge has a shielded UV glass that protects your bottles from harm due to direct light. Not to mention, it maintains the temperature between 50°F and 61°F which is perfect for vintage wines. 

Wine Fridge v Conventional Fridge

Humidity, vibration, and temperature are often the main distinguishing elements between a wine fridge and a regular refrigerator. A conventional fridge drops temperature quickly and drives out humidity. On the other hand, a wine fridge reduces temperature slowly and maintains a constant level of humidity.

Primarily, they perform separate functions. The simple fridge design keeps all your perishables, beer, and water at an average temperature of 40°F, which is extremely cold for a wine. Keep in mind that regular refrigerators are made to suppress humidity and sustain it. They’re an “enemy of wine.”

With the above, are you still wondering whether you need a wine fridge? 

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Bottom Line

With around over 10,000 wine refrigerators sold in Canada yearly, they’re pretty much an investment. You can put a wine fridge to use for several purposes aside from preservation. 

A wine fridge is a necessity for wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts. Even if you only buy wine when you want to drink it, you’ll fully appreciate the usefulness of a wine fridge.

Here at Prime Appliance Repair, we can help keep your wine fridge in the best condition. Our repair technicians are always on hand to fix any tech issues on the same day. Contact us today for speedy wine fridge repair services. 

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