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What’s Wrong With Your Dryer? Here Are the Most Common Issues

Common dryer issues
Mar 2020

Dryers can be a convenient way to dry your clothes quickly and efficiently. However, sometimes dryers do not cooperate, and it may take too long for your clothes to dry, or they may not seem to get dry at all. If you’re having problems with your appliances, you won’t be the first. However, with dryers, there are some specific reasons for what could go wrong and here are some of the most common issues.

Improper Venting

It is imperative to use the correct venting, as it is a critical component of how the dryer functions. Use a solid metal vent pipe with 4 inches in diameter so that it works properly. Just be sure not to use a white, plastic, and flexible pipe, as it can fold in and limit the airflow, increasing lint buildup inside the dryer. As a result, a dryer’s heater will begin to fail. To take an added measure, find the original manual for your dryer and see what the correct length and number of turns are required for your vent pipe.

Ducting Obstructions

An obstruction in the ducting can cause your dryer to fail. First, see if the outside wall damper is operating as it should. If your dryer uses flexible ducting, make sure that it isn’t kinked and has been installed according to the instructions. To increase the lifespan of the ducting, clean it once a year, and your dryer should operate much more smoothly.

A Blocked Condenser Dryer

Another reason your dryer may not be correctly functioning is due to a blocked condenser dryer. Ensure this component isn’t filled with lint and clean it at least once a month by running water through the condenser.

Blower Wheel isn’t Attached Securely Enough

Another reason your dryer may not be properly functioning is that the blower wheel may not be attached firmly enough to the drive motor. This can cause a slip where the air will not move quickly enough to dry clothes adequately. It can even reduce airflow to the level where the high limit thermostat can trip, resulting in shutting down the heating circuit. Be sure to check the blower wheel to ensure it is secured tight enough to the motor shaft.

Coils are Defective

If you have a gas dryer, a defective gas valve coil will create an issue where your clothes take much too long to dry. All you need to do is check for proper flame ignition when the dry cycle is complete.

Felt Drum Seal is in Poor Shape

Drum seals in a dryer are made of a felt-like material and have the purpose of preventing excess air from infiltrating into the dryer drum. It is essentially a barrier between the drum and front and rear bulkheads. If this drum seal is worn or has a tear in it, then clothing can get stuck in the gap as the drum turns. You’ll know this is an issue because you’ll hear a scraping or thumping sound, or you’ll notice that your clothing has torn or has black marks.

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Door Seal Problems

When your dryer’s door is closed, the door seal functions by preventing cold air from entering the drum. It is essential to always keep the right temperature in the dryer; that way, your clothes will dry properly. If your clothes still aren’t able to dry, then check the door for signs of damage.

Other Common Causes

If any of the previous issues are not causing problems with your dryer, then it could be a variety of other factors. If you open the door or shut your dryer off part-way through the drying cycle, this can trip the TOC, restricting airflow in the machine and causing it to overheat. A dryer needs to cool down as it ends its cycle. During the last ten minutes, the heat gets turned off, but the fan will run to cool the machine down and protect the heating.

Also, the washer controls may have been misconfigured. This will be the case if the clothes are more damp than usual when they come from the washer.

A dryer needs to be on a 240-volt circuit for drying time. If it is on a 120-volt circuit, it will take three times longer for your clothing to dry.

How to Fix Your Dryer: Some General Tips

First, it’s always important to note that when doing any work with your dryer, you must unplug it. That way, you’ll avoid any hazards like an electric shock.

Some basic tips include removing and cleaning the lint filter after every use. To wash the filter, soak it in warm soapy water to clean out fabric softener residue.

Go to all your household fuses and circuit breakers and check them. Since most dryers use two fuses or circuit breakers, if one of them is out, then your dryer may tumble, but not heat your clothing.

Also, be mindful of how much you put in the dryer. If there are too many items, the drying won’t be level. If you only have less than five items to dry, always use a timed dry. If you don’t sort your clothing properly, like mixing heavy and light items, then this can also cause issues with drying.

For sensor dry models, the dryer must be level to tumble clothes properly, as they can come into contact with the moisture sensors.

If your dryer is not working at its best, be sure to try some of these helpful tips. You can always get in touch with a professional and trusted appliance repair team if you don’t feel comfortable addressing the issue yourself or can’t figure out what the problem is.

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