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What are the Signs that You Need to Repair your Appliance Now?

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Nov 2022

Almost every household in Canada has an appliance they depend on for daily activities. Experts predict that the country’s appliance market will be over $ 6 billion by 2027, indicating more dependence.

As long as the appliances perform their function, it is common to ignore signs that you need appliance repair.

The most common sign that your appliance needs repair is when it struggles to work or doesn’t work at all. However, before a device stops working, it usually gives some early signs.

This guide will explain the best time to call appliance repair for your devices.

When to Repair Appliance

Appliance repair is inevitable as long as you use the appliance. Here are some warning signs to convince you to repair that device. 

1.  The Appliance is Old

Most electrical appliances have an expiry date, but we hardly check because it’s not consumable products. Mainly, the manufacturers calculate the expiry date based on the work hours.

For instance, if a product has an expected lifespan of 30,000 hours, it will last ten years if you use it for an hour daily.

Over time, appliances reduce in their quality while you use them. A repair is always cost-effective if the device is slightly older than its warranty period. If you have used a five-year warranty fridge for seven years, you should have it checked.

You may need a replacement if the appliance is older than ten or fifteen years old. Most electrical appliances work optimally for around a decade. Therefore, there may be better solutions than repairing it.

In some cases, old appliances can cause fires if used in harmful conditions.

the appliance is old

2.  Delayed and Poor Performances

The most apparent signal that it’s time to call appliance repair is inconsistent performance. Inconsistent performance is usually relative to the appliance that you have. Most times, the device may take a longer time to deliver results or may not deliver the right results.

For instance, a dishwasher may take longer to wash the plates, while a fridge may not get cold. Whichever signs your device shows, you need to call for help.

A common mistake we make when appliances aren’t working is to try fixing them ourselves. Many times than not, fixing it yourself will cause more problems for the machine. It’s usually better to contact an appliance repair technician in such cases.

3.  Water Leakages

Dishwashers, fridges, and washing machines are home appliances that work with liquid. If water starts to seep through any of these appliances, there is a problem you need to fix. All you need to notice water leakage is to check the appliance location carefully for signs.

There is water leakage if there are any traces of water beneath or behind it. Leakages usually start very small, but they’re one of the quickest problems to spread and damage the device.

Fortunately, you can predict the cause of water leakages in many appliances. It’s either one of the following;

  • Poor installation techniques or materials
  • A broken seal
  • A broken part
  • Internal leakages

If you predict and even confirm the cause of the leakage, don’t try to fix it independently. Water and electricity can be a dangerous combination. Instead, contact an expert to fix the leak.

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water leakages

4.  Increasing Energy Bills

You have an average range of the utility bills you receive monthly or yearly. You need to look at your appliances if there’s a sudden hike in the range.

Energy bills usually rise when you neglect the need to fix a faulty appliance that still performs. For instance, if your furnace uses thirty minutes extra to warm your room up, you should expect an increase in energy bills.

The increase in the energy bills from a faulty appliance is usually relative to the appliance and its usage frequency. A defective blender may not cause a significant hike, but a damaged air conditioner will be noticeable.

Never ignore the signs you need appliance repair; you’ll spend more money long-term.

5.  Struggling Sound

Most, if not all, appliances in the home make a sound while working. The sound is relative to the device, but that sound stays consistent over time. You subconsciously get used to the noise from the device, so you should notice when it changes.

Strange noises are one of the earliest signs you need appliance repair. The noise will get louder as the problem with the appliance spreads. So it’s better to act fast when you hear a sound change.

Unfortunately, some of these sound changes may be similar, so you may not notice. Sometimes, the strange sound may start when you switch on or off the appliance, and you may not notice.

6.  Burnt Smell

One of the most dangerous warning signs appliance repair can give is a fire-related scent. When you detect the appliance giving off this smell, you must immediately turn it off. The burnt smell from any machine indicates that a part of the device is overheating.

Appliances cause some of the fire outbreaks in Canada, and they mostly start through overheating. The appliance itself may be fine when there is a burning smell. Most times, it is a problem with the wiring.

That is why it is crucial to hire a professional to help with any electrical installation.

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burnt smell


If your appliance is getting uncontrollably hot or there are sudden electrical problems, you need to check it. The golden rule is to trust your guts. If you feel like there’s something off, you’re most likely right.

You can repair appliances with the technical experience and the right tools. But, it’s not advisable. Apart from the possibility of causing more problems, there’s the risk of fires and electrocution.

A repair service like Prime Appliance Repair can help you repair all appliances perfectly. Here, we troubleshoot and fix the root cause while detecting other potential damages.

Call 647-905-7496 for same-day appliance repair services in Ontario and the GTA.

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