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Types of Washing Machines and Which Is Best For You?

types of washing machines
Jun 2021

The washing machine is one of the best appliances in the home. It meets your basic need of washing clothes, and some even go as far as offering drying options. Besides, using a washing machine is hygienic, less strenuous, and time-saving. 

Because it’s so important, it can be hard to choose the right type of washing machine. Various types of washing machines exist to fit different consumer needs. The washing machine a laundromat requires differs from the model you will use for your personal needs. Washing machines also vary with capacity, load, and features.

At the same time, a few of them come with unique features like a hot wash, quick wash, digital display and child lock. If you’re not electronically inclined, you may find these washing machine features confusing. 

Worse, you may end up buying an appliance that doesn’t suit your needs. Let’s go over the types of washing machines and the factors to consider when purchasing one. 

Types of Washing Machine 

There are mainly two types of washing machines. They are top-loading washing machines and front-loading washing machines. These machines further classify into different models with distinct components. 

  1. Top-loading washing machine 

Top-loading is the best washing machine to use for both personal and commercial purposes. It has a top opening to put your dirty clothes. It works with one tube for both drying and washing. 

A solitary tube means you won’t need to transfer clothes between tubs. Top-loaders function with an easy control panel to pick your preferred cycle. 

The machine is attached to a water channel tap which regulates the flow of water into it. Unfortunately, it has fewer washing options than its counterparts. It’s difficult to drain the water completely. Besides that, it’s the most economical washing machine to use. 

  • Fully-automatic machine

The fully automatic type of washing machine is trendy. As the name suggests, it makes the washing process intuitive. You don’t have to manually add water and soap or drain out the soapy water to rinse your clothes in the machine. There’s also no need to move clothes between tubs. Just place your laundry in it and turn it on. 

The most delightful thing is, it has many washing programs like a wool wash, cotton wash, and quick wash. The wash cycles are also customized concerning fabric and time. Depending on the model, you can select an automatic program.

fully-automatic machine

  • Semi-automatic machine

The semi-automatic washing machine is the most recent available model. It has a dual tub—one for drying and another for washing. The tubs work one at a time. After washing, you have to transfer your clothes to the dry tub manually. The semi-automatic type of washing machine requires lots more manual work and human intervention. 

On the bright side, it’s cost-effective. The prices range between $80 to $150. Besides, if you don’t have a tap channel, you can use a bucket to pour water into it. What makes this machine semi-automatic is the dryer and washer are separated but belong to the same body. 

  1. Front-loading washing machine

The front-loader washing machine is your best pick if you have limited space in your home. They sit horizontally, and clothes are placed in them through a front door. 

They’re presently the most advanced washing machine technology. To manage floor space, you can stack a dryer on the front loader. Generally, they have a vast interior that enables you to clean larger wear without reducing the cleaning power.

Front-loading machines are also equipped with several advanced features such as hot water and a timer. Compared to top-loaders, they offer better wash quality. They are the most efficient washing machine type. Unfortunately, the efficiency of a front-loading washing machine comes with a hefty price tag. 

Compact or Portable

Where the full-size type of washing machine is inconvenient, install a portable washing machine. They are small-sized and have a handle that renders them stress-free to carry around. If you’re often on the go, a compact washing machine will be very desirable. 

Considering they’re small, they wash fewer clothes at a time. The portable machine is suitable for camping, bachelor, and motor homes. Above all, they save you on real estate because it allows you to use a small space.


The stackable washing machine is an excellent pick for people who want a full laundry service. Keep in mind that it also has its door at the front. It allows you to save time by washing and drying clothes simultaneously. The best part of this washing machine is that unique models have a ventless dryer. 

No doubt, a ventless dryer is very helpful if there are no vents around your washing machine. Sadly, it takes up space. Besides, most people don’t like the idea of having a separate dryer and washer. But if you’re running a laundromat service or you have a big family, we recommend you buy this combo. 


The integrated model is the best washing machine for a modern home. Of all the models available, they have the most elegant and versatile concept. Moreover, they’re aesthetically pleasing. The idea of the appliance is to blend in with a cabinet or cupboard perfectly. 

Most often, integrated washing machines are fixed in the kitchen because the units give them stability. However, their installation process is complex. Luckily, brands have a standard size for it. So, you won’t have to replace your furniture when changing your integrated washing machine. 

Dryer and washer combo

Unlike the dryer-washer combo, the dryer and washer combo are fused in a single tub. The washing machine has one compartment for both washing and drying. Although they’re not familiar, we highly recommend it for people who live in small homes because it saves space. 

The drawback of it is, it doesn’t allow you to add items mid-cycle. Plus, it involves a lot of bending for you to operate the machine. 

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Differences between Top Loading and Front Loading Washing Machine


The most significant difference between the top and front loading washing machines is the door placement. As their names imply, the front-loaders have their doors at the side of the appliance, whereas the top-loaders have their covers on top of the machine. 

Aside from the door location, the table below shows a difference between both models. With this buying guide, you’ll find it easier to make quick decisions on washing machines. 





No matter the size, it’s an inexpensive option. In fact, the semi-automatic is the cheapest washer on the market. 

They’re quite expensive. They cost about 25% more than a top-loading washing machine.


On the side, there are paddles, and it doesn’t have an agitator.

It functions with paddles in the machine and lacks an agitator. These features make it very gentle on clothes.


Top loaders use plenty of water. But, they’re the best type of washing machine for reduced water pressure. Besides, they have models that recycle hard water to a soft one at a cheaper cost than front loaders.

If  you’re struggling with water supply, opt for front loaders. They consume less water. Plus, it has some unique models which alter hard water to soft. 


They need large space because you can’t fit them in the kitchen or under a cupboard.

They are very narrow. You can fit or stack them in any space. 


They consume more electricity. But not so much, just a little more than front-loaders.

They help you save energy and electricity costs.


They’re available in different capacities. 

They’re available in different capacities.

FAQ: Types of Washing Machine 

Which is the best washing machine to buy?

The best washing machine to buy is the fully-automatic — because it eases the stress of the washing process. Most people opt for semi-automatic because it’s cheap. However, if you can afford the luxury of a full-automatic model, don’t hesitate to get one. 

Which is more preferable— front-loading or a top-loading machine? 

Choosing between these models depends on the features you need. The top-loading machine is better if you have space and you’re working with a tight budget. However, the front-loading machine helps you save costs on water, soap, and electricity but is expensive. But, if we are to choose, it’s the front-load.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Washing Machine

There are multiple deciding factors to consider before picking a particular model. These factors will no doubt serve as a guide to help you buy the best washing machine. Always consider the water availability, capacity/size, budget, brand, power consumption, space, and of course, unique functions. 

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Undoubtedly, there’s no best washing machine available; there’s only a type to suit your taste. Every washing machine is specially designed to make your washing process more effortless. Whether you prefer the top-loader or front-loader, both appliances are efficient and time-saving. 

Keep in mind that these washing machines have their pros and cons, and no type is 100% perfect. Thankfully, they come with a one-year warranty. So you’ll also get your money’s worth. 

Our experts at Prime Appliance Repairs can handle the installation and maintenance of your washing machine. Get in touch with us today!

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