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7 Major Signs of a Broken Home Appliance

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broken home appliance
Sep 2022

Home appliances are like babies. They can’t speak when they need something.  But certain signs and symptoms will show that they need attention. So how do you identify an about-to-break or broken home appliance?

There are several ways to diagnose appliance problems. But you need to pay close attention to identify them.

In this article, we’ll highlight generally broken appliance indicators. You’ll also get to know these signs based on specific home appliances.

Signs of a Broken Home Appliance

Poor mechanical design can affect the performance of the best home appliances. This possibility is why you must take action as soon as you discover signs of a broken appliance. Such proactivity saves you money and the hassle of buying a new one.

You should probably call a repair technician if your appliance shows one or more of these indicators:

1.   When The Appliance’s Performance Begins To Fluctuate

Do you feel like it’s taking your dryer longer to dry your clothes? Does it appear as though the food in your freezer is defrosting and then freezing again? Or you somehow can’t get your oven hotter than a certain point without fiddling with the settings?

Anything like these making you ask yourself, “is my home appliance broken” may be suggesting you need to check the appliance. In other words, this symptom indicates a potential problem with your home appliance.

2.   Water Is Dripping From The Appliance

If your refrigerator, washer, or dishwasher leaks, fix it immediately. A minor leak may rapidly worsen and cause mould growth if left unchecked. A leak is typically caused by a worn or defective seal preventing the appliance from being watertight.

refrigerator leaks

3.   Your Monthly Utility Costs Are Increasing

In this case, the home appliance not working will usually include gas ovens, stoves, or ranges. And you can trace such inefficiency to an element failure in your appliance. Consequently, an appliance with reduced efficiency will inevitably use more power and drive up your bills.

4.   The Appliance is Generating An Unusual Jarring Noise

It’s not common for machinery to run without making a sound. But be wary if your appliance suddenly begins generating “new” noises you haven’t heard from it before. You may have a broken home appliance needing repair.

Ultimately, keep an ear out for any noises that seem excessively loud, such as a hum, whine, clank, or buzz.

5.   A Strong Odor of Burning Coming From The Device

No equipment in your home should ever give off a burning odour. This one is a sign something is overheating. And it’s often the wiring.

6.   The Appliance Is Unresponsive

There are two things to examine when an appliance doesn’t switch on:

  • Verify it’s properly connected to an electrical outlet
  • Verify the appliance’s circuit breaker hasn’t tripped

If neither of those things is wrong, you’re experiencing signs of a faulty appliance. 

7.   The Appliance is Shaking Vigorously

This problem is usually associated with washing machines and freezers. You should have them checked if you notice your appliance is shaking too hard during work.

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washing machines shaking

Common Home Appliances and Signs they’re Broken

The following are popular home appliances and signs showing you need a technician for them. 

Range or Oven

Signs you need appliance repair for your oven includes:

  • The oven not heating up to the right level
  • Oven is sparking
  • There seems to be a problem with the cooktop’s ignition system
  • The timer, temperature, and display on the oven are broken.
  • Broken oven door

Washer/Washing Machine

Your washer needs appliances repair services if:

  • It seems to take forever for the basin to fill
  • The laundry machine has a smoky smell
  • The washing machine is creating a high-pitched whining sound
  • The washing machine has stopped.
  • The washer won’t drain after using it

laundry machine has a smoky smell


The following are warning signs for your refrigerator:

  • Food in the fridge doesn’t stay as cold as it should
  • The refrigerator is emitting a very annoying high-pitched hum
  • The fridge’s seals are wet from condensation
  • Underneath or behind the refrigerator is a puddle of water
  • There’s frost on the interior of the fridge


Your dryer may also be a broken home appliance if:

  • The drying time for the laundry is ridiculous
  • The dryer is trembling wildly
  • There’s a lot of noise coming from the dryer
  • The tumble dryer is malfunctioning
  • Stains and tears appear on clothes after being dried.


Your dishwasher may be a broken home appliance if:

  • Dishes are still unclean after a cycle in the dishwasher
  • Hot water doesn’t get in the dishwasher
  • The machine’s undercarriage is rusty
  • Water and soap are seeping from the dishwasher onto the floors
  • The dishwasher’s latch doesn’t seem to be closing properly

Maintaining Your Home Appliances

How can you keep your home appliances from breaking down? You can avoid the hassle of frequently enlisting appliance repair services by following these steps:

Keep Them Clean At All times

Regular sanitation is the foundation of good maintenance. Make sure you use the proper cleaning agents on your appliances. You may damage them by using the wrong cleaners. 

Furthermore, remove any built-up dust or dirt from the refrigerator’s condenser coil and any dust or dirt from the appliance’s electrical cords. The cables will work better and won’t overheat if the dust and grease are removed.

Avoid Appliance Overload

One reason home appliances break is overloading. Always ensure you’re not overloading your appliances, including the washer, dryer, and dishwasher.

Never Use Frayed Cords

A frayed cord is a potential fire hazard and shouldn’t be used with an electrical item. You should call in a technician to replace the frayed cords.

never use frayed cords

Don’t Put Too Much Strain On The Machines

Reduce your appliance use to a reasonable level. The fact that they’re machine-controlled means that they can eventually wear out.

You should let them “relax” for a while. This moderate use greatly extends their useful lifespan.

Home appliances should be dependable and helpful in carrying out daily household tasks. Therefore, you should tend to them if you want them to work as long as possible.

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You can have a broken home appliance anytime. But you want to be a step ahead with knowledge of signs that precede their total breakdown.

You can also carry out DIY repairs for your appliances if you’re handy. However, the electric hazards associated with most home appliances suggest more reasons to enlist professional repair services. And our services are just the perfect quality you need.

We at Prime Appliance Repairs are the best same-day appliance repair and maintenance services in Ontario. We have skilled technicians for all brands of home appliances. Speak to us today.

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