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Appliance Repair: 10 Tips to Save Money

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Dec 2021

Saving money on appliance repairs can be simple when you know what to do. For instance, not all cleaners are suitable for electrical appliances like washers and dryers. Similarly, DIYs may work for malfunctioning appliances, but they don’t provide a permanent solution to the problem.

Another way to reduce the cost of appliance repair is to read instructions in the manual before using the device. Most homeowners only refer to the manual when the appliance goes bad. It’s an approach that can lead to expensive repairs. 

For instance, if you read the user manual before using your washer, there’ll be instructions on overloading it. This information can help you avoid overloading the device and having to spend thousands on expensive repairs. 

Are you tired of spending a lot trying to fix your appliance? This article discusses ways to save money on appliance repairs. Also, we highlight reasons hiring an appliance repair technician is better than DIY. Below are ten tips to help you save money on appliance repairs. 

  1. Adopt Regular Cleaning of Your Appliances

An essential tip for saving money on appliance repair is maintenance. Regularly cleaning your appliances will keep components in good condition, thereby helping you save money on appliance repair. 

Another to-do is investing in good cleaning products that leave your appliances free of microbes. While cleaning products are important, you can’t use the same product for all devices. Ensure your choice of product is compatible with your household device. 

Dirty appliances become weaker and ultimately cost you more money for repairs. Cultivating habits like cleaning your cooktop immediately after cooking can save it from rust and corrosion. Also, remove all the parts of your vacuum cleaner and clean the specks of dust in it. Do this for other home appliances like your oven and microwave. 

  1. Play Your Home Warranty Card

Most appliances, if not all, come with a warranty. This warranty covers the cost of repairs when your appliance develops faults. Furthermore, warranty expiry timelines differ among appliances and companies. For some small appliances, their warranty expires after one year. On the other hand, large appliances can have warranties spanning three years. 

You can save money on expensive appliance repairs if the device is still under warranty. The way to do this is by maintaining the device religiously. 

In addition, the effectiveness of warranties also depends on what caused the damage. If it’s due to the manufacturing company’s technical lapses, then you’re free to save money on appliance repair with your warranty card. However, using your warranty may not be possible if the damage involves your negligence.

It’s important to check for warranty conditions when purchasing an appliance. While some appliances have their warranty boldly written on their packaging, some require that you ask a salesperson. 

  1. Pay Attention to Minor Fault Signs 

Appliance faults come in many diverse forms. Some are easy to detect, while others are not. For instance, you know there’s a problem when you notice your refrigerator is on but not cooling. Even a minor leak is enough to show that something is not right.

When you pay close attention to your appliance, you can easily detect the source of the fault. By paying attention, you can precisely explain how the fault began to the appliance technician. You can even go as far as writing down your observations.

Usually, some appliance faults can worsen if you don’t repair them on time. Identifying defects quickly is one way to reduce the time-dependent appliance repair costs.

  1. Resolve Minor Appliance Issues Quickly

Many homeowners tend to wait for faults to become serious before fixing them. Whereas paying attention to minor signs can help you save money on appliance repair.

Spending a small amount of money on minor fixes is better than spending a lot when the appliance deteriorates. Don’t wait until the appliance breaks down entirely before calling a technician. 

  1. Set Aside a Plan and Budget for Emergency Repairs

Unfortunately, unexpected expenses can affect your financial budget in a bad way. A breakdown can happen to any of your appliances when you least expect it. Due to this reason, we often advise homeowners to save up often for unforeseen happenings, including appliance repair.

Rather than spend out of your pocket for repairs, you can save for appliance repair costs. You can start with keeping some money aside for your appliance, especially if it’s above five years. Also, as appliances near the end of their lifespan, they tend to develop more faults. Saving for appliance repairs can reduce your expenses when the appliance breaks down.

  1. DIYs Can Come in Handy

Do you think you’re technical enough to handle repair tools and fix your broken appliance? If your answer is a yes, then start right away! You can start by checking where the problem stems from and resolving it.

Online DIY tutorials like YouTube videos can make fixing basic appliance issues easy. Also, if you have a family member that’s got the skills, you can call on them. 

Fixing a faulty appliance yourself won’t just save you money on appliance repair. But it’s an opportunity for you to learn new things.

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  1. Lookout for Affordable Appliance Repair Services 

affordable appliance repair services

Some repair technicians provide flat rates with extra charges to increase the bill you pay for a repair. Asking the right questions is important to selecting which repair company to use. Also, ensure to ask questions on appointments that lapse beyond regular working hours. Likewise, ask questions about extra charges on travel time. 

After diagnosing the appliance, companies with honest policies will provide all necessary financial details. This detailed financial plan can save you from the shock of having to pay extra charges when the bill comes.

  1. What Do People Say About the Repair?

Many repair companies look good and enticing on their online pages. But not every appliance repair service is worth the hype. Words of mouth are powerful and can help you save money on appliance repair. Irrespective of how a company looks online, what people have to say about their services matters.

Start by checking online reviews about the company’s service. Going through the reviews can help you determine whether past customers were pleased with their pricing and services or not. Going through the reviews can help you avoid double repair expenses.   

  1. Prepare For The Repair

Most appliance repair services offer charges on an hourly basis. Sometimes, technicians spend hours to gain access to the faulty part of your appliance, thus, increasing your bill. 

One way to save money on appliance repair is to remove all hindrances before the technician arrives. This pre-repair step is important if the appliance is built-in or has special housing. For example, if your washing machine develops faults while using it, drain the water. After draining the water, remove all your laundry and disconnect it from the electric source.

Furthermore, if your oven spoils while in use, switch it off and disconnect from the source. Go ahead to remove whatever you have inside, so it doesn’t go bad. Also, you can turn off the power supply source and make access to it easily. 

Clearing the space around your appliance can help if the technician needs access to the back. All these efforts pave the way for faster service, thereby helping you save money on appliance repair.

  1. Nothing Lasts Forever- Accept Your Loss – Sell It In Scraps

Sometimes accepting that you have to let go and knowing when to do it is essential. If it’s an old appliance that is still usable, selling its parts may be a good option. Not only does it allow you to save money on appliance repair, you make some money.

Scrap parts, as scrappy as they seem, are still worth a lot in the market. It helps you save money on appliance repair and allows you to opt for better choices.  

DIY vs Calling a Technician

With DIY, it’s possible to repair your appliance successfully at little or no cost. However, there are times when the repair exceeds DIY tips and tricks. In these situations, there is nothing wrong with calling appliance repair services. Here are some reasons you should hire an appliance repair technician:

Calling a technician is ideal for complex jobs

DIY is an immediate action for easy tasks. Imagine having to wait for a professional to change your lightbulb. Also, sometimes, troubleshooting your appliance can get them working again. However, calling a professional may be a time-saver for complex jobs like replacing an AC compressor.

We understand the urge to fix things with your own hands but, sometimes DIY may be hazardous. If you attempt to fix your vacuum cleaner and fail, you may get dusty for a worthy cause. But you should avoid electricity, gas lines, and other appliances that may cause serious harm. 

It saves you time and money on appliance repairs

There are cases where hiring a technician saves you more in the long run. Some repairs come with a warranty which protects you from the cost of future malfunctions. Using a professional company for repairs preserves the warranty on the appliance. 

Technicians are more experienced

Hiring a professional to fix your appliance leaves it almost as good as new. Your appliance will function like a new one due to their years of experience and skills. However, professional repairs are known to prolong appliance lifespan. Also, DIY finishing can be just as good if you learn some basic skills.

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To Sum It Up

Appliance repairs don’t have to cause you to break the bank. There are cheap appliance repairs that allow you to save money in the long run. For instance, some technicians won’t charge you for diagnosing your appliance if you’re a regular. Also, you can shorten the repair time by making the faulty appliance accessible before the technician arrives.

Sometimes, adequately maintaining your appliance may be insufficient. For instance, as appliances get older, they tend to develop faults. But selling your appliance parts can save you money on repairs. However, before taking this route, you must have saved up for a new appliance. 

Getting reliable appliance repair services doesn’t have to be a hassle for you. Use our affordable appliance repair services, which are guaranteed to provide top-notch results. With Prime Appliance Repairs, your appliance will be as good as new, giving you value for your money. Call us today!

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