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My Fridge is Leaking Water? Here’s What to Do!

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fridge is leaking water
Dec 2022

Your fridge leaking water is an annoying experience and an indicator of a serious. But it can also be dangerous. A water leak is a slip hazard which can cause falls and injuries.

It’s always better to call an expert to fix the fridge when you notice a leak. But there are simple fixes you can do yourself before an expert gets onsite.

This article is a step-by-step guide explaining how to fix a fridge when it leaks.

How to Fix a Leaking Fridge?

The first thing to do is find out why the fridge is leaking. Usually, you can trace the cause of the water leaks, but sometimes, it may be more technical.

Here are some of the common reasons behind a leak in your fridge;

Inappropriate Fridge Position

Your fridge may look like a box with straight edges, but its ideal position shouldn’t be straight. Whether you have a Samsung refrigerator or any other brand, the front end should be higher than the back.

This position ensures the fridge’s coolant flows easily and stops condensation buildup. Sometimes, the positioning lets the door close automatically, in case you forget.

Wrong positioning is among the most common reasons for fridge leaking. If the fridge is in the wrong position, condensation will build and seep through the doors. Sometimes, the door may be open, allowing room for water to pass through.

The level difference between the front and the back doesn’t need to be massive. A difference of around 0.5 inches is enough.

The process of fixing your fridge leaking water because of positioning is easy. You only need to confirm the position and tilt it appropriately. Here’s the procedure to follow;

  • Purchase a levelling material
  • Fix it at the top of the fridge
  • Tilt the fridge such that the back is lower than the front by less tha one inch.

inappropriate fridge position

Poor Fridge Use

Sometimes, your fridge may be leaking water because of a mistake on your end and nothing more. A simple error of incorrectly placing opened drinks in the fridge can cause a leak.

If you always forget to shut the doors completely, it can cause a leak. Also, the coolant will lose its effectiveness.

Likewise, leakages are certain if your fridge door seals are faulty because warm air is entering. The warm air mixes with the fridge’s coolant to cause condensation and leakage.  

Broken Drain Pan

Every fridge leaks water in tiny quantities while it works. This water flows into the drain pipe of the refrigerator. The drain pan is usually under the fridge or at the back and is typically made of plastic.

If the drain pan cracks or breaks, it will cause water to pool around your fridge. It is rare for the pan to break because the water evaporates quickly. However, when it breaks, you need to replace it.

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fridge leaks water

Blocked Defrost Drain

The most common cause of a fridge leaking water is the defrost drain. The defrost drain is the part of the fridge that houses condensation. This drain is usually behind the fridge and allows evaporated water to move.

If you don’t clean your fridge properly, food crumbs will block parts of the defrost drain. In turn, the fridge coils will work twice as much, and in a short while, it will cause leaks.

If your defrost drain is the problem, it’s always better to contact an appliance repair technician. They have the necessary experience and tools for repair.

But you can follow these steps to fix it on your own;

  • Clear the fridge and unplug it
  • Clean the fridge and clear the area around the defrost drain
  • Check the drain for clogs after it unfreezes
  • Clean the drain by pouring warm soap mix into the drain
  • Use a brush to remove the remaining dirt

Dirty Water Supply Line and Inlet Valve

Many refrigerators come with an ice maker and a dispenser. This is likely to happen if you have a Whirlpool fridge or a similar brand. The dispenser and ice maker is a fantastic feature, but they can cause leaks in the refrigerator.

The ice maker and dispenser hardly leak, but the water pipe connecting them can leak. A dirty water supply valve or leaky inlet valve is usually the component if the leak starts from under the fridge.

To fix this issue, you need to check the water supply from its source to other components. Therefore, hiring an expert is always better.

Here’s how to fix a leaky fridge caused;

  • Turn off the fridge for safety reasons.
  • Find the water supply valve and check thoroughly. You’re checking for visible cracks and confirming its connection with the line.
  • If there’s a crack in the pipe, replace it with a similar one. You may need to remove the existing line to buy the exact size.
  • If there’s a problem with the connection, call an expert to avoid further damage.

Water Tank and Filter Issues

Every fridge with a water dispenser or ice maker usually has a tank and filter. The filter removes dirt and debris, while the tank keeps the water supply when necessary. If any of the water tank or filter cracks, it will cause a leak.

The troubleshooting and fixing process for the water tank and filter can be complex. Therefore, it’s better to call on appliance repair to help.

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water dispenser

In Short

Above is a guide explaining simple DIY steps to take if your fridge is leaking water. For most of the steps, you’ll need to open the back or bottom of the refrigerator, which requires special tools.

If you can’t lay your hands on tools for the job, it’s better to call an expert. The expert won’t be doing guesswork to troubleshoot the fridge, saving time. Also, the problem may not be huge, and they can solve potential issue quickly.

At Prime Appliance Repair, we have experts with years of experience fixing fridges from different brands including Whirlppol, Samsung, Kenmore, Bosch and more. This experience makes troubleshooting easy and offers an affordable route to your fridge repair.

Call 647-905-7302 for same-day appliance repair in Ontario and the rest of the GTA.

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