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How to Repair Washing Machine Spin Dryer

washing machine spin dryer
Jun 2022

There are many ways to fix the washing machine spin dryer. Usually, early detection of any signs of retardation calls for your immediate attention. Therefore, you can employ some DIY skills and fix any upcoming issue.

In this article, you’ll learn extensively about the spin dryer. You’ll also learn about the common problems that arise with spin dryers. Alternatively, you’ll learn about the solutions to the issues as well.

So strap in and prepare to dive into a guide to fixing your washer’s spin dryer. Get ahead of the curve and save unnecessary costs by gaining more insights into the spin dryer.

What is a Washing Machine Spin Dryer?

A spin dryer is a part of the washing machine responsible for removing the moisture from the clothes. The dryer accomplishes this feat by tumbling the clothes at high speed through centrifugation. As a result, the clothes dry up due to the swift loss of water from the spinning.

The spin dryer doesn’t require heat to dry the clothes. Instead, the centrifugal force extracts moisture and yields a dry result. Most modern machines do.

It’s best to fix the washing machine spin dryer. The fryer is an integral part of the washing machine. Hence, your clothes will come out wet and soggy without the dryer. Therefore, you’ll need to dry the clothes externally.

A spin dryer saves you time and energy. In the absence of a functional dryer, you’ll spend more time having to wring out the water from your wet clothes. You’ll also have to hang your clothes on the clothesline and depend on the sun for drying. This process elongates the washing experience.

A spin dryer doesn’t entirely dry your clothes. The dryer removes most of the moisture, and then you can place the clothes in a conventional electric dryer afterwards. However, the time the clothes spend in the electric dryer will be significantly lesser. Hence, saving you some costs on your electric bill.

Nevertheless, if there’s a fault, you’ll need to figure out why the spin dryer isn’t working. Identifying any issues with the spin dryer early will save you money on maintenance and repairs. So, let’s dive into some of the problems you can expect to encounter with a spin dryer.

spin dryer

Problems That Can Affect the Spin Dryer

The washer and dryer have been essential home appliances in industrialized nations since the first automated washing machine in 1937. The first dryer came into existence in 1938 and played a significant role to this very day

For instance, more than 80% of Canadian homes have a washing machine with a dryer. As a result, this category is a significant contributor to the home appliances market, with sales of washing machines and dryers expected to surpass 60 billion US dollars annually.

Throughout the lifespan of your washing machine, there may be problems that will arise with the spin dryer. In the segment, you will get a better understanding of how to fix the washing machine spin dryer after we highlight these problems.

You must do a quick check or diagnosis once you suspect any of these problems are arising. Early detection of issues with the dryer will prevent any further catastrophe. Early detection will also ensure that your clothes dry faster with less reliance on heat or the sun.

Excessive Noise Generation

It’s not uncommon for the spin dryer to make a low amount of ambient sounds when tumbling. However, the sound may amplify to become a chaotic noise. Excessive noise is a standard washing machine repair problem that plagues most spin dryers.

Once you hear any erratic noise from the washing machine, check the spin drum immediately. It’s possible for a glide to have come loose. The glide is a small piece of plastic that appears in front of the dryer. The glide experiences wear and tear as time goes on and can come off at any time.

Furthermore, the noise can come from a faulty spin wheel. The wheel drum may be out of alignment, and you must put it back into place. Correct this fault swiftly to prevent further damage to the washing machine.

Spin Dryer not Spinning Correctly

You need to check and fix the washing machine spin dryer immediately once you notice your clothes coming out wrinkly and soggy. The possible issue here is that the spin drum no longer rotates well or rotates at all.

A likely culprit can be a broken belt. A broken belt will not allow the spin drum to rotate freely as the dryer will be off its axle.

However, if you ignore the broken belt and it worsens, the spin drum can come loose and do more damage to the machine.

Therefore, fixing a washer that’s not spinning on time will prevent more significant problems. You can also call professional help if you can’t fix the immediate problem yourself.

Dryer is Overheating

Despite drying being the primary function of the spin dryer, there are instances where overheating can be a problem. After all, too much of even the good things can be dangerous. Therefore, you’ll need to be cautious with an overheating dryer.

The consequences of an overheating dryer can lead to damage to your clothes or even start small fires. A faulty thermostat is one of the leading causes of overheating.

Therefore, if you notice that your clothes come out significantly hotter than usual, check and fix the washing machine spin dryer at once. You’ll be preventing a possible fire hazard and elongating the longevity of your washing machine.

No Heat from the Spin Dryer

The biggest nightmare you can experience from your spin dryer is a lack of heat. The absence of heating will result in wet clothes that need squeezing and external drying.

However, there is no need to worry because the circuit breaker is the first thing to check. If there has been a power surge, the circuit breaker will shut off.

Furthermore, a damaged power cord can prevent the spin dryer from functioning. So, it’s best to troubleshoot the washing machine spin dryer once you don’t notice any motion.

Damage to the door switch can also be responsible for the spin dryer’s lack of heating. Hence, check the door switch and ensure it closes appropriately during a wash and spin cycle.

Wrinkled Clothes after Spinning

Check and fix your washing machine spin dryer if you complete a spin cycle and your clothes come out dry but wrinkly. The most common cause here may be overloading the spin drum with your clothes.

Alternatively, you should change the machine’s washer and dryer settings. A lower level may lead to wrinkled clothes due to the lower effort from the dryer. If the problem persists after changing the settings, you may need professional help.

Leaking Water from Dryer

The case of leaking water is a typical washing machine repair problem peculiar to condenser tumble dryers. Once your dryer has done its work, most of the water it expels goes into the water tank. So, you’ll have to check the water tank to ensure it is empty.

Furthermore, you’ll have to attach the water tank back appropriately to prevent leakages. This way, the next time the spin dryer extracts water, the liquid doesn’t drip onto the floor of your home.

Bad Odour

You need to fix the washing machine spin dryer immediately once you start perceiving foul smells coming from the machine. The most common culprit of these nasty odours is the build-up of lint in the machine. The gathering of lint and fluff act like food particles in the gap of teeth; the lint traps dirt and can begin to smell.

Furthermore, a bend in the hose may trap the spent water. This stagnant water can accumulate dirt and stink up the machine. Therefore, it’s also imperative that you check the filters of the spin dryer and the entirety of the washing machine.

A lot of the problems, as mentioned earlier, have DIY solutions. However, you may find yourself unable to solve the issue at hand. In that case, do well to contact washing machine repair technicians in your area. These technicians will provide a complete diagnosis and carry out the necessary complex fixes.

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bad odour

Solutions to the Common Spin Dryer Issues

As the old saying goes, there’s nothing new under the sun. Hence, knowing how to fix a faulty machine isn’t a new thing. But thankfully, there are tons of solutions to existing problems. So, let’s look at some of the available solutions to the problems mentioned above.

Curbing Excessive Noise

You may hear a recurring thumping sound that is irregular. Once you hear any strange noise like this, troubleshoot the washing machine spin dryer for any loose screw or glide. A piece of machinery can break loose and move freely inside the spinning drum during operation. Identify any loose objects and remove them immediately.

If the noisy sounds continue, check the dryer’s blower wheel for any discrepancies. Also, inspect the spin drum support roller. The support roller may have shifted over time; you’ll have to adjust its position and set it right back. However, if the noise continues after checking all these spots, seek professional help.

Correcting the Spin Cycle of the Drum

We’ve already established that a broken belt is the likely cause of improper dryer spinning. You can easily purchase a replacement belt to fix your washer, not spinning.

Alternatively, a seized motor may also be the cause for the faulty spin of the spin dryer. Check the motor for overheating issues or replace it if you discover any severe damage.

Next, watch out when loading the dryer with your clothes. Ensure that you do not overstuff the dryer with your clothes. Overloading the dryer will reduce the efficiency of the spin.

Solving the Overheating Problem

It’s relatively simple to fix your washing machine spin dryer if it’s overheating. However, the thermostat is most likely faulty and not regulating correctly. Therefore, change the thermostat and watch your spin dryer purr like a newborn kitten.

Regulating the Heat from the Dryer

If you aren’t getting adequate heat from your spin dryer, check the dryer settings. The setting configuration may be lower than usual. Adjust the setting to the right temperature that you desire.

Your thermal fuse might be the problem. The fuse will break to protect the dryer if there is a sudden power surge. Once the fuse breaks, the dryer won’t heat up. Hence, you’ll have to replace the fuse.

Preventing Wrinkled Clothes after Spinning

A guide to fixing the washing machine spin dryer if it keeps bringing out wrinkly clothes is to check the heating element. Then, get a replacement for the heating element and prevent further wrinkly clothes from coming out of the dryer.

Furthermore, the heating element may be fine, and you may still have wrinkly clothes. Check the types of clothes you are loading into the dryer. The addition of bogus clothes items like shoes and duvets can overwhelm the machine and cause it to spin poorly. Hence, regulate the types of things you put in the machine.

Stopping Water Leakages

The most likely cause of water leakages is the water tank. Therefore, check the placement of the water tank to ensure there are no gaps. Also, empty the water tank frequently to ensure it doesn’t overfill.

Eradicating Bad Odour

There’s nothing worse than putting your dirty laundry through a wash and dry, only for the clothes to smell horrible. Hence, to fix this washing machine spin dryer problem, check every corner of the machine.

Remove any lint or fluff you see clogging up areas inside the machine. Correct any bends on the hose to prevent standing water. Allow for the free flow of water from the spin dryer, and you’ll eradicate any foul odours.

However, when trying to figure out why your spin dryer isn’t working, make sure to make simple repairs you can handle. If you find out that the current problem is more complicated than anticipated, seek professional help.

Don’t cause further damage by trying to fix a problem bigger than you. There are tons of qualified washing machine repair technicians all over Canada that can check your machine and fix any complex issues.

How to Maintain your Spin Dryer

Prevention is better than a cure; the same goes for washing machine spin dryers. However, you can limit the number of repairs you’ll need by adequately maintaining your machine. Here are some ways to keep your spin dryer and make it last longer.

  • Never overload your spin dryer.
  • Refrain from putting in non-suitable clothing like shoes and bags
  • Check and clean out the vent system
  • Inspect the balance of the dryer
  • Vacuum the behind and beneath the dryer
  • Rinse the lint screen after every wash and spin cycle
  • Examine the exhaust of the exterior for clutter

As important as knowing how to fix a faulty washing machine, these points will help reduce the frequency of repairs. Thus, these actions will guarantee the durability and longevity of your washing machine.

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maintain your spin dryer

Final Thoughts

There are different ways to fix your washing machine spin dryer. However, there are also other methods of maintaining the machine. The spin dryer is a very effective tool for saving costs and providing you with fresh and clean clothes.

Follow the steps in this article and reap the benefits of a long-lasting washing machine and spin dryer. However, never let a problem persist for too long and always seek professional help for complicated issues.

Here at Prime Appliance Repair, our experienced technicians will get your device working seamlessly the same day you call us. Get in touch with us today to fix your faulty device. 

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