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What is the Average Cost to Fix an Appliance?

fix an appliance
Aug 2022

On average, the cost to fix an appliance varies depending on different factors. For example, the number of appliances in a household will determine how much you’ll likely spend on fixing said appliances.

Furthermore, the more appliances you have, the higher your chance of paying more to repair and maintain them. Nevertheless, you can manage your expenses through appliance repair cost estimators.

You can achieve this calculation by analyzing the costs of fixing common appliance types in the Ontario service market. This article will walk you through the average cost of fixing appliances and the factors influencing their prices.

What is the Average Appliance Repair Cost?

The average cost to fix a dishwasher or other small appliances is about $175, ranging between $100 and $250.

This price range differs depending on the device. For example, heavy-duty appliances like washing machines or deep freezers will cost more than the average cooker or dishwasher.

Overall, extra spare components needed for restoration make up most of the small domestic appliance repair expenses worldwide. While the cost of labour to repair significant household appliances makes up a considerable portion of expenses for larger appliances.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Fixing an Appliance

Several factors determine appliance repair pricing aside from the type of device. These factors will guide your appliance repair cost estimator.

Appliance Location

Access to the faulty appliance impacts the cost of fixing it. For example, a home appliance within a compartment can be harder to reach and will cost you more in repairs.

A good illustration is how much to fix a dishwasher built into a cabinet. This home appliance would be harder to access and requires extra labour to move it out. Hence, the appliance repair service charge will be higher.

However, fixing an unobstructed dishwasher is easier, leading to lower appliance repair costs.

Appliances like air conditioners and microwave ovens will often sit out in the open, making access to repair easy. However, some appliances can exist in cramped spaces, especially in older houses.

In some cases, HVAC systems and water heaters are located in tight spaces of old homes. Hence, the repair technician would have to squeeze and wriggle their way into uncomfortable positions to fix the problem. This resulting discomfort will lead to a higher repair cost.

appliance location

Source of Energy

Another factor affecting the cost of fixing an appliance is its energy source. Our experience with appliance repair knowledge indicates electric devices cost less to repair than gas appliances.

Parts for gas appliances are more expensive, complex and often come with higher safety risks. Hence, gas appliances require repair technicians with a higher degree of skill.

Typically, an electric appliance can cost you about $250 in repairs, while a gas-powered appliance can cost you about $350 on average. However, please remember that solar-powered machines cost more to repair than electric and gas appliances.

Solar-powered appliances are more labour intensive, and a repair technician can charge you up to $200 in labour fees alone. The repair fees for solar-powered devices can reach $500.

And as you would expect, appliance repair costs will double or triple for devices with multiple energy sources.

Type of Appliance

The type of appliance you have is a significant factor in determining repair costs. For example, a leaky water heater may cost less than a damaged washing machine dryer.

We advise you to ask how much an appliance repair costs beforehand whenever you purchase one. This way, you’ll be able to estimate the cost for any potential repairs in the future.

Furthermore, how many functions does your particular appliance perform? An appliance performing multiple functions would be more subject to constant repairs than one providing a singular function.

Aside from the type, the number of components within the appliance can also contribute to repair costs. The more features within the machine, the higher the repair cost.

Additionally, appliance repair services can also be affected by how common the appliance is. As a result, you can take advantage of competitive rates when repairing common household appliances. On the other hand, repair costs will be higher if the appliance is rare and possesses scarce components.

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type of appliance

Cost for Individual Appliance Repair

In this section, we’ll go over the average cost of repairs for the most common appliances in Ontario homes.

Repairing a Dishwasher

Thankfully, dishwashers are relatively inexpensive to repair. However, the cost to fix a dishwasher can range from $100 to $300. So on average, you may be spending about $230 on repairs.

Furthermore, depending on the problematic part, the price will vary. For example, replacing a heating element can cost about $200. While replacing a rubber gasket or sprayer arm can cost $90 and $110, respectively.

You can further reduce overall repair costs by reporting any early signs of fault. Here are some issues you should attend to immediately.

  • Emission of a foul odour
  • Dishes coming out still dirty
  • The door refusing to close well
  • Drainage of water from the machine

Repairing a Microwave

Internal components, like the turntable or magnetron, can cost about $70 and $200, respectively. So, on average, the repair service charge for this appliance can range from $100 to $300 if you detect the problem early.

Repairing a Refrigerator

A refrigerator can be an expensive appliance to repair, depending on the level of damage. For instance, repair costs are lower for repairs like resealing the door or replacing a thermostat.

However, fixing a faulty compressor or control board can cost $200 – $500. This price may also be higher depending on the refrigerator’s brand.

repairing a refrigerator

Repairing a Washing Machine

The cost to fix this appliance can be quite expensive. A washing machine is a complex appliance that contains numerous vital components. At times, a fault in one component can prevent the action of another.

The average cost for repairing a washing machine can go from $200 to $600. The brand and level of damage also influence the repair cost.

A washing machine is also a sensitive appliance whose parts must be fixed or replaced immediately to prevent further damage. Hence, consult an appliance repair service immediately if you notice any of these issues.

  • The drum isn’t rotating
  • The machine fails to fill with water or drain properly
  • Excessive noise and vibrations
  • Water leakage at the base of the machine

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Final Thoughts

These are the average costs for fixing these appliances. However, you can always reduce the potential repair costs by reporting any early signs of problems. In addition, household appliances provide convenience and increased productivity when you manage them well.

Do you suspect any of your household appliances may be on the verge of misbehaving? Are you unsure of a particular issue? Why don’t you put that worry to rest by consulting Prime Appliance Repair today? Give us a call and get a quote from us.

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