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How to Prevent Your Appliances from Overheating in Summer?

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appliances from overheating
Nov 2022

Summer can be the most entertaining and uncomfortable season. You can visit the beaches for fun, but the heat might damage your appliances. Knowing how to prevent appliance overheating is pertinent, especially when the temperature is high.

Ontario is the province with the hottest cities in Canada during summer, with heat levels between 25 and 27 degrees Celsius.

Most home appliances get hot while working, and the summer heat can cause them to overheat. Coincidentally, you need your appliances like fans and fridges to work perfectly in summer.

The rest of this article will explain how you can prevent appliance overheating during summer.

How to Prevent Appliance Overheating?

Appliance overheating during summer is usually due to wrong usage or poor maintenance. Here are some steps to reduce the possibility of your devices damaging during summer;

1.  Avoid Placing Appliances Under Direct Sunlight

Think of it this way; you can’t easily get affected by something without direct contact. That’s the same way it works with electronics. If you keep the appliance away from sunlight, you reduce the chances of summer heat affecting it.

According to research by Carnegie Mellon University, most electronics should withstand a temperature of about 190 degrees Fahrenheit. However, experts advise that you shouldn’t expose your appliances to temperatures over 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Your appliance’s location usually depends on the interior design of your home. However, an excellent way to prevent appliance overheating is to place the device in cold areas. For instance, setting your dishwasher within the radius of your fan will reduce the heat levels drastically.

avoid placing appliances

2. Give Room for Ventilation

While thinking of how to avoid sunlight when placing your appliances, you should also consider its ventilation. Most home appliances have vents or fans to help reduce the heat emitted while it works. However, like every other fan, if there’s no cool air, it’ll keep recycling the hot air, resulting in overheating.

If you place the appliance close to the windows, that may be an invitation to direct sunlight. However, leaving a little space between the vent area will help to keep the appliance from getting too hot.

The vent location of appliances usually changes per device and brand. Usually, it’s at the back or the bottom of the device. If the vent is at the bottom, you may need to place the appliance on a platform to get the required ventilation space.

Also, never make the mistake of placing appliances over each other, even when not in use. You’ll prevent all possibilities of heat transfer between electronics.

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3. Keep Appliances Clean

One of the best ways to prevent appliance overheating in summer is cleaning. You shouldn’t wait until summer comes before you clean the device. If you wait, some perks of dirt will stick to the device and require extra effort to remove.

It’s vital to clean the outer parts of your appliance frequently to prevent dirt from getting into the device. However, cleaning the outer parts of your appliances isn’t enough to stop overheating. Dirt getting into machines is normal, especially when a fan is working to cool the device.

Over time, the inner dirt will affect the appliance’s performance and cause overheating. Some of the most common parts of devices that accumulate dirt include;

  • Fans
  • Coils
  • Filters

If you start early and remain consistent, cleaning the inner parts won’t require you to open the appliance. At best, you’ll clean the internal components with a high-pressure vacuum. However, if you don’t clean regularly, you’ll need to open the device for thorough cleaning.

In some cases, dirt can form as lint, which can cause a fire. This scenario is most common in clothing dryers and washing machines.

keep appliances clean

4. Check and Maintain Appliances Regularly

It is hard to find any home appliance that will suddenly overheat without giving any warning signs. Overheating occurs due to negligence of the signs and poor maintenance. If you subject your device to regular appliance repair service, you’ll likely see issues early.

Wires are the parts of most appliances that announce possible overheating first. The wires will usually get hot and melt, causing a foul smell. If you notice these traits in your wires, you should switch off the device and call for maintenance.

The quality of the expert you contact for appliance maintenance is vital. A sound expert should be able to troubleshoot on their first visit and explain better practices.

5. Use Appliances Optimally

Your appliance maintenance culture works hand-in-hand with the usage. Optimally usage is critical to protect the appliance from the summer heat. Some of the best tactics for optimal appliance usage include;

  • Reading the user manual: Most appliances usually have an expected lifespan, usually measured in hours of usage. Also, they have limits on the power they can withstand. Most of these guidelines and limitations are in the user manual, so it’s better to read them.
  • Reduce outlet load: One common mistake in the home is having too many appliances plugged into one source. While it may seem comfortable, it can cause overheating. To prevent appliance overheating, plug devices individually, especially when they have heavy loads.
  • Turning off devices: We tend to forget our appliances plugged in after using them. This action is unsafe because these appliances will generate heat even without working.

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use appliances optimally


A general rule is to give appliances a resting room after intensive use. However, a better way to protect the appliance from the summer heat is by following expert advice. You can ask for the best ways to prevent overheating during appliance installation or maintenance.

At Prime Appliance Repairs, we have a broad understanding of different appliances and know what can cause overheating and other damages.

For the most affordable and professional consultation, check out our same-day appliance repair services. Call 647-905-7302 today!

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