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The Best Tips to Keep Your Appliances Running Strong for Years to Come

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Oct 2022

The air conditioner your folks bought in the 1970s may still be going strong. Meanwhile, the one you got a few years ago is on its last legs. Today, keeping an appliance running smoothly for a long time requires more dedication.

Research has shown the average lifespan of a modern household device is decreasing. Considering how much these appliances cost, maximizing their effectiveness is crucial.

This article discusses how to make common home appliances last longer. This knowledge will reduce your average appliance repair costs. It’ll also save you money otherwise spent buying new appliances within short periods.

Here’s what you need to know.

How to Keep Your Appliance Running For Long

The following are simple ways to keep these appliances working fine for a long time.

Convection Microwave

The lifespan of the microwave is nine years. Do the following to keep the appliance running for a long.

  • A clean microwave is a functional microwave. So wipe it down frequently.
  • Microwaving empty dishes puts unnecessary stress on microwave components like glass and magnets. Therefore, ensure to use microwave-safe dinnerware.
  • The door is incredibly fragile, so take care to protect it.

A Dishwasher

According to consumer reports, a dishwasher has a 9-year average life span. Here are tips for improving your dishwasher’s lifespan:

  • Routinely check your dishwasher for any blockages and remove them so the appliance may continue functioning properly.
  • Always remember to inspect the workings of the machine and to clean up any leftover food immediately.
  • Scrub the detergent drawer regularly and make sure the drains, screens, and gaskets are spotless.
  • Finally, avoid loading it to capacity to prevent the dishwasher from overworking.

However, there may be times your dishwasher develops a fault. You may find yourself contemplating fixing it or getting another one.

Most of its components (seals, valves etc.) are easily replaceable. So you should consider fixing especially if your appliance is still within the nine-year age range.

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a dishwasher

Washing Machine

The average life expectancy of a good washing machine is ten years. Here are things you can do to maintain or increase this appliance’s lifespan:

  • Run an empty load once every few months. You can do the run with a cleaning solution.
  • It’s important not to overburden your machine when doing a regular load of laundry. This precaution ensures the washing machine doesn’t get clogged up.

Air Conditioner

An air conditioner should work for ten years on average with reasonable use.

You can keep your version of this appliance running by doing the following:

  • Checking for dirt buildup is vital to maintaining your air conditioner. Do this by changing or cleaning the filter and removing debris from around the condenser and evaporator coils.
  • If it becomes noisier than usual, check if there’s an obvious problem. If you can’t figure it out, contact an appliance repair technician.

Waste Disposal

Research shows this appliance can keep running for up to 12 years. Here’s how to maintain your home’s waste disposal:

  • Use cold water while using your garbage disposal; hot water softens food waste, making it more difficult to flush.
  • Reduce the amount of starchy and sugary foods you put in the garbage disposal. You’ll be rightfully preventing the blades from becoming clogged.


You can ensure 13 years of smooth operation in your refrigerator with good care. Here are maintenance tips to keep your fridge running well for years to come: 

  • The condenser coils in your refrigerator need regular cleaning to function properly.
  • Always check the rubber gaskets and clean the seals.
  • Keep super-hot foods out of the fridge. They can cause the refrigerator to lose coldness, especially when there’s a power failure.
  • Keep your fridge doors closed. Open doors will make the fridge work harder to cool the air.



The working expectancy for a dryer is 13 years. However, how long appliances like dryers last depends on how well you do the following:

  • Keeping your dryer on a level surface is one way to help it work more efficiently and last longer. It may slide across the floor due to the vibrations, which will inevitably cause exterior damage.
  • Keeping your dryer clean is crucial, including the surface, gaskets, and door, which require regular lint removal and wiping off.

Also, dryers are pretty easy to repair. They hardly develop a fault that’s so intricate. Over time, you may need to change parts like drive belts, thermal fuses, and lint filters.

Range Oven

Electric ovens last for 13 years, while the average lifespan of a gas range oven is 15.

It’s easy to keep your range working fine. For optimal and long-lasting performance, simply:

  • Wipe down your oven after use. Be sure to wipe up any crumbs or spills immediately following use.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners or corrosive sprays that could harm the appliance’s wiring.
  • Examine your range for dents or damages periodically. And ensure you replace worn or damaged door seals.
  • Thermostats, heating components, doors, and seals are all simply replaceable if they break.
  • Only attempt replacements yourself if you have the technical experience. You can end up causing more damage or harming yourself.


On average, a heater will last 13 years if it’s electric. If it’s gas, it can work fine for 21 years. Here are some maintenance pointers to keep your heater working smoothly for longer.

  • Regular examination is the most effective strategy to spot and fix issues before they become serious.
  • Heaters tend to be left unused in summer times. Keep your heater from sitting idle all summer; a little use will keep it in good working order.

General Tip: Maintenance and Servicing

For optimal performance, every home appliance needs professional servicing from time to time. This advice is the best way to ensure your home appliance keeps working at crucial moments.

You can easily call the nearest appliance repair technician to help you with maintenance services.

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maintenance and servicing


You can keep every home appliance running smoothly by ensuring routine checks and careful use. However, nothing trumps the attention of a professional’s periodic examination.

As mentioned earlier, a repair technician doesn’t just help fix an appliance when it’s faulty. But they also ensure your appliance is in perfect condition while it’s seemingly working. And we are the best providers of appliance maintenance and repair services in Ontario.

At Prime Appliance Repair, you can trust our appliance repair and maintenance services as top-notch. We work with the highest professionalism and love seeing your appliances surpass standard lifespan estimates.

Talk to us today! Call 647-905-7302.

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