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Sears Appliance Repair Cost

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sears appliance repair cost
Oct 2021

The cost to repair a Sears appliance falls between $70 to $500 generally. But on average, it costs from $100 to $300. It’s normal for appliances to malfunction over time, so you must always be ready for it.

However, you need to have an idea of what it’ll cost you to repair different Sears appliances in order to budget for it. This article will aid your budgeting as it contains the price of repairs for different Sears appliances. You’ll also come across certain factors affecting the cost of repairing Sears appliances to give you a better understanding of what it entails. 

Average Cost to Repair Sears Appliance

Appliances tend to break down from time to time due to wear and tear or other mechanical reasons. Sometimes, the appliance may last up to eight or twelve years, which is the normal lifespan of Sears appliance, before developing any fault.

Other times, the appliance may not last up to its expected lifespan before it begins to malfunction. Whatever the case is, you’ll need to fix the appliance in other to get it up and running again, and it comes with a cost.

The average cost of fixing any Sears appliance falls within the $100 to $300 repair bracket. However, homeowners mostly pay $200 for most common repairs. Some of the repairs within the $200 price range include faulty switches, thermostat issues, or damaged belts on dryers or washers.

In addition, some Sears appliance repairs can also cost as little as $70 for a microwave fuse and up to $500 to replace a refrigerator’s control panel. So, the cost to repair a Sears appliance 

depends on various factors, with the type of appliance being the most important. 

Cost to Repair Different Sears Appliances

Technology keeps improving rapidly, and the appliances that make life easier for humans are also changing as a result. Therefore, various Sears appliances make things easier for people, e.g. a washing machine for laundry, refrigerators for cooling drinks, and food preservation.

After a long while of usage, it’s normal for your Sears appliance to start to malfunction due to wear and tear and other possible causes. However, to repair any Sears appliance, it’ll cost you within $70 to $500. Have a look at the cost to repair different  Sears appliances.

Cost of Sears Dishwasher Repair

A dishwasher is an appliance that automatically cleans cutleries and dishwares using a unique technology. Unlike the traditional human dishwashing method, Sears dishwashers don’t rely on physical scrubbing to remove soiling. It cleans the dishes by spraying water at a hot temperature of about 45 and 75 degrees Celsius.

A Sears dishwasher is quite an effective and preferable option to manual handwashing. But it may need repairs after some time, so you need to budget between $100 and $300.

Some of the common issues you may experience with your dishwasher include leaking, poor cleaning, and failure for water to drain. Some repairs like damaged springs and seals are inexpensive to fix. But if the motor or control panel of the dishwasher is faulty, repair costs will be higher. The parts of a dishwasher are mostly inexpensive, but you may need to fix multiple parts all at once, thus amounting to more expenses.

Price of Sears Dryer Repair 

Clothe dryers remove moisture from a load of bedding, clothing, and other types of textile. Also known as the tumble dryer, it takes your fabric from a wet state to dry promptly. Dryers last for up to 10 years but may develop various faults that you need to repair as time passes.

A dryer is an important household appliance, especially when the weather is quite cold, and it will take a longer time for your clothes to dry. But after some time, you may begin to notice that the dryer’s performance isn’t at its peak, and it may start to malfunction.

Repairing a dryer costs within the range of $100 to $200. Some of the common faults to expect from a dryer include a defective motor, blown fuses, and a broken belt, all of which have different repair costs. For instance, it costs about $150 to replace the thermostat, $50 to fix a faulty door latch, and $450 for a defective motor replacement.

Also, note that the dryer type has different repair costs. For example, the cost to repair an electric dryer ranges from $50 to $400, while it costs between $100 and $450 to repair a gas dryer.

How Much to Repair Sears Washer

The washing machine is one of the essential home appliances, and it makes laundry quite smooth. In a household of four, the weekly laundry may be up to eight or ten loads, which is why it’s important to fix the washer on time. If not, it can wreak havoc on the daily routine of that household.

It’s always better to allow a professional to handle any repair that has to do with a washer because it’s faster and trustworthy. In addition, a repairer will help you diagnose the problem and fix it almost instantly, but it depends on the fault.

However, the repair cost for a Sears washing machine appliance falls within $150 to $300 on average. But the usual washer repair cost for homeowners is $200 for fixing a defective level switch or a bad seal.

Repair costs can also get as low as $100 to fix a damaged hose and as high as $375 for transmission issues or replacing the agitator. The cost of repairing a washer largely depends on the brand, the type and the replacement component. 

Sear Refrigerator Appliance Repair Cost

sear refrigerator appliance repair cost

A refrigerator is a must-have home appliance as it helps preserve perishable food items for a long period. If you find out your freezer is noisy, leaking, or keeps your food cold, you need to fix it immediately. 

It’s good to fix the fault immediately because sometimes, delay can cause the fault to boom into something bigger. For example, a faulty refrigerator will also cause your food items to get bad, causing losses.

Some faults in the fridge are more expensive than others, hence the disparity in the cost to repair a Sears refrigerator. For instance, most homeowners pay from $350 to $500 to repair a broken ice maker with a new part, while replacing the seal system may cost about $1,200. If you’re lucky enough, repairs may cost around $80 to clean dirty coils, and it’s the cheapest cost to repair a Sears refrigerator.

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Cost of Sears Oven Appliance Repairs

An oven is an appliance that provides a hot environment for cooking food in a home. The oven has a hollow compartment that is heated in a controllable manner. Owning an oven makes it possible for families to share homemade meals at different times of the day.

Ovens come in various sizes, styles and types, with many newer models having advanced features and several appealing designs. But unfortunately, irrespective of the shape, style or size of an oven, it can break down due to either mechanical problems or wear and tear.

When your oven starts to malfunction, the best line of action is to contact professional appliance repair technicians for diagnosis. However, it’s also better to act swiftly to get your oven back to life.

However, the cost of Sear oven appliance repairs varies, depending on factors like labour and fault. So you need to budget within $150 and $400 to repair a Sears refrigerator. But the typical repair cost among homeowners is $200 for heating element replacement in an electric oven.

The repair cost for a Sears oven appliance can still be as low as $100 to replace a fan. However, the cost of repair can also get as high as $600 to replace a steam oven’s control board. 

Repair Cost of Sears Stove Appliance

A stove or cooker is a kitchen appliance for cooking food. Kitchen stoves depend on the application of direct heat for the cooking process. Stoves are very efficient, reliable and easy to use. 

But after a while, some parts of the stove can start to develop faults which may lead to compulsory repairs and replacements of the faulty component. You need to act swiftly when your stove malfunctions because gas leaks can be fatal. Always contact a professional on time to avoid danger. 

The repair cost of a Sears stove appliance ranges from $150 to $400. The typical repair cost of a Sear stove is $200 to replace the igniter. Some Sear stove repair costs are costlier than others. For example, the lowest repair cost for a Sears stove is $75 to fit a new stove knob. But it’ll cost you about $1,000 to replace the stovetop entirely.

Cost of Sears Freezer Appliance Repair

The major difference between the refrigerator and freezer is the temperature, and the latter is the coldest. A Sears freezer is an essential appliance that homeowners use to preserve meals and food items for a very long period. 

Like other home appliances, your Sears freezer can also develop faults in the long run. These faults have to do with either repairing or replacing a component to make the freezer function properly once more. 

In most cases, many homeowners end up paying $200 to repair the damaged seal on an upright freezer. However, repairs can also be as cheap as $50 for a light bulb replacement in a simple Sears chest freezer. But it can also get up to $650 for a new compressor. 

How Much to Repair Sears Cooktop

A cooktop is a kitchen appliance with hot plates fixed at the top of a cabinet or other surface. Many people rely on cooktops to cook food daily, and a faulty cooktop can be a major inconvenience. 

While it may be enticing to replace your cooktop, a new one can be costly, making repairs more pocket-friendly. In addition, several things can go wrong with a cooktop, leaving it unable to cook food properly. However, you need to fix your Sears cooktop as soon as possible so that it can start serving its purpose once again. 

The cost to repair a broken Sears cooktop is between $100 to $300. Smaller cooktop repairs come with smaller repair costs and vice versa. However, always remember to contact appliance repair technicians to handle such electrical repairs. 

Price Determinants of Sears Appliance Repair Services

Certain factors affect the cost to repair any Sears appliance. These factors determine the price of repairs for different appliances, making repair costs unstable. See some of these factors below. 

Fault Type

fault type

The type of fault with your Sears appliance is a major determinant of how much repairs will cost you. Some faults are easier to fix than others, and the easier faults are cheaper to fix. For instance, it costs less to fix the thermostat of a washer than the cost of control board replacement. 

Replacement Component 

Your Sears appliance malfunctions due to a defective component, and each of these components has different prices. Replacement parts for a Sears appliance may cost as low as $50, while others may cost about $650. 

Taking aside every other factor, if the replacement part alone costs about $650, the total repair cost may end up getting to $750- $900. So always allow a professional technician to get the replacement component in other to get an authentic one. 


Repair technicians usually charge by the hour, and appliance repairs usually don’t exceed an hour or two. But some cases may require more service hours. For instance, repairing gas appliances is sensitive, so the technician needs to be extra careful, resulting in longer work hours. 

However, you can expect to pay from $25 to $75 for the labour. Also, note that after-hours calls and holidays cost about 50% more, leaving the repair cost at $40 to $110. Although, many technicians offer a flat emergency rate of about $50 to $200. 

Type of Appliance

Generally, to repair any Sear appliance costs between $100 and $600 on average. The Sears brand has lots of appliances under their trademark, and they all have different repair costs. 

Bigger appliances like a refrigerator and freezer have higher repair costs than smaller appliances like the microwave and cooktop. Also, big-sized appliances come with components that are mostly expensive to replace. 

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Final Thoughts

Owning a faulty appliance disrupts your daily routine, thereby affecting your productivity. Therefore, it’s important to fix your appliances once you notice any fault to avoid such problems.

We understand this at Prime Appliance Repair, and we’re equal to the task. You can check out our Sears appliance repair services. Our prices are affordable, and our services are first-class. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

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