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Why You Should Never Attempt DIY Appliance Repair

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never attempt DIY appliance repair
Dec 2021

We’ve all been there, an appliance breaks down, and we feel we can fix it in a jiffy. But, no, we can’t; we often end up having to contact the professionals or the manufacturers for help. So we end up making what should be our original course of action the last resort. But then again, attempting DIY appliance repair is often not worth the risk and hassle.

The proliferation of DIY tutorials on Youtube and several websites further complicates things. Many homeowners are convinced they can DIY repair any issues with their appliances using the right tutorial material. While this is admirable, most tutorials overlook important considerations while focusing only on “quick-fix” solutions.

Of course, we can’t deny that the DIY approach sometimes yields results. A few duck tapes here and there may get the appliance working again. But does that mean DIY appliance repair is safe? We don’t think so. There will be consequences if you fail to get it right. So why put your appliance at risk just to save some money?

Reasons to Avoid DIY appliance Repair

There are many good reasons to leave the work to the professionals when appliances break down. Let’s quickly look at them.

You Most Probably Don’t Understand The Problem or How To Solve It

At a glimpse, the issue may seem easy, like something even a kid can fix. For instance, you take one look at the washing machine, and you’re convinced you understand the cause of the cranking and know what to do. Then you proceed to get some equipment and open up the appliance. Now that’s a terrible idea.

There are a lot of technicalities you need to consider before trying to DIY repair a broken appliance. Even with tutorial materials from the web or anywhere, you still most probably don’t have a good grasp on what’s wrong. So, you should not attempt DIY appliance repairs unless you’re working with directions from certified professionals.

Safety Considerations

The biggest reason to never attempt DIY appliance repairs is its compromise on your safety. When your appliances break down, no matter how urgently you need them or the cost of professional maintenance, it’s not worth risking your safety. Whatever you do, putting your safety on the line is more costly than whatever the repairman will charge you.

Then again, different appliances have varying safety measures you need to consider when fixing them. At the least, you need to have adequate knowledge of the various components of the device before attempting repairs. You can injure yourself if you don’t have proper knowledge about what you’re dealing with.

For instance, when dealing with electrical appliances, several things can go wrong if you don’t have a firm handle on what you’re doing. The risks to electrical appliances are particularly significant; a simple wrong wiring can cause a short circuit. And a short circuit can start a fire instantly, which may burn the entire house down.

Furthermore, if you fail to contain them, electric fires can quickly spread to other buildings. Or, if you live in an apartment complex, it can spread to other rooms and cause a huge conflagration. If you’re lucky, you may escape with no one getting hurt, but you’ll lose the appliance and face the home insurance nightmare that’ll follow.

The scenario above may sound a bit extreme. However, you shouldn’t downplay such possibilities in the hope of saving some bucks. In a nicer scenario, you may fault the appliance’s insulation by mistake. Then, as a consequence, you may experience electric shock whenever you use the device.

Then again, you may not have adequate safety devices required for working on the appliance. Even if you’re a “DIY-expert,” attempting to Jury-rig a solution only puts you and the people around you at undue risk. Employing a professional helps you prevent the chances of any of the scenarios cited above. You may spend a couple of bucks, but you’re not losing it; you’re investing it in reliable solutions for your appliances.

DIY Repairs May Void Warranties on the Appliance

If your appliance still has a valid warranty, don’t attempt DIY repairs on it regardless of the fault. As a rule, warranties will cover most types of repairs provided you adhere to its terms and conditions. However, the moment you default on even one of the agreement terms, the warranty becomes useless. And, in most cases, taking the appliance apart voids the rules guiding the validity of a warranty.

Keep in mind that when you evoke the warranty, the manufacturers will have expert appliances repair technicians look at the device. So, you can be sure your appliance is in safe and qualified hands. You also don’t have to invest your effort or time into quick fixes that may or may not work. And depending on the warranty coverage, you may not have to pay a dime to fix the appliance.

But, if you have to pay any amount, then you know you’re investing in a secure solution for your appliance. In addition, all replacement parts will be straight from the company- which translates to zero risks of using counterfeit products. Nonetheless, as long as you have a valid warranty, you won’t have to pay the total price for the repairs.

You May Worsen the Problem

When you attempt DIY appliance repairs, you won’t stop to consider that you may make the situation worse. You browse through several tutorial materials and consume information about the repair process. This makes you believe you have sufficient knowledge and nothing can go wrong. But what if something goes wrong and you end up causing more damage to the device?

Something eventually goes wrong because not every suggestion you see online is viable or effective for your specific problem. So, when you apply the recommendations, you may touch components you’re not supposed to, damaging them in the process. And since you fail to fix the initial issue, you’ll most probably make things become more complicated.

Then again, let’s be candid; how can you tell good advice from bad advice if you don’t have sufficient knowledge about repair best practices? Most of what you’ll get online is quick-fix advice. But, a quick fix is not the same as a proper repair job. At the end of the day, you will make an easy fix a lot more difficult for the professionals when you eventually call them to work.

Therefore, whatever you do, don’t assume the solutions suggested in an article online will be enough to fix your appliance. You don’t want to make the repairs more complicated than it needs to be for yourself. Even if you think it’s a minor problem, let the professionals handle it for you.

DIY fixes often Provide Short-term Solutions at Best

solutions at best

You’ll hardly find any DIY tips that’ll provide long-term solutions for the repair issue. First of all, it’s often difficult to get the fixes right. But, if you manage to get the solution, they rarely ever last long.

Of course, if you’re dealing with a minor problem such as a broken cable, you can proceed to replace the cables. However, if you’re dealing with a situation that requires you to look into the appliance, please don’t attempt to DIY the repairs. Such issues often have underlying problems that you need to address before actual repairs.

So, without proper knowledge, you may proceed to fix the apparent problem without addressing the underlying causes. It’s only a matter of time before the appliance breaks down again. Then you’ll keep going back and forth on the devices until you eventually employ a professional to repair the appliance. You can save yourself all of that hassle by getting a specialist to do the work from the get-go. 

If You Fail, You’ll Still Have To Call The Professionals.

After applying all your quick fixes, expending time, resources and effort, you may still need to get professionals to look at the appliance. You probably thought it would be easy initially, but after trying everything you can, now you know it’s not. While the professionals and the tutorials may make it seem easy, there are always hidden details only an expert will notice during repairs.

But, without taking note of the hidden details, you’ll only prod through the device until you hit a wall. And this is where most people give up – after working round and round the same issue with no headway; they get weary. So, you eventually put everything aside and call in the professionals to help. 

However, the problem is that the repairman may find more issues than the appliance initially had. So, now, as a consequence, the repairs will cost you big time. Initially, the hassle may be a simple mishap, but by touching things you were not supposed to, you made things more complicated. And you have to pay for that in addition to the repairs to the actual problem. 

You May Need To Invest In New Tools You’ll Only Use Once

We mentioned earlier that you may need some special tools to carry out the repair activities. This is because manufacturers like to make it difficult for non-technicians to snoop through their products. Nowadays, you’ll find appliances with special types of screws, nuts, fasteners etc. And for you to get through these fasteners, you’ll need special equipment that you’ll have to pay for.

Some of the general tools you’ll need to repair household appliances include

  • A Multimeter
  • Screwdriver Set
  • Screwdriver Bit Set
  • Impact Driver kit
  • Wire Cutter and Stripper
  • Pliers Set
  • Adjustable Wrench.

While these are standard handy tools most people may have at hand, they’ll most probably not be enough. Even if they’re enough, you may not have them at hand, and so, you’ll have to buy them. However, the kicker is that you may never need the equipment ever again. Then, you’ll be holding on to equipment you don’t need. At least until you decide to sell them for cheaper than what you got them for. 

While DIY attempts on appliance repairs have the potential to save you money, one can’t simply ignore some of the negative effects. And in the long run, employing a professional now may turn out to be the right investment.

Situations Where You Can Attempt A DIY Appliance Repairs

Attempting DIY appliance repairs is not the best of ideas. However, there are some situations where you are allowed to make such attempts. Let’s look at some instances below.

When you don’t have access to a qualified professional or the manufacturer of the appliance. In some cases, you may find yourself in situations where you’ll not be able to contact a technician to help with the repairs. In such scenarios, you may attempt a DIY process for the repairs but ensure you follow appropriate guidelines from the manufacturer or other certified sources.

You can also DIY the appliance repairs if you’re a professional technician. In such cases, you can apply your technical knowledge to the situation and fix the problem. You may also get guided instructions from the manufacturers regarding how to DIY the appliance repairs. Regardless, the repair should not be a problem for you, given your level of experience handling different appliances.

And lastly, you can attempt DIY repairs on appliances if the issue is a damaged external attachment that requires replacement. For instance, if you’re confident the fault is with a broken cable, you can go ahead and purchase a replacement. 


We’ll keep reiterating that attempting to DIY appliance repairs is not the best idea. Of course, you can proceed to do it under any of the three conditions above. However, any situation different from those will lead to some of the consequences we highlighted. So, it’s easier to simply let the professionals handle it from the beginning.

You can contact us if you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy appliance repair service. Do well to check out our services at Prime Appliance Repair to get a good idea of what we offer. We utilize the most advanced equipment and techniques to do a proper job for our clients. So, you can be sure we’ll deliver prompt, professional services to you.

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