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How Much Does Electric Dryer Repair Cost In Toronto?

how much does electric dryer repair cost in toronto
Jun 2021

Although dryer repair in Canada costs an average of $150, you may have to pay higher. It can cost you up to $400 to repair an electric dryer in Toronto, depending on the fault. 

Laundry is an essential chore in every home, and cloth dryers play a significant role in washing and drying clothes. That’s why almost every home in Canada has a cloth dryer.

Dryers have a life expectancy of at least ten years. But sometimes, faults occur due to wear and tear, electrical defects or mechanical problems. Fixing these faults is the only way to keep your electric dryer in top shape. 

Luckily, this article will serve as a guide to dryer repair costs in Toronto.  Here, you’ll find relevant information and tips that will help you get top-notch dryer repair and at the correct price too.  

Cost Of Electric Dryer Repair In Toronto: An Overview

When planning to repair an electric dryer, it’s safest to budget between $150 to $300, including labour costs. The average price of dryer repair is about $150, including labour fees and parts replacement. So most times, you may end up not spending up to $150 on dryer repair. Other times, it may even cost more depending on the complexity of the fault. 

The price of repairing an electric dryer is unstable due to some factors. For instance, some issues may cost about $50 to fix while others may cost up to $200 – $300. 

In Toronto, it’s almost impossible to fix two electric dryer issues or faults for the same amount. The reason is that certain factors must come into play when planning to fix your electric dryer. These factors also act as determinants for pricing electric dryer repairs, and they include:

The Faulty Part

The faulty part of your electric dryer plays a significant role in the cost of repairs. Some components of an electric dryer are more expensive than others. 

The high cost of replacement parts may be due to the scarcity or unavailability of such components. For instance, replacing parts of a dryer’s motor costs significantly higher than fixing a faulty thermostat. It’s easier to find a thermostat than a dryer’s motor. 

The price you pay to replace any part of your dryer highly contributes to the total cost of repair. So, the replacement of cheaper parts will result in lesser repair costs and vice versa.

faulty part

Service Charge

Professionals mostly charge hourly rates when it comes to repairing dryers. To fix your dryer, you have to pay the professional for the amount of time put in. Depending on the complexity of the fault, you may end up paying lesser or higher for dryer repairs. 

Some dryer repair services have a fixed service fee for different faults, while others charge hourly. The good thing is that experts that charge reasonably high provide excellent dryer repair services. It’s up to you to ensure you get the best value for your money. If possible, conduct proper research and compare prices before contacting or hiring dryer repair services.

Brand Type

Fixing a Samsung or LG dryer is usually costlier than other brands. The average cost for repairing an LG or Samsung dryer product is between $120 to $180. They’re high-end brands. Consequently, the cost of replacement parts for Samsung and LG dryers tend to be on the high side.

Also, high-end products may strictly require certified experts for repairs. Otherwise, you risk voiding the warranty on the product. In many cases, going out of your way to work with a certified repair technician can be more expensive.

Electric dryers from some brands easily break down due to industrial problems, quality, or electrical design. Whatever the case may be, the brand of your electric dryer may mean you have to pay more than the average person for repairs.  


The standard of living in your area generally affects your expenses. Things are costlier in high brow areas due to the quality of people residing there. So, an item or service that may be cheaper elsewhere will most likely cost more in high-brow areas.

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Saving on the Cost of Electric Dryer Repair

Manufacturers build dryers to last for at least ten years. But different faults can come up from time to time due to constant usage. The invention of modern appliances like electric dryers makes life easier for people, hence the need to always keep them running. 

Before contacting a dryer repair technician, it’s wise to do your assignment by understanding the fault or problem. Having basic knowledge about the situation will help you bargain better. You may end up fixing the problem by yourself if it’s not a tough or challenging one. 

To discover the problem, first, try to figure out why your dryer won’t come on. If you’re unable to turn on your dryer at all, it may be an electrical problem. If it refuses to spin, the engine, capacitor, or belt may be the issue. Finally, a bad thermal fuse won’t allow the dryer to heat up correctly or at all.

When you understand the fault, the professional will have a hard time cheating you. You may also end up boycotting some expenses. For instance, you can handle some simple issues like a broken belt when lint builds up or a clogged vent. You can save up to $50 on labour fees by fixing these simple problems. The knowledge will be a part of you and come in handy when necessary. 

Helpful Tip

To reduce the cost of electric dryer repair, you can find out about used appliance parts instead of getting brand new parts. Stores sell them at a lower price than the brand new ones. Although, you have to be very careful to ensure you’re buying a spare part in great condition. If you can’t bank on your discretion, it’s best to call the attention of dryer repair services. Professionals make better choices when buying replacement parts due to years of experience.

Different Electric Dryer Faults and Their Repair Costs

The complexity of various electric dryer components can cause a minor fault to lead to many problems. When some parts are faulty, the dryer may still function. Although, due to the faulty part, your dryer’s operation may not be as effective as before. Other components can render the dryer ineffective once they develop a fault. 

Learn more about the different electric dryer defects and their accompanying repair costs:

Dryer Belt Repair and Its Cost

Averagely, it costs about $150 to repair a dryer belt. The attachment of the dryer belt to a pulley system and a connection to the motor allow it to rotate the drum. Once the belt breaks, it becomes difficult or impossible for the drum to rotate. In some cases, the belt may need reattachment or sealing. It’s advisable to replace the dryer belt if it’s broken or weak.

Cost of Dryer Motor Repair

The motor is the powerhouse of the dryer. It runs the dryer and provides the energy to rotate the drum. Fixing a dryer’s motor costs about $150 – $250. 

Sometimes, lint can cover the motor, thereby affecting its smooth functioning. You need to get the lint off for the motor to function correctly. Otherwise, you may have to get a complete replacement. 

Cost of Repairing Dryer Heating Unit 

The repair cost of an electric dryer’s heating element ranges from $150 to $250. Electric

Dryer Door Repair Cost

dryer door repair cost

If the door of your dryer doesn’t close properly, it may be a result of a worn-out latch. A repairer can fix or replace the latch to make it work. The cost of repairing a dryer door costs between $50 and $150. 

Cost of Repairing the Bearing 

The cost of fixing the bearings present in an electric dryer is about $75 to $150. The bearing is responsible for allowing the drum to rotate smoothly. The drum will have difficulty rolling if the bearing is faulty. In addition, it can result in other problems and render your appliance fully inoperative. 

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The cost of electric dryer repair varies significantly due to various factors like the faulty part, the brand, and service fees. Understanding these factors helps you plan the proper budget and prepare for other expected outcomes.

Also, there are minor faults you can end up fixing by yourself to avoid unnecessary expenses. First, you simply need to relax and take out some time to observe the problem. Secondly, if you discover that you can’t handle the situation, then it’s time to hire a dryer repair service around you.

Prime Appliance Repairs is always ready to help you fix your electric dryer and at a fast pace. Our team comprises the best dryer experts that can help you fix your dryer instantly. 

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