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How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Microwave in Toronto?

cost to repair microwave in toronto
Sep 2021

In Toronto, the cost of microwave repairs ranges from $100 to $500. It’s hard to put an exact figure on microwave repair prices due to factors like the device model, brand, and extent of the fault. 

The best we can do is provide a comprehensive price guide for microwave repairs. Here’s, we’ll explore common microwave faults and how much it costs to fix them. We’ll also highlight the factors that determine how much you’ll pay for microwave repair. 

2021 Cost of Microwave Repair in Toronto

Almost every household in Canada relies on microwaves to heat food, showing how important they are. Therefore, if your microwave stops working for one reason or the other, you have no choice but to shell out the bucks for repairs. 

You need to budget between $100 and $500 for microwave repairs. You may end up spending $100 to $200, on average, to get your microwave back in shape. If the fault is minor, repairs may cost you as little as $50. 

A broken microwave can be very inconvenient, hence the need to fix it urgently. If you delay in repairing your microwave, the fault may balloon into a bigger problem with a higher repair cost.  

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Different Microwave Faults and Their Repair Costs

The average microwave is home to hundreds of components working together to heat your food. Any one of these components can develop a fault due to factors like electrical surge, age, wear, and tear. 

This blog section will show you how much to repair the different faults of a microwave in Toronto.  

Microwave Door Glass Replacement Cost

Depending on the model and make, microwave door glass repairs will cost you $150 to $400. If the crack on the glass is a small one, the microwave may still function because the glass is usually a decorative element. 

However, you may not want to look at a flawed glass every time. A microwave repair technician can remove the glass panel and replace it with a new one for a more appealing effect. 

Replacement Cost for Microwave Diode

replacement cost for microwave diode

Replacing a faulty diode will cost you from $50 to $125. The microwave diode converts the transformer’s alternating current (AC) power output to direct current (DC). 

The conversion of the AC to DC by the diode doubles the voltage to about 5,000 volts. In other words, diodes help microwaves to create and receive voltage signals. Diodes break down over time, and luckily, they’re not so expensive to replace. 

If your microwave’s diode is defective, the AC voltage that gets to the magnetron will reduce significantly. Therefore, a faulty diode will mostly give visible burnout signs. You can use a volt-Ohm meter to know if the diode is bad or not. 

Cost of Microwave Filter Replacement

Microwaves usually come with mesh charcoal filters that trap grease and other foreign particles. Unfortunately, the filter can get obstructed or clogged as time goes on, so you may need to clean or replace it. 

Microwave filter repairs mostly cost between $50 to $125. Cleaning the filter is cheaper in comparison to replacement. Typically, the appliance technician will clean the filter while servicing your device. 

Microwave Fuse Replacement Cost

It’s normal for the fuse in your microwave to blow or wear out. When it does, expect to spend from $50 to $100 to replace your microwave’s fuse. 

Fuse replacement is one of the cheapest and easiest microwave repairs. Depending on the technician’s pace and expertise, it may take just 30 minutes to replace a blown fuse.

A bad fuse may cause the interlock of the microwave’s door to malfunction. Likewise, if the door of the microwave doesn’t close properly, it’ll result in leakage. To know if your microwave fuse is bad, you can use an ohmmeter or continuity tester to check. But, it’s best to leave fuse replacement to the experts.

Cost of Magnetron Replacement

The magnetron serves as an oscillator or conduit that generates a microwave signal from the direct current in the vacuum tube. It’s one of the most important parts of your microwave, but it can get faulty with time. Microwave magnetron repair costs range from $100 to $300 on average. 

You’ll need to replace a faulty magnetron as repairing it is impossible completely. Also, replacing a magnetron through DIY methods can be risky. So if you’re in Toronto, it’s best to find an expert appliance repair service near you.  

Cost of Replacing a Faulty Door Switch

replacing a faulty door switch

A door switch is an on/off device that stops your microwave from functioning when the door is open. Normally, your microwave stops working once you open the door. If the device still works with its door open, then the switch or regulator is bad. A blown main fuse will cause the door switch to stop working, and it costs between $50 and $100 to fix or replace. 

Control Board Replacement Cost

Microwave repair prices for a faulty control board are super high. Repairing the control board of your microwave may cost you from $250 to $500. 

It’s important to fix control board problems because they render a microwave completely useless.  

Sometimes, the control board may just need repairs, but other times, you may need to replace it. A technician can help you diagnose the situation to know the best line of action. 

Cost of Microwave Touchpad Repair

The touchpad is how you communicate with the microwave to input commands like timing and temperature control. The repair cost for a microwave touchpad is between $100 and $300. Depending on the model and brand, some touchpads may be more expensive to fix.  

Replacement Cost for Microwave Transformer

On average, it costs about $100 to $300 to repair or replace a faulty microwave transformer. Transformers are important in the functionality of a microwave. It amplifies the power to produce adequate current to create microwave energy. 

A faulty transformer causes your microwave to malfunction or stop functioning at all. Replacing a faulty microwave transformer by yourself is dangerous. Instead, seek the help of a technician. 

Microwave Plate Replacement Cost

Microwave plate replacement is one of the repairs you can do on your own. The microwave plate is that thick sheet of glass that rotates inside the microwave, thereby helping your food heat evenly. Microwave plate replacement costs from $75 to $125.

If the microwave plate cracks or shatters completely, you just need to replace it by taking out the old one and placing the new one inside. It doesn’t require screwing, so you can do it in mere seconds. 

Cost of Microwave Door Replacement

Replacing a microwave door is one of the most expensive microwave repairs. On average, the cost of microwave door replacement ranges from $200 to $500. 

The high repair cost of microwave doors isn’t because of the technicality of the issue. The problem is that replacement door parts are usually expensive. 

Replacing the door isn’t a stressful or difficult process. The repairer simply needs to unscrew the defective one and screw the new one into position.

Replacement Cost for Microwave Handle  

The handle on microwave doors becomes weak over time and may break. It costs from $75 to $125 on average to replace a microwave door handle. The repair cost for a microwave handle largely depends on the model and replacement parts. 

Labour costs for replacing a microwave handle are usually more affordable because it’s not a difficult job. Like the door replacement, the repairer simply needs to remove the broken handle and fix a new one. It’s a same-day microwave repair job.

Microwave Fan Replacement Cost

If your microwave fan develops a fault, you need to budget $75 to $200 for repairs. The microwave fan helps redistribute air from behind the microwave into the kitchen or outside your home via a vent. 

Specks of dirt, grease, and airborne contaminants can build up around your microwave when the fan stops functioning. Fan replacement isn’t as expensive as people think, but you may pay more depending on the type of unit you own. 

Plate not Spinning

When the microwave plate doesn’t spin, either the roller guide or the motor is faulty. It costs between $75 to $300 to fix the problem. Sometimes, the plate may be the culprit, and it may cause you to replace it entirely.

Microwave Motor Replacement Cost

microwave motor replacement cost

Fixing a defective microwave motor costs from $100 to $300. If the motor has a minor fault, simple repairs may suffice. Otherwise, you may need to replace the broken motor. A broken motor will stop the glass plate on the inside from spinning, and your food won’t cook evenly. 

Microwave Heat Problems Repair Cost

The cost of repairing microwave heat problems differs due to the root cause of the issue. However, you need to budget between $50 and $500 to fix the heat problem in your microwave. 

It may be a diode or door switch issue, and they’re both easy to repair. But it can also be costlier if the faulty component is the control board or magnetron.

Microwave Sparking Problems

When your microwave is sparking on the outside, it costs between $100 to $500 for repairs. The sparking problem may result from a damaged door or metallic mesh grid inside the door. It may also be a problem with the wiring.

Factors Affecting Microwave Repair Costs

In the last section, you’ll notice we have been providing a range for microwave repair costs. The reasons we can’t provide an exact figure include:

Microwave Brand

Your device’s brand affects its repair cost. Microwave brands range from high-end manufacturers to more pocket-friendly ones. As you may already expect, high-end microwave brands come with higher repair costs. 

High-end products with expensive parts automatically affect the cost of microwave repair. If the replacement part for your faulty microwave is scarce, that can also jack up the cost of microwave repair. 

The brand is a major element to consider when trying to get the price estimates for microwave repair. 

Labour Charge

On your own, you can fix simple issues like microwave plate replacement. But serious issues like the control board or magnetron replacement require the service of an appliance repair technician. 

If you don’t have the skill or expertise to fix the issue, it’s advisable to contact a microwave repair shop in Toronto. Microwave repair professionals normally charge about $50 to $100 hourly. Most microwave repairs don’t last over an hour. 

labour charge


Most companies charge more if you reside outside their area of coverage. The reason for the additional expense is gas. The repair service will automatically include the gas charge in your bill. 

Another way your location can affect the cost of microwave repair is the standard of living in your area — places with a high standard of living experience higher pricing. 

The Severity of the Fault

The fault of your microwave can increase its cost of repair. For instance, a simple wiring problem is more straightforward and inexpensive to fix. It may cost you just about $50. 

Contrastingly, mechanical issues are more difficult to repair. Sometimes, the repairer may have to disassemble your microwave to fix the issue. Such technical repairs can increase the cost of microwave repairs. 

Replacement Component

The faulty component is vital in determining your microwave repair cost. Some components of your microwave are more expensive than others. For instance, you’ll spend between $50 to $100 to fix a fuse. You’ll also spend about $200 to $500 to replace a defective microwave door.

Is it Cheaper to Repair or Replace Your Microwave?

Considering the cost and stress of selecting and getting a new microwave, it’s always better to repair it. However, you may consider a total replacement if the cost of repairs is up to 50% of the buying price. 

If the microwave is up to 8-10 years and it keeps developing faults now and then, you should start making plans for a new one. When a microwave starts breaking down too often, it’s a sign that it’s about to pack up. 

Finally, you can check the warranty coverage to know if you qualify for the manufacturer’s free or discounted repair service. If the warranty coverage is still on, you may consider fixing your unit instead of replacing it. 

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Final Thoughts

The cost of microwave repair in Toronto ranges from $150 – $500. Exactly how much you’ll spend depends on the fault, whether you need replacement parts and the service charge. 

You should always fix your microwaves as soon as they break down. Microwaves make it easy to heat food, which in turn fosters a healthy eating habit. Also, the ease of timing your food while focusing on other things makes microwaves a necessity in every home in Canada.

Our same-day microwave repair services at Prime Appliance Repair can get your microwave working optimally again. Call us today!

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