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Tips for Finding Reliable Appliance Repair Services in your Local Area

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reliable appliance repair
Jan 2023

Appliances getting bad can be a big issue since we depend a lot on them. But not knowing where to find local appliance repair services can be more frustrating — especially when you need the device urgently.

According to a Mordor Intelligence Study, home appliances reduce the workload of the Canadian working class by over 65%. This figure shows the dependence of Canadians on home appliances. And if anyone goes bad, it’ll completely alter their daily routine.

Finding a reliable repair service is never an easy task, thanks to many amateurs in the industry. This article will show you where to find appliance repair services that are reliable and affordable.

How to Find an Appliance Repair Technician in Toronto?

You’ll need to be intentional about your search to find professional appliance repair services near you.

Check the Internet

The internet is one of the best innovations to grace the world. You can easily find local appliance repair services on your phone.

Most companies understand the advantage having an online presence gives them. And most of them try to stay relevant with a consistent presence on the internet. You’ll get many options when searching for appliance repair technicians online.

Try not to choose any company from a single search. Instead, make a list of potential companies you’ll engage with and do further research.

Check License and Insurance

Appliance repair in most parts of Canada is regulated. Professional repair technicians will need a license and certifications to operate legally.

One of the best questions to ask after you find an appliance repair technician is their license. Dealing with a certified technician gives you some assurance.

Another thing to worry about is the company’s insurance policy. Appliance repair is mostly safe if you employ the right services. But you’re still taking some risks.

The company’s insurance can cover you and your appliance technician in case of accidents.

appliance technician accident

Referrals from Family and Friends

Another way to find a professional appliance repair technician is through referrals. Your family and friends are your trusted allies.

And if they say someone is good at appliance repair, you can trust their word.

Ask simple questions about their experience with the technician and the device they repaired.

Check Reviews and Social Media

No one gives a review unless they’re highly impressed or disappointed with a service.

Before now, you could trust every review on the internet about a product or a professional. But some companies now pay people to give fake reviews about their services to deceive consumers.

Not every review is a true expression, especially if it’s on the company’s website. No company will share a bad review on their platform.

A better place to check for reviews is on other platforms the company can’t control. A good example is social media.

Everyone has freedom of speech on many social media platforms. And these platforms have a search engine.

Log on to any platform and search for the company to check what people are saying about them.

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Make Cost Comparison

According to Glassdoor’s estimate, the average appliance repair technician in Canada earns around $50,000 yearly. Some technicians make more than this, while others may make less.

But the range of earnings should reflect in the cost they charge to repair your appliance.

One of the best tips for finding reliable appliance repair technicians is to check their service charges.

A sign to avoid an appliance repair company is when their service charge is too high or low.

Companies can use price changes to compete, get new customers or show their experience and superiority. But these price changes must be reasonable.

Request a quote from any of the companies to compare with other companies.

make cost comparison

Search for Specific Appliance Repair

It’s hard to find an appliance repair company for only one appliance. But some companies state their expertise in certain appliances.

These companies are usually better in terms of repair because they understand the nitty-gritty of that appliance.

Research Their Experience Level

Knowing where to find an appliance repair technician is important. But the technician’s reliability is also crucial.

You don’t want to fix an appliance today and need new repairs next week. Every technician in appliance repair gets better with experience. The more appliances they fix, the more they know.

One of your checks when looking to find local appliance repair services is their experience.

Confirm Service Offerings

Many appliance repair companies don’t offer repair for only one specific appliance. But they may not have experience with some appliances.

Be sure to check their website for the services they offer and how it’s functional to you.

Check Appliance Repair Forums

The internet is home to many forums with people speaking about their experiences with their devices.

They also discuss the companies that helped fix their appliance and how much they charge. You can get such helpful information on platforms like Reddit and Quora.

Check Location Proximity

It’s always better to get an appliance repair service near you for a swift response. You’re also likely to practice regular maintenance checks on your appliances if the expert is close to you.

You’ll find the company location on the websites of most appliance repair services. Pick the closest and most reliable one near you.

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check location proximity

Prime Appliance Repair Offers Excellent Repair Services Near You

Be sure to ask as many questions as possible while searching for local appliance repair services. It’s also helpful to deal with a licensed company that offers an insurance policy that favours you.

At Prime Appliance Repair Services, we guarantee transparent pricing and are ready to answer any questions about fixing your faulty device. 

Save yourself the stress – call 647-905-7302 for our same-day appliance repair services for residents in the Greater Toronto Area.

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