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The Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Appliance Repairs Vs Attempting to Fix Appliances Yourself

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attempting to fix appliances yourself
Jan 2023

Professional appliance repair is the best choice when your device isn’t in good shape.

But these repairs may seem too expensive, especially when you have some DIY repair experience. Instead, you’ll happily take your toolbox and save money while enjoying the repair experience.

The average appliance repair technician charges up to $50 per hour. This cost estimate is void of replacements and may increase depending on the repair complexity. It’s a good idea to repair your appliance on your own — at least to save money.

DIY repairs aren’t bad if you have experience. But this article explains why DIY repair isn’t a good idea and why you should hire a pro.

Hiring a Professional for Appliance Repairs Vs Attempting to Fix Appliances Yourself

Appliances are expensive, and you hope they work for a few years before needing repair. But if your appliance does stop working, you must choose between DIY or professional repair services.

Let’s compare both options based on some parameters:


Cost is usually the main reason behind DIY repairs.  It’s hard to spend thousands of dollars buying an appliance and then have to spend a few hundred dollars on a professional appliance repair technician in Ontario.

But, when you look at things closely, you may save money by opting for professional repair. First, you’ll need DIY tools to open and diagnose the appliance’s problem. You’ll need to buy these tools if you don’t have them. And that costs money.

Here are other ways you may be wasting money with DIY repair:

  • Buying the wrong replacement parts
  • Diagnosing the wrong fault
  • Misplacing tiny, important parts of the appliance

These mistakes are less likely to occur when you hire a professional to do the repairs. They have the right tools and experience to carry out repairs efficiently.

diy repairs


Safety is another factor to consider when comparing professional appliance repair vs DIY. You wouldn’t want to fix an appliance that will electrocute you or burn down your home.

A 2021 Health Canada reports a recall of all 24-inch Cove built-in dishwashers in the country. According to the report, the dishwasher’s heating element had a shutoff problem that may have caused fires.

Imagine if you were trying to repair a similar appliance because you noticed burning smells. You’ll be wasting time and risking your safety — since the problem is from the initial manufacturing process.

Appliance repair may seem safe since you’ll wear safety equipment and unplug the device. But any mistake can cause an accident once you plug the device back in.

Effective Results

Appliances help us reduce stress in our daily lives. That’s why we want the quickest solution anytime an appliance gets bad.

One of the reasons to hire appliance repair is fast, effective results. You may figure out a way around appliance repair through articles and YouTube videos.  But you won’t do a perfect job.

The appliance may work, but it’ll require repairs more frequently.

The story won’t be the same if you hire a professional. Instead, the professional appliance repair technician will find and fix the issue effectively. And quickly too. Prime Appliance Repairs guarantees same-day repair for residents in the GTA. 

Time Spent on Repair

Many YouTube videos explains how easily you can fix an appliance without explaining the risks involved. But these videos are usually from experienced appliance repair technicians.

And if you notice, they usually have all the sophisticated tools. If you judge appliance repair by how easy it looks on a video, you’ll get surprised — it’s not that simple.

You’ll spend hours discovering where the problem is with a lot of guesswork. And sometimes, what you have discovered may not be the issue troubling the appliance.

Sometimes, you’ll waste your time and still require professional appliance repair services.

time spent on repair

Prevents Future faults

Each component in your appliance has a specific function it contributes to ensuring the machine works. One faulty part can affect the working process of other components, causing multiple faults.

Diagnosing a faulty appliance and finding multiple faults with the intertwined parts requires experience. You can’t understand every component of your household appliance without prior education or experience.

Discovering and preventing future faults are some reasons to hire appliance repair. The technician will find other faults with their experience.

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Tools and Experience

Appliance manufacturers use different bolts and nuts to keep all appliance components in their rightful positions.

These nuts may be tricky to remove with the regular screwdrivers and other equipment in your toolbox. And you’ll be causing more damage if you try to use force.

So before you answer this question: should you fix the appliance myself or call appliance repair? — check your toolbox.

Repair or Replace the Device

Every appliance has an expiry date. This date usually occurs after an extended period of using the machine. But you can’t know that since you’ve been fixing the device yourself.

Every problem must have a solution once you experience some DIY repair success. But over time, you’ll end up spending money on repairs.

But a professional appliance repair technician will understand when it’s time to change the device. Some damages will occur, and the professional will immediately know you need a replacement.

On the other hand, you will spend all your time looking for an almost impossible solution via DIY repair.

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repair or replace the device

Professional Appliance Repair is Better Than DIY

DIY repair may seem less expensive than professional appliance repair. But it isn’t always the best decision. The best thing is knowing when to DIY or call professional appliance repair.

Professional appliance repair is safer, more effective and offers faster results. Plus, an appliance repair technician can prevent future faults and find good replacement parts, thereby saving you money.

Just like we do here at Prime Appliance Repair. Here, we have the experience and tools to diagnose and fix your appliance within record time. You’ll be saving money and time. And your appliances will perform excellently after our repairs.

Call 647-905-7364 to try our same-day appliance repair services for residents in Ontario.

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