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How Much Does Gas Dryer Repair Cost in Toronto?

dryer repair cost in toronto
Jun 2021

Several types of clothes dryers exist, but gas dryers are one of the most common. After all, they are widely available, energy-efficient, and dry your clothing more rapidly than electric dryers. Plus, they tend to be gentler on fabrics, helping prolong the life of your clothes and textiles.

But like any other household appliance, gas dryers can malfunction over time, especially with frequent use. Some problems are fairly easy to diagnose and resolve. In fact, you can probably do the repairs yourself. Some clothes dryer issues, however, are far more complex and need to be dealt with by a professional.

In this article, we’ll discuss how much it costs to have your gas dryer professionally serviced in Toronto, as well as the factors influencing the repair costs.

Is Repairing a Gas Dryer Worth It?

Every time your household appliance acts up, you may have wondered if fixing it is even worth it. Won’t you be better off just purchasing a new unit instead?

It may be tempting to immediately take this route, especially if you have some extra bucks to spare. However, it is a precious waste of money and resources. Even if the problem seems hopeless, a capable technician may be able to repair it at a low cost, restoring it to its original condition.

Before spending hundreds of dollars on a brand new dryer, make sure to exhaust your options first. If you can, try to diagnose the issue yourself. It might be simpler than you think. When in doubt, you can always enlist the repair services of an expert technician. Not to mention that there are also problems that are way beyond your technical knowledge, and you may only end up damaging your appliance even further if you try to troubleshoot it yourself.

But then again, keep in mind that not all appliances can be repaired. Here are some scenarios where buying a new gas dryer is a smarter choice:

    • Repairing your faulty clothes dryer is 50% more expensive than buying a new one. These days, a brand new gas dryer typically retails anywhere between $850 and $1500.
    • Your gas dryer is already past its life expectancy. Typically, this type of dryer lasts for around 13 years. Any longer than that and you can expect it to go kaput.
    • Although gas dryers are usually more energy-efficient than their electric counterparts, some models may still use power inefficiently, causing your electricity consumption to go up. In such cases, buying a better, more efficient dryer is probably your best bet.

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repairing the gas dryer

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Gas Dryer in Toronto?

On average, you can expect to pay around $250 for repairing a gas dryer in Toronto and the rest of GTA. In other words, a professional technician may charge you anywhere between $100 and $400 for a gas dryer repair. 

Take note that servicing this type of dryer tends to be pricier because it uses more expensive components. Furthermore, if your unit is older than 10 years old and/or runs on natural gas, you will most likely have to spend more for a professional appliance repair.

At the end of the day, remember that the above values are merely estimates. You may have to shell out more or less money depending on several factors.

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What Factors Affect the Cost of Appliance Repair?

Several factors can influence the cost to repair your dryer. We’ll give you a quick overview of each of these factors so that you can have a clearer understanding of how much money you would have to spend on repairs.

  • Diagnosis Fee. Basically, the more challenging it is to determine the root cause of the problem, the higher the appliance repair expenses. The accessibility of your dryer could affect the rates as well.
  • Cost of Replacement Parts. Most gas dryer problems have to do with one or two broken components that need to be replaced. The costs of the spare parts are highly variable, depending on the dryer’s brand and availability. The availability is a critical factor, too. If the replacement part is difficult to get hold of, you will likely pay more for it.
  • Skill and Expertise of the Repair Technician. Appliance repair companies and professionals have their respective service fees. Often, the rates boil down to the company’s reputation and years of experience, as well as the licensed technician’s skill and technical knowledge. Prime Appliance Repair, for instance, has an affordable fee of $89.
  • Labour. The higher the number of hours needed to repair your gas dryer, the greater the costs associated with appliance repair. It is only natural.

The Best Gas Dryer Repair in Toronto

Not all gas dryer problems can be solved the do-it-yourself way. Some are too complicated and will have to be addressed by a professional repair technician. Not to mention that not everyone feels comfortable at the thought of fiddling with an appliance.

As you have seen above, gas dryer repair doesn’t have to be expensive. You can also take advantage of deals to lower the costs even further. Some companies, for example, offer discounts to first-time customers. Rest assured that with a trusted and competent repair company or technician, your gas dryer can be restored to its former glory. Even better, it is often at the fraction of the costs of buying a new one.

Here at Prime Appliance Repair, we are more than capable of patching up your broken dryer. Our team is customer service-oriented and highly trained, and we guarantee top-quality service at a reasonable rate. On top of all these, our service areas encompass all of GTA, and we can fix a variety of dryer brands, models, and makes.

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