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GE Appliance Repairs in The GTA

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Founded in New York in 1905, GE Appliances is one of the longest-running appliance companies in the world. Now, based out of Louisville, Kentucky, GE Appliances provides cutting-edge household electronics and appliances to families worldwide. Known for its dedication to quality and innovative approach to electronics, GE pushes the boundaries of home appliances with the goal of making your life more simple, more convenient, and more efficient.

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GE Repairs in Toronto

Although GE Appliances is dedicated to creating high-quality home appliances for their customers, sometimes, things still go wrong. If your GE appliance is not operating at optimal functionality, our team can help. We provide comprehensive diagnostic and appliance repair services for GE appliances throughout the GTA, Hamilton, and Niagara regions, ensuring all of our customers are satisfied with their appliances. Our team of trained, certified technicians prides themselves on their ability to identify common GE appliance issues and solve them with minimal interruption to your daily routine. In the event that a repair would be more costly than a replacement, our team can also recommend other GE appliances that are suitable for your family’s situation.

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GE Oven & Stove Repair

Imagine inviting your closest friends and family over for a dinner party, only to realize on the day of the event that your GE oven or stovetop isn’t working. Not only is this embarrassing and inconvenient, but it can even be dangerous. Ovens and stovetops that do not heat up properly or have a broken thermostat risk undercooking meals, which can have serious health consequences for anyone who consumes the food. Because of this, you must have a professional technician take a look at your appliance if it isn’t functioning correctly. Our team of appliance repair techs can address any issues with your GE oven or stove and fix it before your guests arrive.

At Prime Appliance Repairs, we understand that your refrigerator is a crucial appliance in your home — one that is a must-have for many Canadian families. Without a functioning fridge, it isn’t very easy for families to keep food fresh and safe for consumption. In the event that your GE refrigerator stops working — maybe it is leaking, freezing your food, or failing to stay cold — our technicians can help. We provide comprehensive GE refrigerator repair services for customers in the GTA, Hamilton, and Niagara regions, ensuring your fridge is running at optimal functionality.

For any family, having a washing machine and dryer at the ready is a massive convenience — any issue that causes a delay to your regular laundry schedule can wreak havoc on your everyday life. While laundromats are quite accessible, families spend a fortune on laundry while they wait to have their appliances fixed. If your washer or dryer isn’t working — maybe your washer won’t drain, or your dryer won’t heat up — give us a call. Our team of appliance technicians has decades of experience diagnosing and repairing problems with GE washing machines and GE dryers. We perform a quick diagnostic test and address the issues accordingly, helping get you back to your routine.

Washing dishes by hand is a pain for anyone. However, for large families used to having a dishwasher at the ready, washing dishes by hand can be a huge interruption to your routine. In the event that your GE dishwasher is broken or having problems, we can help. Whether it won’t drain properly, won’t heat up, or is leaking all over your kitchen floor, our certified technicians can diagnose and fix the issue in as little as one meeting.

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