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What You Need to Know About Home Appliance Repair Services in Canada

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home appliance repair services
Aug 2022

Modern household equipment — from washers and dryers to fridges and dishwashers — help us save time and energy. But these appliances sometimes break down or get damaged for various reasons. And the need for home appliance repair services becomes paramount.

Imagine needing to wash and iron your clothes on the morning of an interview. Then, you discover your washer or iron is faulty. It can cause serious disruption to your day.

You need repair services to get a faulty appliance running again effectively. But professional appliance repair is a delicate business requiring comprehensive experience and skills. In fact, repairing an appliance without proper training or experience can make its issue worse.

Because of this, you need to exercise caution when selecting an appliance repair expert. Read on for advice on what to look for when choosing an appliance repair company in Canada.

Qualities to Note When Hiring Home Appliance Repair Service Companies in Canada

Home appliances are becoming increasingly essential to ease the stress associated with our hectic schedules. So when they become faulty, you want to find appliance repair technicians who’d do quick and good jobs.

Prioritize Knowledge and Experience

It’s vital to ascertain the expertise of the home appliance repair services you’re enlisting. The service technicians’ competence determines the work quality they can offer.

Ensure the repair company’s staff has the appropriate tools and technicality to complete your job. Similarly, your appliance repair service should have technicians who have received direct training from your appliance’s manufacturer.

prioritize knowledge and experience

License and Accreditation

Check the company’s credentials to confirm it’s legally allowed to perform appliance repairs before any hiring decisions. Examining their licensing can ascertain a company’s legal standing. In addition, a business’s reliability and trustworthiness are reflected in its accreditation status.

Customer Support

Service quality and customer satisfaction should be considered while hiring home appliance technicians. Therefore, it pays to use appliance repair services whose first focus is ensuring its clients are happy.

Such repair service companies or technicians will go to great lengths to ensure you’re happy with the repair service.

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Labour Warranty

A reputable business should always provide a guarantee for the repair they do. In other words, you won’t be responsible for the costs of fixing an appliance if it breaks down shortly after repair.

A labour warranty is more than just a fallback. It signifies the repair company’s confidence in a job well done.

Response Level

You never know when one of your appliances will malfunction. But you’ll want to ensure appliances like the oven or fridge are fixed immediately after they act up. This speedy reaction is key due to how vital those gadgets are in every home.

Of course, you don’t expect appliance repair technicians to be at your doorstep immediately after you contact them. But they shouldn’t take days to respond to you.  

Hence, you should verify that a repair service provider is dependable and responds quickly. In addition, you can check companies with round-the-clock availability for dealing with an emergency.

For example, it can be devastating if your air conditioner breaks down during severe heat periods. In such instances, your Google search should be like “best 24 hours a/c repair service near me.”

response level

Estimated Repair Cost

Repairing an appliance can range from cheap to expensive. A repair service may set its prices, regardless of whether they are fair. For this reason, you must request a quote and inquire about the costs.

Professional home appliance repair services should be straightforward with pricing. This stance helps you avoid billing misunderstandings and inflated costs.

Weigh Reputation:

You must consider the appliance repair company’s standing in the community. Review sites and testimonials from customers are both excellent resources.

When looking for a technician to fix your appliances, go for one with a solid reputation for doing outstanding work. You can start by searching on google with “appliance repair service near me.” Afterwards, you can begin filtering via reviews about them online.

Parts Replacement

Appliance repair sometimes requires buying new components. And this highlights another essential consideration to make when choosing a repair company. You need to ensure the repair service uses high-quality replacement components.

This provision will certify the components’ longevity and reduce the need for future costly repairs. You should also check if they have a warranty for any replacement components.


It can be challenging to locate a service provider who is flexible enough to work with your schedule. This condition is crucial if your job demands you to be available during regular business hours.

As a result, you should check the company’s availability to see if they can work with your timetable.

Having the repairman come out to fix your appliance doesn’t necessitate taking a day off of work. Instead, find a repair technician offering services flexible enough to fit your busy schedule.

Protection from Risk

Verify the repair company has insurance to pay for any possible injuries or property damage during the repair process. As with any service, the likelihood of injury during the repair service makes it wise to carry insurance.

protection from risk

Average Cost of Appliance Repair in Canada

Homeowners report spending an average of $220 on appliance repair. The price range goes between $135 and $300. A qualified appliance repair technician can charge anywhere from $130 to $260 an hour.

Please note, the hourly pricing may be the same for shorter fixes requiring little time. If you can, schedule all of your appliances for servicing once. This action will save you both time and money.

Who is Responsible for Appliance Repair?

The responsibility for upkeep and repairs primarily rests with the landlord. Therefore, all broken or malfunctioning items in your rental unit must be fixed or replaced at the landlord’s expense.

Whatever the terms of your lease or rental agreement may suggest are irrelevant. It would make no difference if you were aware of the issue when you signed the lease for the property or not. The burden of proof legally rests on the landlord.

But repairs for appliances you own won’t be the landlord’s responsibility.

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responsible for appliance repair


You should only work with home appliance repair services that respond swiftly and guarantee great work at a fair price.

As a result, you should consider the abovementioned variables before settling for a repair firm. But you don’t need to go through the hassle of searching for repair services to scrutinize. We’re putting our services forward for the test.

Prime Appliance Repairs is the best in the business if you need a reputable company to fix your appliances. We’re a trustworthy, dependable, high-quality repair business operating throughout Ontario. Feel free to call us if you have any problems with your home appliances.

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