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Types of Refrigerators and Which is Best For You?

types of refrigerators
Jun 2021

A refrigerator is an essential appliance in the home. On the bright side, it’s a purchase you’ll use every day. The only downside is that shopping for the best refrigerators is not as straightforward as it used to be. Today, refrigerators come in several options which go beyond having chilled beverages. 

Most refrigerators have built-in cabinets, freshness features, temperature controls, and even a water dispenser. There are multiple brands, thousands of models, multiple styles, and arrangements that can make picking the right type of refrigerator a confusing prospect. 

So when you think about it, picking just any refrigerator isn’t ideal. The good news is we are here to help.

Our refrigerator buying guide will assist you in picking the best fridge for your home and budget. We’ll discuss every detail you need to know about shopping for a refrigerator — how they function, why they’re the best pick, and factors to consider when purchasing them. 

Types of Refrigerators

Just like smartphones and TVs, manufacturers continuously add innovative features to refrigerators to make them one of the best appliances in the home. Moreover, the fridge is for storing foodstuffs so it’s only essential that it makes life better for you. Here’s a breakdown of the different types of fridges.

Refrigerator by installation 

Before you choose the best type of refrigerator for your space, you must consider the installation process. Not all fridges are stand-alone, some need to be built in while others need a specific compartment. According to the installation style, there are three refrigerator types — full-depth (regular), counter-depth, and built-in.

Full-Depth Refrigerators

Full-depth fridges are deeper than counter-depth. They’re cheaper and have more space. However, they don’t come with a custom in-built appearance like their counterpart. 

The regular depth refrigerators always appear best at the rear of a line of kitchen cabinets. Most people consider them as freestanding fridges because you don’t need to attach them to your kitchen cabinetry. 

Full-depth fridges are easy to move and replace. Opting for a full-depth fridge offers you a variety to buy an appliance that suits your taste. 

Counter-depth refrigerators 

counter-depth refrigerators

If you’re searching for low-profile refrigerators to blend in with your kitchen cabinets, pick the counter-depth model. It’s designed to align with your kitchen counter. Counter-depth refrigerators often range between 30” and 27” deep which makes them simple to fit in your space. 

Compared to the standard depth fridge, they’re more expensive and less spacious. One major drawback of this model is its inability to store plenty of food. However, if you’re trying to manage space and you’re not a foodie, the counter-depth refrigerator may be right for your kitchen.  

Built-in refrigerators 

Built-in models are generally luxurious. In fact, they’re common in contemporary kitchens. If you have a personalized kitchen, these refrigerators are your best pick. Built-in refrigerators lend a custom look and seamless fit to your home. They don’t have finished sides and are often attached to the cabinetry of a kitchen. 

Most often, they come in widths as wide as 48” but you can consult a specialist if you want a larger type. They’re not as spacious at depth refrigerators. Built-in models are designed to look classy and sleek with aesthetics being their main focus. These refrigerators are always restricted to 24” depth because it extends the cabinet flush plane, it won’t have a built-in appearance. 

Column refrigerators 

Column refrigerators are also called integrated fridges. The average column fridge has two tall units — a stand-alone built-in freezer and a refrigerator. Its sexy and sleek line gives the kitchen a sophisticated look. Considering it has separate two units, you can arrange the refrigerators in several ways. Some people even place them with a wine cooler.

Column refrigerators usually have glass doors which aren’t commonly used in its counterpart. They’re the most luxurious and highest-end option for the kitchen. For this reason, they have more hardware options, features, and finishes than other fridges. 

Refrigerator by the door type

Every generator has a different door type. In fact, this category houses the largest types of refrigerators. Door design refrigerators are grouped according to the way their door opens. 

Door-type refrigerators are your best pick if you change apartments often. They’re affordable, easy to maintain, and simple. Door design fridges have various basic models. Not just that,  they come in different configurations and styles. 

Top freezer fridge 

A top freezer fridge is a classic style that’s popular in kitchens. The refrigerator has two doors, one for the freezer, another for the fridge. Sometimes, it has one door with an interior door for the freezer. 

The top freezer refrigerator may not be the best type but the repair and maintenance are low-cost. Plus, it’s a great pick for people on a tight budget. 

Side-by-side fridge

Today, side-by-side is very common. It comes with two doors with the freezer on one side and the fridge on another. Most of the time, the freezer is placed at the left. Side-by-side saves you the stress of bending to open the doors. 

Sadly, they have limited space and are not energy efficient. However, they’re incredibly cheaper than French door refrigerators. Their small doors also make them ideal for a tight kitchen. Most models even feature a water and ice dispenser. 

Bottom freezer fridge 

If you’re on the hunt for refrigerators with convenience, the bottom freezer refrigerator is the best option. It’s a more expensive model because the freezer is at the bottom. However, it provides you with a large space in both the freezer and refrigerator sections. 

Many people love the bottom freezer refrigerator because it accommodates contents of every size. Not to mention, it allows them to see their fridge at eye level. 

French door refrigerator 

French door refrigerator (Très jolie) gives your kitchen a modern and luxurious look. It has three doors, two doors that open from the middle (refrigerator), and a drawer-style freezer below. Some models come with an additional drawer between the top compartment and the freezer. 

They’re energy-saving and easy to access. They also require minimal swing space and have maximum storage capacity. However, tall people may find it uncomfortable to pull out the lower drawer. 

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Unique Refrigerators to fit Varied Needs

As the leading provider of refrigerator repair services in Ontario, we find that people need a fridge for different purposes. Luckily, innovation in the world of cooling tech means there is a fridge for every purpose. 

Apart from the regular refrigerators, there are special types which are designed for a particular purpose. Not everyone will need a special type of refrigerator but you may find the right one for you among them. 



Looking for a small-sized fridge for your home theater, workplace or do you just need an extra cooling system? Try a mini-fridge. 

It’s a low-cost option available in several configurations and sizes with features like a glass front and double doors. Just like the full models, it comes as a freestanding or built-in unit.

Wine refrigerators 

A wine fridge helps you store your vintage wine for a long time. They’re excellent for showcasing wine collections and entertaining unexpected guests. 

Unlike the standard refrigerators, they maintain an even temperature that never fluctuates. There are models that can house over 100 wine bottles. 

Undercounter fridge 

As the name implies, under-counter refrigerators are made to fit below the countertop. They’re available in designs like solid, glass, and drawer doors. 

Newer models also come with beverage coolers, kegerators, and wine fridges. If you have a tight kitchen space, the under-counter refrigerator is the right option for your kitchen. 

Ice makers

Ice makers are not necessarily important because most refrigerators provide space for them. However, if you’re an ice enthusiast, getting a freestanding ice maker is ideal. The machine makes either nugget ice, crescent-ice, or clear-ice. Brands like U-line, Marvel, and Scotsman offer excellent ice maker appliances. 

Smart refrigerators 

Smart refrigerators are the rush of the 21st century. They’re the best refrigerators that offer you a stress-free life. 

Smart refrigerators interact with a smartphone. They have Bluetooth and touchscreen accessories. Some also have features like playlists, shopping lists and WiFi. 

FAQ: Types of Refrigerators 

Below are answers to your burning questions about buying a refrigerator: 

Which refrigerator type is best for you?

which refrigerator type is best for you

In truth, we can’t choose the refrigerator type that’s best for your kitchen. Every fridge is designed to suit various needs. If you’re searching for a low-budget option, the top freezer refrigerator is an excellent pick. 

For limited space, choose a side-by-side refrigerator. For luxury, pick column refrigerators. Overall, if you have space and money, the French door refrigerator is an outstanding choice. 

What’s the most expensive type of refrigerator?

The column fridge is the most expensive refrigerator on the market. The least affordable model costs about $13,500. They’re not the best refrigerators but their sleek and minimalist design places them above their counterparts.

What are the factors to consider before buying a refrigerator?

They include budget, space, finishes, hardware, and kitchen design. With a careful look at these factors, it’s unlikely you’ll go wrong with your fridge purchase. 

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There’s an array of refrigerators to choose from and going over each of them can be overwhelming. When you weigh your options, you’ll find the best refrigerators which suit your needs. Even with a tight budget, getting an excellent fridge is possible. 

But this buying guide offers you more streamlined options to pick from. Whatever refrigerator you choose, ensure it’s compatible with your home or office needs. Shopping for a fridge is straightforward when you know what you want.

Do you have a preferred option, and do you want to keep it running for long? No worries, contact our refrigerator technician for all maintenance and repair needs. Call Prime Appliance Repair today!

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