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What are the Common Reasons for Your Oven Not Working?

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oven not working
Nov 2022

An almost infinite variety of cooking appliances are available for the modern house. Yet nearly everyone has at least one oven. Statista says over 80 percent of homes around the world have ovens.

Ovens are important for cooking and baking the tastiest dishes. That’s why your oven not working can be an emergency.

In such emergencies, professional oven repair may take too long. It’s faster to find DIY solutions to the question — why is my oven not working? 

And we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you do just that. Here’s what you need to know.

Reasons Your Oven Isn’t Working

The following is a list of possible faults and why your oven isn’t working.

The Oven Won’t Get Hot

Your oven’s primary purpose is to heat up so you can cook food. Therefore, an oven not getting hot is malfunctioning. While this may look like a serious issue, it has a simple explanation.

A malfunctioning igniter is likely the cause of a non-heating gas oven. You can test the igniter by lighting one of the cooktop burners on a gas range to see if it lights appropriately.

Fix Attempt

  • Attempt to light the burner, and you should hear a series of clicks as the gas ignites.
  • If there are no clicks and the gas won’t light, it’s time to get a new igniter.
  • Since the igniter of a wall oven is usually installed within the oven, testing it can be more complex than with other types of ranges. As such, having a skilled appliance repairman perform this test is often necessary.
  • You can also tell if the heating components in an electric oven are working by looking for a red light. The heating elements need replacements if the light is dim.

oven won't get hot

The Oven Does Not Become Hot Enough

If your oven isn’t getting hot enough, your food will take longer to cook than it should. But don’t fret; it’s one of the common oven faults.

A broken temperature sensor is usually the root cause of this issue, and fixing it may be as easy as doing routine maintenance or requiring a complete replacement.

Please note that a sensor monitors the oven’s inner temperature. The element prevents dangerously high temperatures from forming.

Fix Attempt

  • First, there’s a need to inspect the sensor to make sure it’s not touching the oven wall, as this will affect how accurately it reads the oven’s interior temperature.
  • After verifying that the sensor isn’t touching the wall, check the sensor’s functionality using an ohmmeter.
  • If you need clarification on how to do the above, it’s best to talk to an expert oven technician.
  • Additionally, there could be an issue with the oven’s general temperature calibration. And that may require you to call the pros to recalibrate your range.

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Food Is Not Cooked Evenly in the Oven

An irritating issue with baking is an oven not maintaining a uniform temperature throughout the cooking process. This problem also depicts your oven not working perfectly. This problem is also typically associated with the heating components or the temperature sensor.

Fix Attempt

  • Carry out a visual check to ensure the heating components are on or glowing requires preheating the oven first.
  • Check the temperature sensor to see if it’s working correctly.
  • You may replace heating components and the sensor if any defects are detected.
  • If there are no apparent issues with your oven’s sensors or heating elements, you may need to reorganize the racks in it.
  • If the oven still doesn’t work after you’ve made all the necessary adjustments and checked the individual parts, it’s time to call the pros for expert maintenance.

temperature sensor

The Oven’s Light Is Out

An oven’s inside is dark, probably not because it isn’t working. It’s most likely because the oven’s light is broken. This malfunction can be inconvenient because you can’t check on the food without opening the oven.

Fix Attempt

  • Changing the oven’s light bulb is usually the only thing that needs to be done to fix the issue.

If you’ve already tried replacing the bulb and it still doesn’t work, the problem may lie in the oven’s light switch, connecting wiring, or electronic control system.

It’s recommended to call an oven maintenance specialist for assistance with these types of electrical issues. Please note that attempting to fix them on your own may be both dangerous and complex.

Fixing a Jammed Oven Door

Having a door that opens and closes smoothly on the oven is taken for granted until the process becomes hampered. But not to worry, oven doors not working properly are a typical complaint. And they’re easy to fix.

Fix Attempt

  • In many cases, new door hinges are all you need to fix an oven door that won’t close or open properly.
  • Simply verify the door hinges are the issue and, if necessary, replace them.
  • Although these components are simple to replace, hiring a professional oven repair service is better to ensure the job is done correctly.

The Oven Doesn’t Clean Itself

Almost all modern ovens include a self-cleaning function. This feature eliminates the need for you to scrub the interior manually.

Many different things can go wrong with the self-cleaning feature of your oven. Problems with the motor and switch assembly are likely why your oven isn’t working as it should.

Fix Attempt

  • If the oven’s door lock system is broken, it won’t clean itself. So check the lock system and replace it if you can. But if you can’t, seek a professional inspection.

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door lock system is broken


There are several reasons an oven is not working. Above, we’ve covered how to fix your oven depending on the faulty component. Although, you may need to abandon DIY and go the professional route for complex oven faults.

The festive season is lurking, and you want to avoid getting stuck with a malfunctioning oven in your kitchen. Therefore, you need a reliable repair company like us that deals with all models of ranges. 

At Prime Appliance Repair, we don’t just offer appliance repair services. We have the best hands at work. Our technicians can perform same-day repair for your oven regardless of its manufacturer.

Call 647-905-7364 for quick, professional oven repair today!

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