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Is Fixing an Oven Worth it?

is fixing an oven worth it
Jul 2021

Like every other household appliance, ovens can break down. When your appliance suffers a fault, you have two options — getting a replacement or fixing an oven? 

When ovens are on the verge of breaking down, they give signs. Such that, when you take the necessary action immediately, you can prevent your electric oven from breaking down totally.

But sometimes, ovens can break down without warning. You’ll probably need to use it one day, and you find it’s not working. Fixing an oven is possible. However, several other factors come into play when deciding if an oven is worth fixing. 

In this article, we explore why you should consider fixing your oven rather than outright purchasing a new one. 

What Can Cause Your Oven to Breakdown?

The cause of the breakdown will help you choose between oven repair vs. replacement. Some electric ovens faults aren’t significant. With a bit of nibble here and there, technicians can get your oven back to full functionality.

This section considers the various types of breakdowns your oven may experience and what causes them. 

When the Gas Burner Doesn’t Light Up (Cooker Oven)

The first cause of cooker ovens not lighting up is the presence of food debris in the machine. Food debris can block gas flow towards the igniter. When food debris is the problem, removing them is the only fix you need.

It may be hard to determine the cause of the damage if you don’t know where to look. However, at the point where the gas isn’t lighting up, it’s easy to assume that something significant is wrong, which may necessitate a new purchase. Hence, it’s best to have a professional around to check.

Other problems that may cause your electric oven not to light up include faulty ignition and loose connections. The good news is none of these factors are beyond recovery. If that’s the diagnosis for your electric oven, then it’s worth fixing. 


Overheating is common in electric ovens, and it doesn’t mean your oven is on its last legs. The heat problem may be due to a damaged cooling fan or oven door. 

When you notice overheating, you shouldn’t waste time wondering if your oven is worth fixing. If you don’t take the necessary repair steps immediately, it can result in a domestic fire outbreak. 

If your oven is overheating, a new oven isn’t the only solution. It may be worth replacing the specific damaged part.

Black Out

When the oven suddenly goes dark, instinct makes you worry about purchasing a new one. But, you don’t necessarily have to spend thousands on a new oven. Common causes of oven blackout include power cut-out, thermal switch damage, and cooling fan problems.

If the oven goes dark, it can be challenging for the average user to diagnose the fault. Instead, it’s best to call oven repair technicians. They can diagnose the problem and determine if the cost of fixing the oven is worth it. 

Thermostat Damage

A faulty thermostat will translate to your oven overdoing its job. When there is an issue with the thermostat, it can burn every food item you place in it. The thermostat regulates the oven’s temperature. If there is a problem with the thermostat, temperature destabilizes.

If you notice temperature issues, you should measure the oven’s inner temperature manually. If the temperature levels exceed the thermostat’s readings, then you should start planning to replace the thermostat.

Oven won’t Heat Up

There are situations where your oven suddenly fails to heat up. Most times, the cause of the failure to heat up is the igniter. Other times, the problem is with the heating element. Anyone can replace the heating element. However, it’s safer to have a professional do it.

If you notice the oven isn’t heating up, the clock setting is the first thing to check. You can find a solution to the clock problem by going through the manual that came with the oven. You can also use PDF materials online.

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When Buying a New Oven May be a Good Idea?

When the overhead cost (financial and others) of repairing and maintaining your oven is higher than the price of buying a new one, it’s time for your kitchen to get a new device. 

When you start incurring energy bills that are higher than before, it’s time to buy a new oven. Older model ovens will cost you more energy than newer ones which are designed to be efficient. When ancient model ovens are near their end-of-life, they become heavily inefficient. Once you notice the gradual increase in your energy bill, start saving for newer and efficient models.

Another reason you may need to get a new oven is if your current one is all rusty. With time, ovens, as with other appliances, lose their aesthetics. When the oven begins to affect the outlook of your kitchen, it’s time for a new one. 

Rust accumulates inside old ovens, and it can cause the uneven cooking of your food. Overall, rust affects the performance of your oven.

If your oven has other issues than these, it’s fixable. You don’t have to buy a new oven when you can save your money and fix it. 

Why is it Best to Fix Your Oven?

Rather than fixing an oven, several people prefer to buy a new one. As much as getting a new one will solve the problem, you can save money by calling in an expert for a fix. 

Your oven may not be 100% after repairs. However, the best oven repair technicians in the area can make sure it serves you for a couple more years. Repairs won’t be as perfect as replacements. 

Why then should you repair your oven? The most important reason for seeking to repair your oven instead of buying a new one is the cost. If you are running on a tight budget, it’s a no-brainer that you should favour repairs over cost.

Cost of Oven Repair

cost of oven repair

The cost of repairing an oven is cheaper than buying a new one. The price, in this case, can be time or money. Usually, a professional oven technician can fix a faulty oven in a few hours. 

However, if you decide to buy a new one, it will take you more time. You’ll most likely not just pop in and out of a store in the next hour. If you’re ordering online, it takes longer, even with express deliveries. Except if the oven in question is about 15 years old, fixing it is your best choice.

Beyond time, the financial implications are a vital consideration. The cost of oven repair depends on several factors, including:

  • Extent of damage
  • Your location
  • Service charges
  • Parts to buy

Fixing an oven costs between $50 and $200, irrespective of the cost-influencing factors. With proper maintenance, you won’t have to spend money on repairs frequently. Hence, you shouldn’t worry about recurring costs.

However, if you think replacement is the only choice you have, then you must be ready to put down $1000 to $3000. The cost of replacing an oven is not cheap. You’ll need to plan for it properly. In some cases, you may have to wait a while before you can use an oven again. 

More often than not, you can figure out what the problem is by troubleshooting it yourself. Again, though, you shouldn’t delve into anything technical you are unsure of with the oven. You don’t want to cause further damage to the machine.

Also, remember that buying a new oven doesn’t mean you won’t have to repair it sometime in the future. Regardless of what you do, appliances may break down.  

How to Know When to Repair Your Oven?

Knowing when to repair or buy a new oven is vital. Unfortunately, though, there is no standard metric by which you can make the decision. Instead, some indicators can help you decide between replacing and fixing an oven.

When it has Problems Reaching the Right Temperature

A bad heating element or faulty ignition may cause your oven to have temperature problems. These are easily repairable, and you shouldn’t waste resources by buying a new oven. 

Instead, call a professional for repairs. If your oven is electric, all you need may be a new control board. Buy the parts you need, and you can get your oven back.

When the Oven Makes Weird Noises

When your oven is in perfect condition, it’ll make zero noise. Noise is an indication that something will soon go wrong. Noise also indicates the presence of an issue. 

While the machine still works, don’t take chances. Instead you should do a quick check. If you don’t want to tamper with the device, reach out to a professional.

The different anomalies to listen for are; buzzing, ticking, and scratching noises. Immediately you hear any of these noises, turn off the appliance.

When the Gas Oven Refuses to Light up

When a gas oven refuses to light up, it’s most likely a sign of a gas (carbon monoxide) leak. You should try to detect the smell as soon as you can. 

After that, you have no option other than to turn off the gas supply and reach out to a professional. As much as you can, clear out children to a safe distance. 

When There is a Problem with the Oven Door

problem with the oven door

A problem with the oven door calls for repair. Faulty doors can lead to the escape of heat, which can destroy surrounding objects. In some cases, the electric oven’s door won’t open. The oven control board may be the problem, and it’s easily fixable. 

When the Oven is Less than 15 years

If your oven is less than 15 years old, repairing it is worth it. An oven is only due for replacement after 15 years. However, some situations may warrant replacement sooner. You and your repair technicians are the best judges of that. 

Questions to Ask the Oven Repair Service You Employ

If you do decide to fix the oven, doing your due diligence in the initial hiring process is vital. Below is a low down on the best questions you need to ask the oven repair technician service you look to employ.

Check for their License

You must ensure the technician you bring into your home has a license. The license is proof of professionalism; though, it may not prove expertise. 

In the same vein, the technician needs to be authorized to work on ovens. If you’ll hope to leverage your warranty one day, ensure all technicians that touch your oven are licensed.

Ask About Insurance

Insurance is a significant reason to work with repair agencies rather than individuals. You should hire a company with adequate protection while they work on your oven. 

Don’t just take their word for it; seek proof. Insurance covers both the technician and your oven in case anything goes wrong during repairs.

Verify their Experience

Experience is directly proportional to expertise. Experience also makes it easier for a technician to fix your oven repair issue. 

With experience and knowledge, the technician may even detect issues that haven’t surfaced. If you want the best hands to fix your oven, make sure they have multiple years of experience. 

Check for Warranty

You should also confirm if the repair company has a warranty for the work they do. The company should have a period within which you can reach out if any problem occurs post-repair. 

With a good warranty, you won’t have to keep investing in repairs. If the company is sure of the service they offer, they’ll gladly give a guarantee. 

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Final Take 

No matter how long it takes you to hire a repair professional, fixing an oven will always cost less than buying a new one. So, “Should I fix my oven?” Yes, you should. 

Reach out to our oven repair service for an effective same-day fix. Let our experienced technicians at Prime Appliance Repair extend the lifespan of your oven today!

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