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What Is the Cost of Repairing a Dishwasher in Toronto?

Dishwasher repair
Mar 2021

Dishwashers are a huge thing in Toronto and the rest of Canada. They are convenient and simple to use, helping you save precious time and energy. Now, you won’t have to worry about manually cleaning your dirty dishes and utensils. All that is left to do is load the dishwasher – and wait for it to do its magic.

After some time, especially with prolonged use, it is not uncommon for dishwashers to go kaput. Maybe your unit is emitting strange noises or certain parts are already broken and need replacing, including the heating element, filter, or door latch, among others.

Although many of the issues are something you can fix yourself, others are more complex and may require the services of a professional. In this article, we’ll give you a quick overview of how much money you will have to spend on dishwasher repair in Toronto and the rest of GTA.

Should You Go For Dishwasher Repair or Buy a Brand New Appliance?

Dishwashers are a mainstay in Canadian kitchens. According to a 2015 survey, in fact, more than 10 million Canadian households owned a dishwasher. Meanwhile, data collected from 2010 to 2017 revealed that Canadians spend around 36 million on dishwashers annually. These figures have likely increased in recent years.

Let’s face it – household appliances can be expensive. This is why it is recommended that you have your faulty dishwasher fixed instead of immediately buying a replacement. After all, it would be a waste of money to throw your dishwasher when it can still be restored to working order. However, this is not always an option. There are instances when getting a brand new unit is the smarter choice.

You may have to replace your dishwasher if any of the following applies:

  • The dishwasher repair costs are 50% more expensive than buying a new appliance.
  • Your model is already way past its life expectancy. In other words, you’ve already been using it for way too long. Generally, dishwashers last anywhere between 9 and 16 years and have an average life span of 12 years.
  • Your dishwasher is not energy-efficient, resulting in a significant increase in your electricity bills. In this case, we strongly recommend switching to a more energy-efficient model. Here is a list of ENERGY STAR-certified dishwashers available in Canada. Although it can be expensive at first, rest assured that you will be saving precious bucks in the long run.

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Professional worker repairing the dishwasher in the kitchen

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Faulty Dishwasher?

Have you decided to have your dishwasher fixed instead of buying a new unit? If so, your next concern probably has something to do with the expenses. 

As might be expected, several factors influence the overall cost of dishwasher repair in Toronto. This can make it difficult to give an accurate estimate of the appliance repair rates. But on average, you can expect to pay around $100 to $150 to patch up your dishwasher. This can increase or decrease depending on the state of your machine.

Essentially, you will be paying a licensed appliance repair professional for the following:

  • Diagnosis of the problem
  • Purchasing the spare parts (if necessary)
  • Amount of labour required
  • Skill, experience, and technical knowledge

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What Factors Affect the Repair Cost of a Faulty Dishwasher?

As with any appliance repair service, several factors influence and contribute to the costs of repairing your dishwasher. Some of them have to do with your appliance, while others are primarily related to your chosen appliance service repair company or licensed technician. Familiarizing yourself with these determining factors gives you a clearer picture of how much you will have to pay – as well as where your money is going. Plus, it helps you avoid exploitative companies or individuals who are charging too much.

Some noteworthy factors to keep in mind include:

  • Cost of the dishwasher replacement parts
  • Labour hours or amount of manpower needed
  • Skill and technical expertise of the repair professional
  • Rates of the appliance repair company

The cost of the spare parts greatly depends on the dishwasher brand, model, and type. Some replacement components may also be hard to access, consequently making them more expensive. 

The nature of your dishwasher problem is an important factor as well. The more complicated the issue is, the harder it is to diagnose and repair, translating to higher costs. Furthermore, you will also have to consider the service fee of the company and the expertise of the repair technician.

Call the Best Appliance Repair Company in Toronto Now

Nothing can be more frustrating than your dishwasher suddenly conking out. Although most issues are relatively simple to resolve, others are way beyond your capabilities and are better left to professional technicians. 

Lucky for you, plenty of appliance service repair companies exist in Toronto. It may be tempting to go for someone with the lowest rates – but don’t. Instead, look into the company and scour the internet for customer reviews. 

A trusted repair company should have a great reputation as well as a reasonable rate. Plus, they should be willing to answer any questions you may have, and provide references if requested. Preferably, they should also have a warranty and insurance.

If you are on the hunt for an honest and competent repair service company, look no further than Prime Appliance Repair. You will enjoy one of the most affordable repair fees in GTA – all while getting 5-star service. Call 647-931-1114 today to book an appointment with a licensed technician. Now, it won’t be long before your dishwasher is up and running again.

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