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What is the Difference Between an Out-of-Warranty Service and In-Warranty Service?

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Sep 2022

A warranty can mean the difference between an expense-free service and one you must pay for when you need appliance repair in Ontario. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to leverage in-warranty appliance repair services whenever you can.

But what happens if you’ve had your appliance for a long time, and now that it’s faulty, the warranty period has expired?

The next best thing is to secure an out-of-warranty repair service if you want your appliance back up and running!

This article discusses out-of-warranty vs in-warranty appliance repair and helps you understand the critical differences between both options. This way, you have all the information you need to guide your decision when you require appliance repair services in Ontario.

What is In-Warranty Repair Service?

Before we examine in-warranty repair service, what is appliance repair?

As the name implies, appliance repair refers to all the processes — including servicing and part replacement — involved in correcting the issues in a faulty appliance such that it goes back to proper working condition.

A warranty is a written guarantee that a manufacturer extends to the buyers of its products, promising to replace or repair in question if it becomes necessary within a specified duration.

In addition, the warranty details the terms and conditions under which repairs or replacements will happen. 

In-warranty appliance repair refers to a manufacturer’s restoration services on a product that a customer has purchased but develops a fault within the warranty period.

However, you should also note that manufacturers will typically only repair products that meet the conditions of their warranty coverage, even if it’s within the warranty period. For instance, most company warranties do not cover damages from misusing their products.

Also, in-warranty appliance repair services do not necessarily have to be at the manufacturer’s address. Many companies have registered repair outlets that they partner with for such situations.

in-warranty repair service

What is Out-Warranty Repair Service?

The out-of-warranty vs in-warranty appliance repair narrative is incomplete without exploring the former.

Out-of-warranty repair service is carried out by independent appliance repair experts who possess the relevant technical know-how to fix your faulty machines but are not affiliated with the manufacturing company.

Several reasons prompt customers to choose out-of-warranty appliance repair services. However, the most common is the warranty period for their product has expired.

Here are some other reasons you may require out-of-warranty appliance repair in Ontario:

  • The issue with your appliance resulted from misuse
  • You (or installed) did not install the machine properly, resulting in damages to the product
  • You’re fixing cosmetic issues like dents, cracks, breakages, and scratches.

With out-of-warranty repair services, you’d have to be responsible for the costs of fixing or replacing the parts of your appliances.

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What to Expect from In-Warranty Repair Service

If your appliance breaks down within the stipulated period of warranty coverage, you can leverage the manufacturer’s guarantee and enjoy a free repair. However, this will only happen if you don’t default on any of the conditions in the warranty.

Here’s how in-warranty repairs typically work:

1. Contacting your Manufacturer

The first step you’ll have to take is contacting the manufacturer through their contact details. You can usually do this via the manufacturer’s website, phone line, or any other channel they recommend.

contacting your manufacturer

2. Manufacturer’s Response

Next, the manufacturer or their licensed appliance repair outlet will likely require some details and documents, including your payment receipt, warranty papers, and details of the damage.

Depending on the details you provide and the terms of your warranty coverage, the manufacturer may accept or reject your warranty claim.

3. The Repair

If your manufacturer accepts your warranty claim, then you can move on to the repair stage. Otherwise, you have to opt for out-of-warranty appliance repair in Ontario.

What to Expect from Out-of-Warranty Repair Service

With this option, you’re in the driver’s seat of your appliance repair. Here’s how it will typically the process will typically go:

1. Discuss Costs

When procuring out-of-warranty repairs, always ensure you discuss costs beforehand with your appliance repair contractor.

Pro tip? We recommend securing a cost estimate before repairs commence. Otherwise, some appliance repair contractors could slam you with high costs after repairs.

2. Secure an Appointment

Service providers for appliance repair in Ontario will bring the service to your home. But, you’ll need to set an appointment on a day you’d be available.

Aside from the convenience of home repair services, it also allows the appliance repair experts to inspect your home for external factors that may be responsible for the damages — such as wrong wiring, installation issues, etc.

So are There Perks to Out-of-Warranty Repair Service?

Out-of-warranty repair services offer many advantages, especially to customers whose appliances no longer have warranty coverage.

For one, you don’t necessarily have to incur replacement expenses when your appliances get faulty, and you don’t have a warranty. Also, out-of-warranty appliance repair in Ontario conveniently eliminates the delay and hassle of filing warranty claims and waiting for feedback.

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out-of-warranty repair service

In Conclusion

There’s no hard and fast rule when deciding between out-of-warranty and in-warranty appliance repair. However, depending on the terms and conditions of your warranty, you may not have the option of in-warranty appliance repair.

Thankfully, Prime Appliance Repair offers top-notch appliance repair services in Ontario. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in fixing major appliance brands. And more importantly, we’ll get your appliances running again quickly and at competitive prices.

Reach out to us at 647-905-7302, and let’s help you restore order to your faulty appliances.

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