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How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Cooktop in Toronto?

cost to repair a cooktop in toronto
Sep 2021

You can’t underestimate the importance of a cooktop to our daily lives. After a long day at work, you just want to come home to your lovely kitchen and cook a delicious meal on your cooktop. 

Brands like GE Appliances and Whirlpool dominate the cooktop market in North America. These appliances are pretty solid and will work for a long time without developing faults. But, they can stop working. 

Imagine trying to cook food with your stovetop, and it’s not turning on or generating a spark. It’s a scenario that nobody plans for but has to deal with quickly. 

With professional appliance repair services, you can get your stovetop working smoothly. However, expert repair comes at a price that’ll have to come out of your pocket. 

With this blog, we can help you prepare for this expenditure. Here, we’ll cover the cost to repair a cooktop in Toronto. We’ll discuss common cooktop parts and how much it costs to fix them. 

Let’s get right into it!

Average Cooktop Repair Prices in Toronto

From our experience delivering same-day appliance repair to residents in Toronto and the rest of the GTA, cooktop repairs can cost between $50 to $650. It’s a pretty wide range, but you can narrow it down by considering a few factors. 

Exactly how much to repair your cooktop in Toronto depends on the level of damage, the faulty component and whether or not you need replacement parts. 

With the cost of appliance repair in mind, it’s possible to save money through DIY repairs. If your cooktop isn’t cooking correctly or has a faulty burner, some DIY tricks and resets may come in handy. 

Conversely, if you have zero technical experience, it may be best to leave the repairs to expert cooktop technicians. They’ll be able to diagnose the fault and prevent it from getting worse quickly. 

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Common Cooktop Repair Problems and Cost to Fix Them

Cooktops are simple appliances with less than ten components. Typically, the biggest problem you’ll have to deal with is a faulty control board. 

If the problem with your cooktop is a faulty control board, you may spend up to $500 on repairs. Other than that, below are other common cooktop faults and their repair prices. 

Filter Board

The filter board is crucial to your cooktop’s ability to heat your food. Without a filter board in good condition, you can expect sketchy cooking from your cooktop. The cost of repairing a filter board is between $150-$250, depending on the brand of your cooktop. 

Main Control Board

The main control board is the unofficial brain of your cooktop. Without the main control board in good working condition, your cooktop won’t come on much less cook your food. 

It can be pretty difficult to repair a faulty main control board. Seven out of ten times, it’s best to buy and install a replacement main control board. 

Because of how crucial the main control board is to the cooktop, replacement parts can be quite expensive. Your budget for fixing the main control board should be between $400 – 650. 

Cooling Fan

The cooling fan in your cooktop prevents the appliance from overheating while working. Without it, the cooktop will get very hot and will likely stop working. 

If your appliance gets hot super quickly, then there’s a problem with the cooling fan. A faulty cooling fan can also cause loud noises from your cooktop. Depending on the model, you can expect to spend $150-$400 fixing a cooktop with a bad cooling fan in Toronto.

Control Board

control board

The control board is the principal controlling element in your cooktop. With it, you can control the temperature and operation mode of your cooktop. Repair costs for a cooktop control board are usually between $100-$300. 

Replacing Cooktop Knobs

Cooktop knobs are responsible for igniting your cooktop, selecting operation modes and turning off the device. 

Cooktop knobs are pretty solid and are supposed to last for years. However, they can also crack due to heavy impact. If the knobs crack or break, you’ll spend between $80-$150 to replace them.

Replacing a Cooktop Burner

Whether it’s a gas or electric cooktop, a burner releases ignited energy that’s responsible for heating your food. 

If you’re using a gas cooktop, you should fix a faulty burner as quickly as possible. Leaving the problem to fester can cause a gas leak and the risk of explosion. 

The appliance repair technician will need to unscrew the faulty burner and replace it with a new one. It’s a job that can cost between $100 – $300, depending on the cost of a replacement part. 

Cooktop not Turning On

The cost of repairs for a cooktop not turning on can be up to $400, depending on the component behind the fault. Before calling in an appliance repair technician, you might want to try some DIY fixes. 

For instance, check if the unit is connected correctly to electricity if it’s an electric cooktop. You can also inspect the outlet for any faults using a multimeter. 

If the outlet is working well, but the cooktop isn’t coming on, then the problem may be faulty wiring or the internal components. In this scenario, it may be best to call in an appliance repair technician. 

Coils Not Heating

Traditional cooktops rely on electric coil burners. When you turn the cooktop knobs, it supplies power to the coils, which start to get hot. If your cooktop is getting power but isn’t heating up, there’s a problem with the electric coils. The cost to fix this cooktop problem in Toronto ranges between $200 – $300. 

Coils not heating up may be due to a bad connection between the cooktop and electric coils. A repair technician can check the coils and make sure they’re installed properly. They can also clean the coils and ensure they’re working properly. 

Electric coils not heating may be due to a problem with the internal ignition switch. A repair technician can buy a replacement for the ignition and fix it the same day.

Infinite Switch Problems

Cooktops are super popular in Canada because of the exact temperature settings they offer. The infinite switch is the component responsible for this level of comfort. Without it, you won’t be getting the best value for your burner. 

A faulty infinite switch will force your burners to heat food at a specific level regardless of your settings. This situation automatically means you’ll be undercooking or overcooking your food. To sidestep this problem, expect to spend between $100-$250 fixing the infinite switch. 

Sparks Coming from Your Cooktop

Sparks coming from an electric or induction cooktop are not normal. If it’s happening consistently, there may be a problem with the heating element. It’s a problem that can set you back by $400. 

Over time, excessive temperature levels can damage the heating element. Similarly, a heavy pot can damage the heating element, causing sparks to come from your cooktop. 

Sparks from your cooktop may be due to loose wiring connections around the electrical coils. Spending the big bucks to fix a sparking electric cooktop in Toronto is a matter of safety. Sparks from your electric cooktop can cause electric shocks. 

Indicator Lights not Working

Modern electric cooktops have electric displays that provide information about your unit’s temperature settings. If these lights are not working properly, then it’s likely you have a faulty control switch. 

It’s also possible that the indicator lights are out. If this is the case, you’ll need an expert technician to replace the bulb. The cost of repair for faulty indicator lights on your cooktop is relatively affordable in Toronto. You’ll be able to get the lights working again with a budget of $100.

Factors Affecting Cooktop Repair Pricing

The cost of cooktop repair in Toronto is not a fixed price. It’s a figure dependent on factors like the model and type of cooktop. 

The factors in play are why it’s best to call an expert technician for a diagnosis before spending money on replacement parts. 

Below are the factors that determine the cost of cooktop repair in Toronto:

Type of Cooktop 

Cooktops come in different types depending on the source of power. Here’s what we mean:

Electric cooktop

Electric cooktops are the most common in Canada. It’s relatively safe and easy to use compared to other types of cooktops on this list. 

It’s also straightforward to fix an electric cooktop with parts readily available across Canada. The cost of repair for an electric cooktop is usually below the $500 mark. 

Gas Cooktop

gas cooktop

A gas cooktop works faster but is more delicate and sensitive due to the possibility of fires and leaks. Due to the level of risk in play, appliance repair services tend to charge higher for gas cooktop repairs. Repair costs for a gas cooktop can be as high as $650. 

Induction Cooktop

The induction cooktop is the simplest of the different types available in Canada. Repairing and maintaining an induction cooktop is affordable.

Cost of Replacement Part

The different parts of a cooktop come at different prices. For instance, replacement burner knobs cost less than $70. On the other hand, buying a new control board for your cooktop can be as expensive as $200. 

Labor Cost

While the appliance repair technician will charge you for the replacement part, your bill includes service-related chargers. Cooktop technicians tend to charge for repairs on a per-hour basis. 

Although, if the repair is particularly complicated, they may provide a quote beforehand. All in all, you shouldn’t be paying over $200 for service charges. 


Appliance repair technicians will charge you extra if your home is outside their coverage area. The addition to your bill is equivalent to how much gas they spend to get to your home. 

Is it Cheaper to Repair or Replace a Cooktop?

Because the cost of cooktop repair in Toronto is affordable, it’s almost always better to repair it rather than buy a new one. 

Here’s how to decide whether or not to repair your cooktop:

Cost of Repair

If the cooktop repair cost is close to 65% of the buying price, it’s best to buy a new one. 

Conversely, if the cost of repair is less than $50 of the buying price, then repairs should be on your mind. 


Cooktops can work perfectly for 12-15 years with good maintenance and usage habits. If the cooktop is still years away from the end of its lifespan, you should repair it. 


Warranty coverage means you won’t have to pay for repairs out of pocket. Simply take the cooktop back to the manufacturer, and they’ll pay for the repairs.

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Final Take

The answer to how much does it cost to repair a cooktop in Toronto is $100-$650. It’s a number that’s dependent on factors like the cooktop model and the cost of replacement parts. 

Above, we have explained the agents that determine how much you’ll pay to fix a faulty cooktop. If you need further assistance, our experts at Prime Appliance Repair can help. Contact us today for same day cooktop repair and consultation in Toronto. 

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