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Miele Appliance Repair Cost

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miele appliance repair cost
Oct 2021

The cost to repair a defective Miele appliance ranges from $100 to $300 on average. Sometimes, you may end up paying as low as $70 or as high as $500, depending on the type of fault. One quick tip to avoid high repair costs is to contact appliance repair technicians immediately after discovering any fault. 

We know how annoying unplanned expenses are. As such, you need all the help you can get while planning to repair a faulty Miele appliance. 

This article will explore repair costs for different Miele appliances. Let’s get into it!

Repair Cost for Different Miele Appliances

Appliances are useful and contribute largely to the daily routine of many people in Canada. These appliances serve important purposes like heating food for cooking and baking, controlling temperature within the home and laundry process. 

The Miele brand is known for manufacturing most of these useful home appliances. Typically, Miele appliances have a life expectancy of about eight to twelve years on average. But, the lifespan of these appliances may be short-lived due to faults, which are mostly mechanical, and require immediate fixing.

Repairing any fault in your appliance comes with different costs, which mostly fall under the $100 to $300 price bracket. $200 will cover thermostat problems, faulty switches on a dryer or washer, and damaged belts. 

Similarly, it can cost as low as $70 to repair a microwave fuse or fix the jam on a garbage disposal, making it the minimum appliance repair cost. You can also expect to pay up to $500 if your refrigerator’s control panel is faulty. 

While some repairs can be expensive, it’s no reason to go the DIY route. It’s safer and better to contact appliance repair technicians instead. 

Cost of Miele Dishwasher Repair

The Miele dishwasher is one of the various appliances that makes life easier for people. After enjoying a sumptuous meal with your family or friends, simply load the dishes into the dishwasher. 

Miele dishwashers use a specially effective technique to rid dishes of any soiling, thereby saving money, energy and time. However, the dishwasher can develop faults and malfunction over time. 

Most homeowners in Ontario pay $200 on average to fix a dishwasher with leaking problems. Some issues like replacing the dishwasher’s seal cost as low as $50. Other problems like replacing a dishwasher’s motor can cost up to $600. 

Fixing the dishwasher’s spray arm, soap dispenser, inlet valve, gasket, and filter costs about $75 to $150. In comparison, repairing the dishwasher’s heating element, door, control panel, pump, and motor costs between $150 and $600. 

How Much to Repair a Miele Washer?

Laundry has become easier since the invention of washing machines. Unlike the traditional method of washing your clothes with your hands, the Miele washer is faster and better. 

It can be pretty difficult to cope without a functioning washer. For instance, a family of four generates about 8-10 laundry loads every week. 

If your washing machine is in bad shape, it affects your routine because you can’t do your laundry. Options like a coin laundromat are useful in such situations but can’t compete with the convenience of doing laundry in your house.

You can expect to pay between $150 and $300 to repair your washing machine. A defective water level switch or a bad seal will cost about $200. The lowest washing machine repair cost is $100 to fix a damaged hose, while the highest is about $375 to repair transmission issues or replace the agitator. 

Price of Miele Dryer Repair

cost to repair an electrolux washing machine

Dryers complement the washer by removing moisture from fabrics after washing. A functioning dryer is essential to keep your laundry running effectively. While dryers can last for about ten years, different faults can arise leading to issues that need repairs. 

The maximum cost of repairs for a Miele dryer is $450 to replace a defective motor. At the same time, the most common Miele dryer repair cost is $150 to replace a faulty thermostat. The minimum amount you’ll spend on dryer repair is $50 to fix a broken door latch.

In addition, it’s noteworthy that the type of dryer you have also contributes to the cost of repairs. For instance, repairs for an electric Miele dryer costs between $50 to $400, while a gas dryer repair falls between $100 to $450. 

Repairing the dryer’s heating element costs about $150 to $250, motor replacement costs from $150 to $250, while the door, bearing, and belt repairs range from $50 to $200. 

Repair Cost for a Miele Cooktop 

A cooktop is a kitchen appliance that heats the base of your pots and pans for cooking. The Miele cooktop appliance is quite effective, easy to use and durable. It’s built to last for over ten years, although it’ll incur some maintenance and repair costs during its lifespan. 

Due to wear and tear, it’s only normal for a Miele cooktop to malfunction over time. There are several reasons the cooktop may malfunction, causing it to need the attention of appliance repair technicians. And from our experience, you should budget about $260 to fix a Miele cooktop appliance.

Whenever your cooktop develops any fault, don’t fix it yourself unless you have the necessary expertise and qualification. Instead, always contact appliance repair technicians to help you fix any fault with electrical appliances.  

Repair Cost for a Miele Oven 

Ovens are important household appliances, and they make it possible to share homemade meals with loved ones daily. Miele ovens come in various sizes, styles and shapes, with many newer models offering several advanced features and designs.    

Sadly, home appliances don’t have the forever-in-good condition feature yet, so they develop faults occasionally. When your Miele oven breaks down, immediately contacting a professional is the best move because it can be difficult to operate without one. 

The cost of repairs for ovens varies, depending on certain factors, including the replacement parts, the type of fault, and labor fees. Miele oven repair costs fall within $150 and $200 on average. 

It costs $200 to replace an electric oven’s heating element. Replacing your oven’s fan can cost as low as $100 while control board replacement will cost you about $600. 

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How Much to Repair a Miele Freezer ?

Freezers are appliances that can maintain freezing temperatures to preserve perishable food items for long periods. The major problem with freezers is often the evaporator fan motor. However, several other factors can cause a Miele freezer to develop faults.

And when that happens, the cost to repair a Miele freezer appliance ranges from $100 to $300 on average. For instance, you’ll pay $200 to fix common problems like a broken seal. Miele freezer repair costs can also be as low as $50 to change a simple light bulb. 

The freezer type also influences repair costs. For instance, it costs between $50 and $300 to repair a portable freezer and about $50 to $400 to fix a chest freezer. In contrast, the repair cost for an upright freezer ranges from $50 to $500. 

If you own a drawer or display freezer, repair costs may be a little higher. It’ll cost you about $50 to $500 to fix the former and $75 to $650 for the latter. Note that repairs may be more expensive for display freezers if the glass panel breaks and needs repairs. 

Repair Cost for a Miele Stove 

A stove is an important kitchen apparatus that makes cooking possible by providing a controllable heating system. Some of the problems you may encounter with your stove include heating problems, a faulty door, or a defective burner. 

The good news is a technician can easily diagnose the problem with your stove and fix it. On average, you should expect to pay between $150 to $400 to repair a Miele stove. Some repairs are costlier than others due to certain factors, including the type of fault, cost of the replacement part, and labour cost. 

Repair Cost for a Miele Refrigerator

A refrigerator is one of the most common and essential appliances in homes today. Refrigerators, also known as a fridge or icebox, keep food and drinks at cold temperatures for household use. 

A fridge helps preserve food items for a long while, hence the need to keep it running constantly. Therefore, your fridge may develop faults in the long run due to consistent usage. 

The best thing to do in such a situation is to contact appliance repair technicians to examine your Miele refrigerator. But, of course, repairs aren’t free, so it’ll cost you between $80 to $1,200 to repair your Miele refrigerator appliance. 

repair cost for a miele refrigerator

Should I Repair or Replace My Miele Appliance?

Repairing or replacing your appliance is one debate that will always come up once an appliance is faulty. You may think getting a new one is the answer until it begins to malfunction again after a while.

Below are critical factors that’ll validate your decision to repair or replace your appliance. 


Repairing an appliance is typically cheaper than replacing it. But in rare cases, some appliances can develop several faults at once, leading to high repair costs. 

To help you decide, you need to calculate the cost of repairs and compare it to the price of buying a new one. If the cost to repair a Miele appliance is above 50% of the price of a new one, it’s time to replace your appliance. Otherwise, repairs remain your best option.


Appliances usually have a lifespan of ten to fifteen years. If your appliance is nearing the end of its lifespan, buying a new one may be a wiser decision to make. 


Generally, the aim is to get the best service for the lowest price, and it’s understandable. That being said, you can check your appliance purchase receipts or documents to know your warranty package. You can also contact Miele for better information regarding your warranty. 

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Final Take

The cost to repair a Miele appliance falls between $100 to $300 on average. Miele appliance repair costs can also increase if you delay the repair for long. Hence, it’s best to contact repair technicians when your appliance starts to malfunction. 

Here at Prime Appliance Repair, we offer same-day repairs for all Miele devices. Our service is second to none and very pocket-friendly. So reach out to us today! 

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