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Samsung Appliance Repairs Cost

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Oct 2021

Samsung appliances are all classy until they break down, and you have to deal with the cost of repairs. It’s not just Samsung appliances; appliances from other brands also break down. Nonetheless, there’s just this thing about Samsung devices that sets them apart from others. So whenever they get faulty, you get the feeling the cost of repairs will exceed the average. 

Here, we’ll explain the cost of repairs for Samsung devices. First of, what are the factors that determine the cost of repair for the average Samsung appliance.

Factors that Determine the Cost of Samsung Appliance Repair

Two main factors determine the general cost of repairs for Samsung appliances to a large extent. 

The Device Type

Samsung is a household name in the home appliances, tech and utilities business. It’s only natural they have many products, models and appliances to their credit. Of course, all these appliances serve different purposes and have different components. So when they break down, they often attract different costs of repairs depending on the type of product.

For instance, the cost of repairs for Samsung freezers will differ from repairs for a Samsung cooktop. These appliances have different components and purposes. 

Plus, they’ll require different skill sets, methods and equipment for repairs. When you put these points together, they contribute to the overall cost of repairs for Samsung appliances. 

Type of Repair Required

When you approach an appliance repair technician for a quotation, they’ll explain the cost based on the type of repair they’ll carry out. A good technician should give you a proper explanation of what he’ll do on your appliance to make it good again. The explanation will make it easier for you to understand why the repairs cost as much as it does.

Some repairs may also require replacement for certain parts of the appliance. In this case, the overall cost of the repairs will also include the cost of the replacement parts. Then again, your appliance may not require extensive repair per se. Sometimes, all your device needs is a maintenance service that usually costs a lesser amount of money.

Some technicians also charge a fee for visiting your place to check the appliance out. Add these points together with other miscellaneous costs, and you’ll get the total cost of repair for your Samsung appliances.

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Samsung Appliances Repair Cost by Type

The average cost range for Samsung appliance repair is between $150- $400. The cost of the repairs for most common issues that afflict Samsung appliances will fall in that range. However, note that the price may be lower or higher depending on specific factors. 

With that said, let’s look at the general costs of repairs for common Samsung appliances. 

Samsung Dishwasher Repair Cost

samsung dishwasher repair cost

The average range of repair costs for Samsung dishwashers in Canada is between $100 to $300. The reason for the wide range is due to the variety of problems that can affect the dishwasher. The issues may range from minor faults such as damaged seals and springs to major control panel problems. The more significant the fault is, the more the repairs will cost.

The case may be a bit different if the repairs include getting spare parts. Most Samsung dishwasher parts are not difficult to get in Canada and are relatively affordable. But when you add the replacement cost to the service fee of the technician, the repair cost becomes significant. Generally, Samsung’s dishwashers’ major problems are often weird noises and leaking issues.

Samsung Dryer Repair Cost

The price of repairing Samsung dryers often floats between $150 to $350. The mentioned price range is mainly for electric dryers. Gas dryer repairs usually cost more than electric dryers, and the difference may range between $50 to $100. The higher cost is because gas dryer components are trickier to repair when they break down. 

Common gas dryer problems usually involve the gas valves, the igniters, the flame sensors and thermal fuses. But, the more expensive repairs have to do with faults to the motor. Fortunately, repairs to the doors or bearings are often cheaper. 

Samsung Washing Machine Repair Cost

There’s a wide range of problems that can affect a Samsung dishwasher. As such, the cost of repairs also varies over a wide range. Averagely, you can expect the repairs for your Samsung washing machine to cost between $150 and $350. The type of problem and the repair requirements will determine the cost of repairs for the Samsung appliance.

For most places in Canada, the typical service call costs between $50 to $150, excluding the actual repair service fee. When you add the technician’s charges for the repairs and the cost of replacement parts, the sum often adds up to the stated range. So, even something as trivial as replacing a belt in the washing machine may cost a significant amount of money.

Samsung Refrigerator Repair Cost

Usually, there are quick fixes and alternatives when other appliances break down. For instance, when your cooktop breaks down, you can resort to eating take outs or find other ways to prepare your meals pending its repair. Or, when the dryer breaks down, you can leave your items out to dry.

However, when the refrigerator breaks down, preserving your groceries and other food items becomes difficult. In such cases, time is of the essence, and the faster you’re able to get the refrigerator working, the better. This factor should be your first consideration before worrying about the cost of repairs for your Samsung refrigerator. That said, the average repair cost for Samsung refrigerators ranges between $200 to $400.

Built-in Samsung refrigerators are often cheaper to repair than most people portray them to be. And yes, they cost a lot less to repair than to replace. The repair cost may be more or less than the stated range depending on the type of problem your refrigerator is having. Sometimes, the appliance may require multiple repairs to get it functioning again. 

Repairs to components like the condenser coils are often on the cheaper end of the price range. However, repairs to parts such as the compressor and the control panel often cost more. This is because these components often require replacement parts.

Samsung Oven Repair Cost

There’s no need to panic if you notice some fault with your Samsung ovens. However, it’s not a great idea to continue using a faulty oven. You want to fix the fault as soon as possible. And even if you can’t fix the fault quickly, you can always count on takeouts to come through in the meantime. 

The good thing is; Samsung ovens are some of the cheapest appliances to repair. Generally, the cost of repairs for Samsung ovens costs between $100 to $200. Not only that, oven repairs don’t usually take a long time to complete. The typical repair for Samsung ovens shouldn’t take more than an hour. Plus, they don’t usually require a lot of replacement parts.

Nonetheless, if there’s very significant damage to your oven, the cost of repairs may well exceed $200. The typical Samsung oven issues involve problems with the thermostat and heating system. Damage to the control panel in electric ovens can incur expensive repairs. Regardless, it’s generally cheaper to repair electric ovens than gas and specialty ovens.

Samsung Stove Repair Cost

samsung stove repair cost

Samsung stoves cost a little more to repair than their ovens. That’s quite surprising and may not make a lot of sense. But there’s a valid reason for the price difference. Samsung stoves are often trickier to repair than their ovens.  While the functionalities may be similar, the design and components of Samsung stoves are different from those of their ovens. 

It may cost you anywhere between $100 to $400 to repair a Samsung stove. This price range is dependent on the model of the stove as well as its additional features. Generally, electric stoves have the cheapest repair costs.

Samsung Freezer Repair Cost

Freezers and refrigerators are in the same category of appliances you can’t afford to leave faulty for long. But fortunately, freezers have a lower average repair cost compared to refrigerators. Usually, you can repair your freezer for any amount between $100 to $300. Plus, freezers are less likely to break down like refrigerators, and they stay cold for longer.

The size, model and additional features of the freezer will have a major influence on the repair cost too. For example, portable Samsung freezers tend to have lesser repair costs compared to larger freezers. Of course, the extent of the fault and the level of repair required has the final say in the overall cost. But generally, the more expensive the freezer is, the more the repairs will cost. 

Should You Repair or Replace Your Samsung Appliance?

While considering the cost of both for Samsung appliances, the cheaper option per time is usually repairs. However, it may not always be the best option. There’ll be situations where the best option is for you to drop the faulty appliance and get another one. For example, if an appliance is already old and constantly develops faults, replacement is the best option for the long run.

Your Samsung appliance may not be old yet; however, if it constantly develops faults, you may want to replace it. In the long run, the total cost of repairs will amount to what getting a replacement will cost. Also, it’ll save you additional time and effort you’ll expend on trying to repair the faulty appliance. That said, a qualified technician will be able to give you a better verdict regarding the state of your Samsung device.

Save Cost on Repairs With Proper Maintenance

We can never overstate the importance of regular maintenance for your home appliances. You probably have heard a zillion times that proper maintenance extends the life of your appliances. Regular maintenance significantly lowers the risks of breakdowns and the need for repairs. Regular maintenance helps you to spot and take preventive measures against breakdowns before they happen.

Some technicians provide maintenance plans for customers. Signing up for a maintenance plan means you’ll have a technician coming to do general maintenance on your appliances regularly. Most plans vary in length, cost and by the company. But, the average cost of maintenance plans for your Samsung appliances will be between $100 to $300. 

Therefore, for a one-time fee, you can save yourself the cost and discomfort of conducting repairs on your appliances. The total cost of regular maintenance is usually not up to the average price to repair Samsung appliances. Do regular maintenance of your appliances and save yourself unnecessary trouble.

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Final Thoughts

We can’t give you a specific amount as to how much repairs for your Samsung appliance will cost. We’ll only be able to do that after having a good look at your Samsung appliance. Nonetheless, we already mentioned the price ranges for common faults with Samsung appliances. 

As a top appliance repair company, we provide same-day repairs for Samsung devices at affordable rates. Feel free to contact us today!

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