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How Much Does Washing Machine Repair Cost?

washing machine repair cost
Jun 2022

The cost of washing machine repair can be overwhelming in some cases. After all, the washing machine is an integral part of home living. In addition, a washing machine allows you to save time and energy on doing your laundry.

Like any other machinery, a washing machine can break down occasionally due to different circumstances. However, in this article, you’ll learn how much to fix a washer and how to save cost on future repairs.

Don’t be too eager to get rid of the metal box in favour of a brand new one. Instead, save yourself some money and extend the lifespan of your metallic companion. In addition, you’ll be doing your wallet and clothes a favour by familiarizing yourself with the repair costs of washing machines.

The Average Cost for Washing Machine Repair

Depending on the damage, the average washing machine repair cost will vary. Once you suspect any irregular behaviour with your washing machine, check for the common issues. Next, you can inspect your washing machine for these possible problems.

However, at face value, washer repair charges can range from $100 to $500. The prices fluctuate depending on the severity of the issue. The repair cost will also vary depending on how low-end or high-end your washing machine is.

Furthermore, the technician will also include inspection fees covering their diagnosis check. Remember that you’ll only pay the total inspection fee in most cases if the technician discovers no problem with the washing machine.

Below are some common problems that can plague your washing machine. Early detection of these problems will save you money on repairs.

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Common Washing Machine Problems

Washing machines are durable and strong equipment. Nevertheless, over time the machine will wear down from prolonged usage and start to experience some problems. Below are some issues you can expect with your washing machine.

Lack of movement

A lack of adequate movement or none can contribute to hefty washing machine repair costs if you notice it late. For example, the spin drum may wear out over time and stall, preventing a rotation. Usually, the rotating belt may be faulty and require an adjustment.

However, if the problem persists after an adjustment, it may be time to replace the belt. The technician’s price for the washing machine replacement belt can range from $50-$70, depending on the damage. Moreover, if the belt drive cuts, the drum may spin out of control and scratch the inside of the washing machine. This action can cost more in repairs.

Furthermore, the control or power unit of the washing machine may falter and prevent enough power from operating. In such cases, we advise you to purchase a replacement power unit immediately. Don’t risk using a worn-out power unit because it can become an electrical risk. Therefore, get a technician to run a diagnostic check and determine the replacement price.

Strange Noises within the Washing Machine

Loose components are one of the most common culprits for strange noises within your washing machine. For example, a screw or bolt may have come loose and fallen into the spin drum. Such loose components can damage the internal unit of the machine.

The cost of repairing a washing machine making funny noises can be cheaper than most other problems. Ultimately, once you hear any rattling sound, investigate the source and remove whatever piece of material you find. However, if you can’t visibly locate the noise source, call a technician.

The technician will assess and locate the problem and save you money down the line. Therefore, you may only need to pay for the inspection services of the technician. Ultimately, the inspection fee is meagre compared to whatever cost you may have to pay if the rattling source causes more damage.

Leaking Pipes

At any given time when operating your washing machine, you don’t want to spot water flowing outside the machine. Water leakages will determine how much the repair of a faulty washer will cost. So any time you spot water dripping outside your machine, locate the source immediately.

Water leakages can come from blocked pipes or faulty water inlet tubes. Leaking water can pose a fall hazard or even an electric risk. However, you can fix most leaking issues by adjusting the tubes and pipes. Nevertheless, if you can’t locate the source of the leakage, we advise you to seek a technician.

The technician will identify the main problem and collect a small fee for the cost of repairing the washing machine on time. This fee can range from $30-$50. Hence, this fee will save you from the escalating problems that the water leakages can cause.

Washing Machine Keeps Shutting Down

If your washing machine keeps shutting down midway through a cycle, you may be overworking it. The best option is to allow the washing machine to rest and cool. If you don’t let the machine rest, you may increase its chances of further damage.

How much the repair cost for a washing machine that keeps stopping will usually fall within the inspection cost. However, the price will go up if the technician discovers further problems. In some cases, if the washing machine is very old, it may have passed its prime and be due for a replacement.

Fortunately, replacing an old and worn-out washing machine may not be as costly as you imagine. You can sell the old machine as scrap and use some money to purchase a new one.

washing machine keeps shutting down

Average Repair Cost of a Washing Machine By Model Type

There are different types of washing machines, from a top-loading machine to a front-loading machine. Hence, the specific type and design will affect the washing machine’s repair cost. So, here are the average prices of fixing your washing machine, depending on the model.

Portable Washer

The portable washer is typically the cheapest model to repair. This machine’s average washer repair charges range from $80-$200. You can quickly move the portable washer around your home, and it connects to any available water tap. However, problems can arise from connection to the water tap or faulty timer, affecting the wash time.

Top Loading Washing Machine

Automatic washing machines are also known as top-loading washing machines. This washing machine type is most common in many households in Canada. However, a standard error with these machines is the presence of a faulty door. Hence, if the door doesn’t close properly, the washer won’t operate.

Another common fault can be a malfunctioning drain pump that prevents water removal during a spin cycle. Therefore, the average repair cost for this washing machine ranges from $150-$280

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

This semi-automatic washing machine features two sections, one for washing and the other for drying. Therefore, once washing is complete in the wash section, you’ll have to move the wet clothes into the drying section manually.

When deciding how much to repair this faulty washer, the price can range from $100 to $300. Consequently, some of the issues you may experience with the semi-automatic washing machine are drain issues and a faulty valve.

Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Fully automatic washing machines are one of the most convenient washers on the market. You’ll only have to put in your dirty laundry and sit back as the machine goes through the entire washing and drying process. In addition, you won’t have to render any other input aside from collecting your fresh and dry clothes from the machine.

There’s no requirement to move your clothes after washing to the drying section. Instead, you type in the specific wash cycle you want and wait. However, common issues you can experience with the fully automatic machine are faulty hoses and belts. Hence, the typical repair cost for this washing machine is $200-$400.

Front Loading Washing Machine

As the name implies, the front-loading washing machine requires you to put in your laundry through the front door. The front door possesses a transparent window that allows you to see your clothes spin. Furthermore, this model type of washing machine requires less water during its wash cycles, making it an eco-friendly option.

Considering how much to fix this washer should it be faulty, consider the price range of $200-$350. In addition, you may encounter fundamental problems with the front loading washing machine like leaky hoses or defective belts interrupting spinning.

Steam Washing Machine

The steam washing machine is notable for blowing hot steam on your clothes in the washer. Adding steam makes the clothes absorb more water and come out less wrinkly. More so, the added benefit of your clothes being cleaner and sterile. The machine also uses less water making it eco-friendly for your household.

The average cost of repairing this washing machine ranges from $250-$500. Common faults include a broken spin drum and poor steam production from the steam duct.

Integrated Washing Machine

The integrated washing machine is the type of washer you’ll find inside a closet or cupboard. This installation process easily matches the décor of your home, making it more aesthetically pleasing.

Due to the positioning, most integrated washing machines are front loading. However, their installation also makes the price for repairs steeper than usual. The average washing machine price that a technician will ask for in repairs can range from $300-$600.

This relatively higher price is due to the need for the technician to remove compartments of the closet to access the faulty parts of the washing machine. Hence, this extra work causes a spike in the fee. The common problems are the same as that of the front loading washing machine.

Your washing machine will serve you and your family for a long time. First, however, it’s essential to look out for any early signs of trouble and contact a washing machine technician on time. By calling in a technician on time, you’ll be elongating the operational capabilities and longevity of the washing machine.

washing machine by model

Washing Machine Cost by Type and Part of Repair

The type of repair determines the cost of the repairs. Hence, you can easily replace smaller parts, and their repairs won’t be as costly as the more significant parts. However, the price can go higher with components that require deconstruction and reconstruction. Below are parts of the machine that can go bad and the average cost of these parts.

Washer Lid Switch

The switch on the door of your washing machine may break. If this happens, the washer won’t recognize that you’ve closed the door, and the wash cycle won’t commence. Therefore, the plastic switch may suffer some damage that prevents it from operating.

The washing machine repair cost of this lid switch ranges from $90-$170. The price seems high because, in most cases, you’ll have to replace the entire lid switch.


If you notice your washing machine running but the drum remains stagnant, you may have a coupling issue. Usually, you hear a loud and incoherent noise while the washer is on, but the drum will remain motionless.

The repair cost for the washing machine coupling unit ranges from $90-$160. Therefore, it is imperative to attend to this issue immediately to prevent wearing out the washer’s motor and causing further damage to the machine.

Pressure Switch

The pressure switch is responsible for controlling the water levels within the machine. Hence, if the pressure switch is faulty, the device will not run. Ultimately, the washer won’t be able to inform the control panel about the presence of water necessary to operate the machine.

Fixing the pressure switch can cost you from $100-$250. In addition, the process of repair requires specialized tools, which cause a relatively higher price.

Drain Hose

The biggest problem you’ll encounter with a faulty drain hose is leakage. A broken hose will spill water onto the floor of your home and pose a fall hazard. However, you can spot cracks or discoloration at the point of damage on the hose.

The average cost for repairing the washing machine hose will be around $100-$180. Therefore, if you notice any leakages from the drain hose, attend to it swiftly to eliminate standing water from gathering in your home.

Shutoff Valve

The valve is integral to the washing machine to regulate the wash cycle. Once a wash and rinse cycle is complete, the shutoff valve is responsible for halting the process. However, if this valve is faulty, the wash cycle will be irregular and lead to leakages.

Repairing the valve can cost you from $100-$230. Hence, attend to the valve as soon as you notice any severe corrosion around it.

Inlet Valve

The inlet valve is responsible for letting in water necessary for a wash into the machine. Therefore, if the inlet valve is defective, enough water won’t enter the device.

The washer repair charges for the inlet valve can range from $100-$200. On the flip side, a faulty inlet valve may let in too much water and cause more significant problems.

Washer Bearings

Depending on the model of the washing machine, the bearing’s location varies. For example, on top-loading machines, the bearings are close to the front, while the bearings are behind the front loaders.

The most common issue with the bearings is abrasion which can wear them down over time. Replacing the bearings will cost you around $150-$230. So, watch the quantity and size of load you put into the machine to reduce overloading the bearings.

Washer Belt

The washer belt is responsible for spinning the drum. Over time, it will wear down and slack, creating loud noises.

The average cost to repair the washing machine belt ranges from $125-$180. But, of course, the price will be higher if the belt snaps entirely and causes the drum to bash the side of the machine.

Washer Door

Once the washing machine door is faulty, the wash cycle won’t begin. The machine will always think the door is open and won’t start its operation. Therefore, repairing the door is paramount for the machine’s smooth operation.

Depending on the severity of the damage and whether you are repairing or replacing the door, the cost can range from $150-$280.

Washer Door Lock

The door lock is just as important as the door, and most times, the machine won’t run if the lock is faulty. Usually, the machine has a failsafe that comes into play without a lock. This failsafe prevents the engine from operating.

A technician’s washing machine price for repairing or replacing a door lock can range from $100-$200. Therefore, once you notice that the door refuses to close, contact a technician.

Washer Shock Absorber

In most cases, the rattling noise you hear from the machine can be due to a defective shock absorber. The absorber takes in all vibrations from the machine and prevents the clothes from hitting the frame.

You can rectify this problem by dropping a sum ranging from $150-$300 for a better shock absorber. Ultimately, you want to fix this problem as soon as possible to reduce any further damage from the excessive vibrations.


The rubber gasket is responsible for keeping moisture within the machine and preventing mould growth. However, the gasket can sustain damage from small objects like pins in your laundry.

Get a new gasket for $250-$300, depending on the model of your washer. Overloading your washing machine can also damage the gasket, so be careful.

Washer Transmission

The transmission helps the washing machine go through each cycle without a hitch. However, if the washing machine remains on one cycle and doesn’t progress, you’ll need to check the transmission.

The cost of repairing the washing machine transmission can go from $200-$400. In addition, take heed to check the transmission if you perceive any burning smell coming from the machine during a wash cycle.

All these washing machine parts are vital to the smooth operation of your washer. Therefore, if you notice any of the faults mentioned above, do not hesitate to contact a washing machine technician to get to the root of the problem.

The total repair expense and the inadequate design for disassembly applied to the tub bearings. Hence, repair services for washing machines fixed roughly 48 percent of breakdowns in shock absorbers and bearings (when considering bearings solely, this number reduces to 24 percent). Furthermore, when the drum and tub of the washing machine were the problematic components, meagre repair rates were also noted (27 percent).

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part of repair


The overall cost of washing machine repairs can reach $500 depending on various factors. The model of your washer will determine the price as well as the particular component that is faulty. Additionally, ensure to attend to any early signs of a defect as soon as possible. Early detection will prolong the machine’s longevity and cost you less in repairs.

Here at Prime Appliance Repairs, our technicians can get your washing machine working smoothly again the same day you call us. Use our appliance repair services today!

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