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How to Easily Fix a Broken Refrigerator

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Aug 2022

You can always count on your refrigerator to keep your food cool. Its stability makes it one of the few appliances in the home operating nonstop. As such, it’s astonishing how rarely they break. But when they do, it can cost a pricey sum to fix a broken refrigerator.

You are even at the risk of losing perishable foodstuff stored in the refrigerator during such breakdowns. As such, you’ll have to spend more money on the unprecedented restocking of those foods.

But be calm! We’ve prepared this article to teach you how to fix a broken refrigerator. The knowledge of the tips here may save you money for hiring repair technicians. Plus, most of these repair options are simple to follow, requiring less than an hour of your time.

Let’s get into it.

Ways to Easily Fix a Broken Refrigerator

The following are some common problems with fridges. Alongside are the ways to fix such broken refrigerators.


Leakage is the most common cause of puddles and hurdles in refrigerators. And the likeliest causes of leakage include broken water tanks, faulty inflow valves, and clogged defrost drains.

First, inspect the inlet valve for cracks or fissures and ensure it fits properly. You can repair existing tears with epoxy glue.

Although, you can use epoxy as a stopgap measure, it’s best to buy a brand new water storage tank if it’s a problem. . However, a new tank is assuring you of long-term usage.

Ultimately, you may need to defrost your refrigerator to curb leakage. Fixing frozen drains requires clearing out the pipes.

Poor Cooling

Your refrigerator may experience insufficient cooling if the condenser coils and fans aren’t working properly.

Refrigerator coils are typically present beneath or behind the device and are meant to remove heat from the system. On the other hand, you’ll find the fans above the condenser coils.

Two simple fixes can jumpstart a fridge that’s not cooling. For coils, endeavour to restore them to their original condition by brushing out the dust and dirt. This move should improve the level of cooling efficiency.

For the fan blades, check if they’re moving freely and at a constant rate. Try to move it if it appears stuck.

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poor cooling

High Noise Level

How do you fix a broken refrigerator making too loud a noise? Usually, refrigerator noise results from a clogged condenser in the fan blades.

The first thing to do is inspect the blade area for possible blocks. Remove any hindrance and pay attention to the noise.

If the noise level remains the same, investigate the evaporator driver. Check for possible obstructions preventing the fan from rotating freely. If it still doesn’t work, you may need to replace the fan to fix the faulty refrigerator.

No Cooling at All

You may need to fix a broken refrigerator with a no-cooling fault. First, remove the thermostat from the fridge or freezer with a screwdriver. Then, remove the two wires in the thermostat.

Connect the wire ends with electrical tape and plug in the refrigerator. The thermostat is broken if the fridge comes on and starts cooling normally.

Therefore, simply get a new one with the exact specifications as the old one you unscrewed. Afterwards, install the new thermostat in the same way as the old one.

You may need to hire refrigerator repair technicians if you don’t eventually get your fridge to start cooling its contents.

no cooling at all

Bad Hinges

Sometimes, the fault you need to fix in a broken refrigerator isn’t cooling related. It may just be something like the door feeling slack.

To fix such an issue, try adjusting the hinge screws. You can gain access to the screws by pulling off the hinge cover or trim using a screwdriver.

The best way to fix a broken refrigerator with sagging, loose doors is by shimming the hinges. First, loosen the hinge and insert a cardboard shim to prevent the door from banging against the hinge. Next, re-tighten the hinge.

An improperly positioned shim is another potential cause of sagging. To fix the issue, just take off the shim. Try different positioning with the shim and see if you can eliminate the sagging.

Repairing a Leaking Door Gasket

A refrigerator’s efficiency declines significantly if its gasket (often a rubber seal around the door) hardens or cracks. This fault allows cool air to escape.

Put a $1 bill between the gasket and the door frame and shut the door. Then try to pull the dollar note. It indicates the gasket is fitting properly if it’s hard to withdraw the money. But the gasket is broken if the dollar note easily slides out of the slot.

Another refrigerator repair tip for this problem is to check the gasket’s seal at the door’s top, bottom, and around it. Afterwards, examine the door hinges for seepage before replacing the gasket.

Faulty Ice Maker

This problem is common with people looking to fix broken refrigerators via DIY. And it’s easy to solve.

Your ice dispenser needs to easily open and close for ice to flow out of it. A damper door is the “door” that swings open and shut to let ice fall. Observe the unique substance lining your damper door. It’s meant to provide a strong seal against the ice shoot.

But this lining material on the door may lose its ability to seal if it becomes deformed or unclean. This fault allows humid air to leak into the freezer. This air becomes frosty when it cools, disrupting air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Check the damper door for any obstructions if you’re having this issue. The solution may be as simple as dusting it off. If it doesn’t work, you may need a new damper for the fridge.

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ice maker


It’s excellent to learn what you can do to fix a broken refrigerator. And as you can see, the common problems have simple fixes.

However, never attempt to fix major refrigerator problems yourself. Safety considerations may mean issues, like a non-cooling refrigerator requires professional assistance. And we offer such top services.

Prime Appliance Repairs is committed to delivering appliance repair services of the highest standards. Make an online request and have one of our expert technicians meet you at your Ontario home!

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