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How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Freezer in Toronto?

Cost to Repair a Freezer
Sep 2021

The cost to repair a freezer in Toronto ranges from $100 to $650, depending on certain determinants. These determinants or factors mean that everybody will get a different number for freezer repair pricing. 

Luckily for you, we can help you put an estimate on that price. This blog is the comprehensive guide to freezer repair prices in Ontario. 

Here, we’ll discuss different repair prices for various freezer faults. We’ll also touch on useful tips to help you save freezer repair costs.

Cost to Repair a Freezer in 2021

Freezer repairs cost is about $200 on average. But repairing your freezer can also cost you as much as $650, depending on the type of fault. 

A freezer is an important home appliance for storing and preserving meals. Freezers are important to food storage and help reduce food wastage. The importance of freezers makes them present in more than half of Canadian homes.

Your freezer has to be constantly running so it can freeze your food items properly. Sadly, as the freezer continues to function, it can develop a fault in the long run. 

Worse, fixing your freezer comes with a cost that you sometimes don’t see coming. It’s even more annoying because it can be hard to plan or budget for freezer repairs — especially if this is your first time.

Different Freezer Faults and Their Repair Costs

One of the major determinants of the cost to repair a freezer is the fault type. Different freezer faults have different repair prices. In addition, the faulty component may sometimes be more expensive to replace than others. 

On some occasions, the repairer may have to charge you more due to the severity of the freezer fault. For instance, thermostat repair will not cost as much as a control board repair or replacement. 

Thermostat Repair

Repairing a faulty freezer thermostat will cost you between $75 and $200. A thermostat is responsible for controlling the temperature of the freezer. It’s important to repair a bad thermostat because it can lead to bigger faults. 

A defective thermostat can cause your freezer to be too hot, too cold or have an unstable temperature. To fix the thermostat problem, the repairer will have to power down the freezer to pinpoint the problem and fix it.

Freezer Door Repair

freezer door repair

Freezer door repair will cost you from $100 to $300. Freezer doors don’t usually develop faults because of how durable they are. 

By design, the door of the freezer can resist heavy impacts. But at some point, you may discover that the door of your freezer no longer shuts properly. 

The door shutting problem may result from a hinge issue or the freezer not being level. Thankfully, a repairer can fix the freezer door with minor adjustments. In some cases, the repairer may end up dismantling the door to fix the issue. 

Freezer Seal Repair Cost

The seal or gasket stops cold air from escaping and keeps warm air to conserve the interior freezer temperature. Repairing the gasket of your freezer costs between $100 and $400. 

Over time, the seal may crack and need replacement. If it’s minor damage, the repairer may be able to fix it with the previous seal still in place. Otherwise, the repairer will have to replace it completely. 

Regassing a Freezer 

It’ll cost you from $200 to $500 to regas your freezer. Recent freezer models don’t need regassing because they use the same gas again. But if the gas pipe or connection gets bad, it’ll result in gas leakage.

In most situations, the cause of the gas leakage may be very costly to fix. So it’s better to replace your freezer completely.

regassing a freezer

Freezer Floor Repair

Repairing the floor of your freezer will likely cost you between $250 and $650. But freezer floor repairs are only for freezers with concrete floors and freezing temperatures. The floor of the freezer may corrode or crack as time goes on.

Repairs require patching the freezer floor. In some cases, the repairer will apply resin compounds to the bad areas to fix them.

Freezer Fan Repair 

Fans help to circulate cold air from the freezer to the refrigerator, especially in fridge freezers. A defective fan will cause the freezer and fridge to increase in temperature. 

Fixing a freezer fan costs between $100 to $300. Freezer repair technicians will diagnose and decide if it’s better to replace or repair the faulty fan. But a replacement is usually better. 

Freezer Compressor Repair

Repairing a freezer compressor costs between $250 and $650. The compressor takes the cold gas from the freezer area and places it under pressure until the gas increases in temperature. Then, the gas will circulate to the freezer to keep it cold on the inside.

A defective compressor affects the temperature of your freezer. Some areas may be cooler than others in your freezer. So, it’s essential to fix the freezer compressor immediately it develops any fault. Repairing a compressor requires a certain level of skill or expertise. Don’t try to do it yourself to avoid further problems. 

Cost to Repair the Control Board of the Freezer 

You need to budget from $300 to $650 for freezer control board repair. The control board is part of the most sensitive and costly components of a freezer. In addition, the control board serves as the central processing unit of the freezer. If the control board gets faulty, your freezer may start malfunctioning and end up shutting down entirely. 

Freezer Relay Replacement

The relay is the compressor part that enables the cooling cycle to flow smoothly within the freezer. The cost to repair a freezer relay ranges from $75 to $300. 

If you don’t fix the relay, it can result in a lot of issues. For instance, your freezer won’t cool evenly, or you’ll keep hearing an annoying clicking sound that won’t stop. 

Freezer Light Bulb

Many recent freezers come with a light that works with the switch of the door. In other words, the light comes on when the freezer door is open and goes off when the door closes. 

But with time, the bulb will burn out and need replacement. You can attempt a DIY method to change the bulb. If you can’t, it’s better to wait for the repairer. Replacing the light bulb is one the easiest and inexpensive freezer repairs, costing $50 to $100. 

Sensor Repair

sensor repair

The cost to repair a freezer’s sensor the same day it stops working ranges from $75 to $200. The sensor is also the same as the defrost thermostat, and it stops frost from forming on the evaporator. 

Freezer Tray Replacement Cost

Depending on the make and model, replacing the tray in your freezer costs $50 to $100. Upright freezers mostly have separate trays and drawers that hold your food. But with time, those trays may break or crack. 

Replacing your freezer tray doesn’t need any skill or expertise. You can purchase the freezer tray and install it by yourself. 

Fixing a Leaking Freezer

It costs between $75 and $650 to fix a freezer that forms a pool of water on the floor. The leakage problem may stem from the drain line or the thermostat not doing its job. 

A faulty control board or door seal can also cause your freezer to be leaky. Whatever the case may be, the cost to repair a freezer with a leakage problem depends on the cause of the leakage. 

Repair Cost of a Noisy Freezer

The cost of fixing a noisy freezer ranges from $75 to $650. Although there are many reasons your freezer may be noisy —  an object may be blocking the fan’s rotation, or the fan itself may be faulty — repair costs fall within the price estimate above.

Another reason for a noisy freezer is a bad relay. To know if the relay is the problem, listen for a clicking sound. If there’s no issue with the relay, the compressor may be the culprit. So, you may end up needing a full compressor replacement.

Cost to Repair a Freezer that Starts and Stops Regularly

If your freezer starts and stops regularly, you need to budget $150 and $650 for repairs. Sometimes, it may be an issue with the defrost sensor meddling with the freezer’s performance.

In other cases, it may also be a control board problem. The repairer will have to discover the problem before starting repairs. 

Repair Cost for a Freezer that’s Not Working, But the Light is On

If your freezer isn’t functioning, but the light still comes on, it’ll cost you from $250 to $650 for repairs. This problem usually points out an issue with either the compressor or the fan motor. 

The repairer will have to properly scrutinize the inner parts of the freezer to find out the problem. So, until the repairer finds out the problem, repair costs will remain uncertain. 

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Factors Affecting Freezer Repair Pricing

Uniformity in pricing makes it easy for individuals to make financial plans and forecasts. But that’s not the case when it comes to freezer repairs. The instability of the cost to repair a freezer makes it difficult to plan or budget for it. 

Most times, you won’t know the cost of freezer repairs until the repairman runs a diagnosis to discover the problem cause. Having a proper understanding of the factors that affect freezer repairs can help you prepare better financially. 

Cost of Replacement Part

Different replacement components of a freezer come at different prices. The cost of the faulty component in your freezer affects the total repair cost. For instance, it costs between $75 and $300 to fix a bad thermostat. 

But it’ll cost you from $300 to $650 to replace a defective control board. So depending on the faulty component, you may end up spending more or less than your budget.

Labor Cost

There are some simple repairs you can carry out to save freezer repair costs. But a large number of these freezer faults require certified repairers or technicians. For example, a freezer with cooling problems needs the service of a licensed and experienced technician in that area. 

So these technicians may charge you hourly or other pricing packages. Also, the intensity of the fault affects the labour cost. You may pay between $45 and $165 for freezer repair labour costs. 


Some companies charge extra if you’re outside their area of coverage, and it increases your overall freezer repair costs. The additional cost is for the gas it’ll require for the company to get to you.

Depending on your location, the cost to repair a freezer may be higher for you. For example, the cost of freezer repair services in Toronto may not be the same in Mississauga or Hamilton.

Freezer Type

Freezers come in different shapes, styles and sizes, ranging from portable and affordable to display freezers for commercial purposes. 

Portable Freezer Repairs Cost

It costs between $50 and $300 to repair portable freezers because of their small size and compactness. 

Chest Freezer Repair Cost

You need to budget between $50 to $400 to fix a chest freezer fault. The chest freezer repair cost depends on the complexity of the problem and labour cost. 

Upright Freezer Repair Cost 

You may end up spending between $50 and $500 to repair an upright freezer. Upright freezers are one of the most common freezer types. 

Cost of Drawer Freezer Repair 

If you own a faulty drawer freezer, it may cost you $75 to $500 to repair it. Drawer freezers are mostly good for commercial purposes, especially in premium commercial kitchens. 

Cost of Display Freezer Repair 

Display freezers have clear windows or doors that make them a good option for commercial use. It costs between $75 to $650 to repair a display freezer fault. 

Is it Cheaper to Repair or Replace a Freezer?

Repairing your freezer is always the best and cost-effective option. But there are times that you may need to replace your freezer. See some of the key deciding factors on freezer repair or replacement below. 

Cost of Repair

cost of repair

If the freezer repair cost is up to 60% of the buying price, it’s advisable to consider getting a new one. However, it’s wiser to top-up the money or go for a good credit facility if you wish and get a new freezer if the repair cost exceeds 50%. 


Generally, freezers last for 12-15 years. If your freezer is getting to the end of its lifespan, you may want to start making plans to buy a new one. The older the freezer gets, the more it wears out. 


Some companies offer good warranty packages for their products. If the warranty still covers your freezer repair, you’ll pay little or nothing out of pocket. 

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Final Thoughts

Knowing the estimate of the cost to repair a freezer will enable you to plan better financially. It’s a project you should undertake as quickly as possible. Repairing your freezer helps you preserve food and groceries, saving you more costs in the long run. 

Here at Prime Appliance Repairs, we offer incredible savings on freezer repairs. Contact us today! Our technicians will get your freezer in great working condition the same day you call us.  

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