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What Is the Cost of Repairing a Stove in Toronto?

stove repairing
May 2021

A stove – also known as a “cooktop” – is a kitchen appliance designed to cook and heat food. It typically uses gas or electricity to generate heat on the burners, which is where the cookware is placed. Convenient and easy to use, a stove has been used since time immemorial and is now a mainstay in every Canadian household.

With that said, nothing can be more frustrating than your stove suddenly going kaput. How are you supposed to prepare delicious meals for yourself or your family now? Although there are easy fixes that you can try out, they don’t work all the time. Some problems are way beyond your control and require expert solutions. 

Before booking an appointment with a professional technician, you may want to know about the costs associated with stove repair services first. This way, you can prepare beforehand, including knowing how to choose the best appliance repair services for your needs and budget. Ultimately, it ensures that you can make the most out of your money.

Is Stove Repair Worth It?

You may be wondering if it is better to get a new stove or range instead of repairing your damaged one. This is a common concern, especially since we live in a throwaway society. But as much as possible, it is best to have a professional look at your appliance first. After all, it may still be salvageable. 

However, this is not always a viable option. In some cases, disposing of your faulty appliance may be the wiser choice.

Here’s when replacing your cooktop or cooking range may be necessary:

  • The repair expenses are 50% higher than simply purchasing a new unit.
  • Your stove is already past its expected lifespan. Electric stoves have a life expectancy of 13 years, while gas stoves last a bit longer than their electric counterparts by 2 to 5 years. This also applies to gas or electric ranges (which are essentially a stove with an oven). Proper care and maintenance can help extend the usable life of your appliance.
  • Your cooktop is not energy-efficient, causing your electricity bills to go up. If so, it is best to stick to an energy-efficient stove instead. Natural Resources Canada has some useful information about energy-efficient cooking appliances.

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How Much Does Stove Repair Cost in Toronto?

On average, you can expect to pay about $220 for stove repairs in the Greater Toronto Area. When it comes to hourly rates, it translates to around $75 to $150 per hour. In most cases, the cost per hour decreases the more labour hours you accumulate. For instance, the trained repair technician may charge you $150 for the first couple of hours, and only $75 for the succeeding hours. 

In any case, these values are only estimates – and by no means definitive. Depending on the diagnosis and the corresponding solution to your appliance problem, you may have to pay more or less than the specified amount. If consultation or diagnosis is all you need, then the stove repair costs can be as low as $75.

stove repairing in toronto

Factors Affecting the Stove Repair Cost in Toronto

As with any appliance repair service, several factors can influence the overall stove repair costs. We run through the most important ones below.

1. Diagnosis Fee

If you request a service call, a trained appliance repair technician will visit your home, check your appliance, and charge you a fee just to diagnose the problem. The diagnosis fee for stove repair varies from one case to another. The more complicated a problem, the harder it is to identify, translating to higher costs. 

Aside from this, appliance repair companies and professional technicians may also have their respective diagnosis or consultation rates. However, some may waive the diagnosis fee if you avail of their repair service.

2. Type of Stove

Several types of cooktops exist. But essentially, they can be grouped into three categories: gas, electric, or stove. Each varies greatly depending on the cooking method, heating element, number of burners, features, ease of use and convenience, and many other factors. Gas or electric models are perhaps the most common stove you will find in Canadian households, although induction cooktops are also gaining more popularity in recent years. 

Generally, gas stoves are more expensive to repair than electric-powered models. However, gas cooktops and ranges are easier to maintain and more durable than electric ones, which means that they are less likely to need repairs. But of the three, induction appliances are by far the priciest to repair since they often require the use of special tools and equipment.

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3. Cost of Replacement Parts

Many stove problems will require the replacement of broken parts. In this case, you will have to factor in the costs of the spare parts as well. As might be expected, the prices are highly variable depending on the type, model, and brand of your cooktop or cooking range, as well as the availability and accessibility of the replacement parts. 

If you want to reduce the repair costs, you also have the option of using used replacement components. After all, some of them are still as good as new. Your technician will help you decide if this is a good move. 

4. Appliance Repair Service Fee

Every appliance repair company has its respective service rates, which often depends on the location and their reputation, among several factors. The skill and expertise of the professional repair technician may also come into play. Naturally, the more experienced the repair specialist is, the higher they will charge.

You will be glad to know that Prime Appliance Repair has one of the most affordable service fees in Toronto and the rest of the Greater Toronto Area. The starting price can be as low as $79 and you can even score up to a $35 discount as a new customer.

5. Amount of Labour

Every stove repair is different. Some may only take an hour or even less to fix, while others are more complicated, requiring more time and effort. With that said, the longer the technician takes to service your stove or range, the higher the overall repair costs.

Call the Best Appliance Repair Company in Toronto

If your stove or cooking range is malfunctioning and do-it-yourself fixes are simply not enough, your best bet is to request a service call from a trusted appliance repair services company. With that said, look no further than Prime Appliance Repair

Our team is committed to high-quality appliance repairs, stellar customer service, and customer satisfaction. Plus, scheduling an appointment with one of our expert technicians is an absolute breeze, and we even provide a warranty for our services, giving you peace of mind. Even better, we are well-equipped at repairing all major stove brands and models.

Here are some of the brands we service:

  • Bosch
  • Electrolux
  • Frigidaire
  • GE Appliances
  • Kenmore
  • KitchenAid
  • LG
  • Maytag
  • Miele
  • Samsung
  • Sears
  • Whirlpool

Sounds good? Call us at 647-931-1114 to book an appointment or fill out this contact form. Our team will get back to you immediately.

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