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How Much Do Repairs for Maytag Appliances Cost?

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maytag appliances cost
Nov 2021

You never know how important an appliance is in your home until it stops working. Home appliances like the fridge, washer and microwave offer plenty of functionality. They save time and make mundane tasks easier to bear. 

That’s why it can be particularly frustrating when these appliances stop working. Firstly, these appliances tend to stop working when you need them most. And even for a brand as reliable as Maytag, it’s impossible to avoid damage to your appliances. 

Although the Maytag brand is one of the few modern brands offering a ten-year warranty, their appliances also break down. When this happens, the next logical step is considering the cost of repairs. Here, we’ll highlight the cost of repairing a Maytag appliance. 

What is the Cost of Maytag Dishwasher Repair?

One of the most underrated but important appliances in the home is the dishwasher. The struggle to do the dishes after eating a sumptuous meal is a frustrating one. Therefore, when the dishwasher goes wrong, you want swift, immediate repairs. 

Luckily, the cost to repair a Maytag dishwasher is pretty affordable. On average, you may spend less than $150 for minimal repairs. When the repairs are major, you may need close to $300. It all depends on the part of the dishwasher that went bad. 

Before you call on a technician to service your dishwasher, you must be sure of the problem. Sometimes, what’s wrong with the dishwasher may be a minor issue you can handle. Other times, it may be an issue with the plumbing system. 

cost of maytag dishwasher repair

What’s the Price of Repairing a Maytag Dryer?

The price of repair for a Maytag Dryer depends on the model. If it’s an electrically powered dryer, the cost of repairs will range between $100 and $400. On the other hand, if your Maytag dryer’s power source is gas, you’ll spend between a range of $100 and $550.

Exactly how much you spend on dryer repairs depends on the faulty component. For an electric Maytag dryer, the belt, motor are some of the main issues. In the case of a gas dryer, you’ll likely have problems with the valves, flame sensors, igniters, to mention a few. 

The cost of repairs for a gas dryer tends to be more expensive. Although Maytag gas dryers more than make up for it with their low operating costs. 

How Much to Repair a Maytag Washer

The washing machine in your home is usually everyone’s favourite appliance. Washing machines save us the stress of washing our clothes ourselves. With a working washer, you don’t have to lug your laundry to the laundromat. 

You should budget between $150 – $500 to fix a faulty Maytag washer. The common issues with washing machines are either the drains, leaks, or belts malfunctioning. For any of these problems, you should call on appliance repair technicians. You should budget between $150 – $500 to fix a faulty Maytag washer. That way, you don’t cause more problems trying to fix it on your own. 

What’s the Price to Repair a Maytag Oven?

Even if you love to eat out, few things beat the accessibility a working oven provides. You’ll be comfortable in the knowledge that you can easily cook your favourite meals when delivery services fail. 

You may be lucky enough to be dealing with slight problems like a faulty thermostat. On other occasions, you may be dealing with a faulty control board. As you can expect, it’s costly to fix the more complex issues.

You can fix a faulty thermostat in a Maytag Oven for as low as $100. However, expect to spend up to $600 if you’re dealing with a faulty control board. 

You may need to spend more on your oven if its power source is gas and not electric. Also, ovens built into a cabinet require more complex repair processes. The technician will first need to solve the puzzle of removing the range out of the cabinet. This process may take hours and will add to the overall service charge. 

What is the Cost of Repairs for a Maytag Stove?

If your Maytag stove comes as an attachment to your oven, the repair cost for the appliance will be the same. Likewise, if your stove comes with a cooker at the top, you may need extra repairs. You can expect a repair cost ranging between $100 and $450. 

If the problem with the stove is something as simple as a spoilt switch, you can replace it yourself and save your money. But when you have complex issues like burner replacements, call on an expert.

How Much to Repair a Maytag Refrigerator

In the kitchen and home generally, the importance of a refrigerator is obvious. Food preservation, cold liquids, storing cooking spices, and many more — the functions of a refrigerator are endless. Based on its importance, fixing a refrigerator hardly comes cheap. 

Faults with the condenser, door or fan are typically cheaper to fix. They are minor situations that cost less than $150 to fix. On the other hand, the more expensive problems in the refrigerator are control panel problems. 

The repair cost for a Maytag refrigerator ranges between $200 and $600. When a refrigerator has multiple issues at once, there’s a lot of repairs to do. You may need to buy replacement parts and pay for more hours — leading to an overall rise in the repair costs. 

For instance, repairing or replacing your condenser coils may not cost up to $300. But if the condenser, fan, and compressor need replacement simultaneously, you may spend more than $500. Other factors like age and brand also affect the cost of fixing a refrigerator.

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repair a maytag refrigerator

Factors Affecting the Repair Cost of Appliances from Maytag

How much you spend on repairs depends on the applicable and nature of the problem. The Maytag brand is another factor that often adds to appliance repair costs. Here’s what we mean:


The Maytag brand belongs on the higher end of the luxury scale. Compared to other appliance brands, Maytag devices tend to cost more than average. It’s a fact that extends to the cost of repairs. 

In many cases, you’ll have to buy a replacement part. And in some instances, finding these parts may not be a straightforward endeavour. Of course, the technician will add the cost of replacement parts to the overall service charge. 

Furthermore, fixing a Maytag device is a delicate project because of how expensive these appliances are. It’s best if a highly trained and experienced technician handles the job. The level of expertise on demand will also reflect in the technician’s overall service charge.  


The cost of transportation involved in delivering a service reflects in the overall costs. The same factor affects the average cost of repairing a Maytag appliance. 

If the appliance repair technicians have to travel a considerable distance to get to your device, you can expect to pay more for Maytag appliance repair. This sentiment also applies to purchasing a replacement part. The cost of delivering that part will also add to overall repair costs. 

Type of Appliance

As explained in this article, the type of Maytag appliance repair influences the cost of its repair. The appliance determines nuances like the faulty component and complexity of the repair. 

For instance, the components that can suffer damage in a water heater aren’t the same for a washer. Since each device has different components, the cost of repairs will also vary. Generally, the cost of repairing a Maytag refrigerator tends to be more expensive than other devices. 

Complexity of Problem

In any situation, the exact nature of repairs needed is the main factor influencing repair costs. Anything can happen to your machine. Some minor problems like switch issues don’t necessarily require a technician’s services. It’s a problem you can fix if you have prior technical knowledge. Even if you don’t have prior knowledge, a brief tutorial video will help. 

There are complex problems, however, that you can’t try to fix on your own. Doing so without prior knowledge means you run the risk of ruining the device. 

If it’s a complex problem, you may need the technician to stay for an extended period to fix the device. Most technicians charge per hour, so the longer they need to fix the device, the higher the cost of repairs. 

complexity of problem

Multiple Problems

One primary issue that can affect any appliance is many problems occurring at the same time. Let’s assume you have to fix the motor, fan, switch, and condenser in your Maytag refrigerator. Some of these parts will need a total replacement, which will cost money. 

How much you spend on Maytag appliance repair will depend on the cost of the individual components needing replacement. After replacing each component, you also have to think about the technician’s charges. 

Power Source 

There are appliances from Maytag that depend on gas for operation, while others function on electricity. Because of the different power sources, the problem affecting each may not be the same. 

Typically, repair costs for a Maytag electric device tend to be more expensive. As a side note, the reduced cost of repairs doesn’t mean electrical appliances are a better bargain. Maintenance fees for gas devices are far less than electrical appliances. 

Accessibility of The Appliance

Some appliances, especially kitchen appliances, can sometimes have an inaccessible connection. In some cases, this design helps to reduce the possibility of unexpected damage. But the same inaccessibility affects the repair cost of your Maytag appliance. 

The technician has the first challenge of pulling out the appliance from its installed location. After that, troubleshooting and problem-solving can come next. These steps will tack on more hours to the repair timeline, adding to the overall service cost. 

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Final Thoughts

The cost of repairing a Maytag device ranges from $100 – $600. Parts like the thermostat and device doors are less expensive to fix. If the repairs involve a control panel or other complicated parts, costs can go up to $500. 

As a top appliance repair company, we’re offering you the opportunity to enjoy the best value for money. We’re home to highly trained appliance repair technicians that’ll fix your Maytag device the same day. Contact us today for all Maytag appliance repairs. 

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