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Front-load vs. Top-load Washing Machine: Which is Best for You?

top-load washing machine
Jun 2021

Washing machines are an integral part of your home’s cleanliness. Using a suitable washing machine can make all the difference with your chores. With the help of these machines, doing laundry has never been easier. You probably can’t imagine doing laundry with your hands anymore.

Technology plays a significant role in life right now. Laundry machines are a testament to technological innovations. Previously, front-load washing machines were for industrial usage. However, that has since changed; front-load washing machines now compete with the top-load washers in domestic settings.

The ‘front-load vs. top-load washing machine’ debate will continue for a while — there is no perfect option. Similarly, the right washing machine for you depends on certain variables. 

So, it’s time to buy your new washing machine, and there are two options; front-load and top-load washers; which will you buy? In this guide, you’ll get the complete perspective to save you from your front-load vs. top-load washing machine dilemma. 

Advantages of Front-Load Washing Machines

Front-load washing machines are growing more popular in homes. If for anything, front-load washing machines have a reputation for efficiency. 

As the name suggests, you load your laundry into the machine from the front. They use a meager amount of water, detergent, and energy. The efficiency with which front-load washing machines use resources makes them favorites among homeowners in Ontario. 

But, there is more to front-load washers than efficiency. Other advantages of front-loading machines include: 

Better Cleaning Experience

If you frequently wash clothes with tough stains, the front-load type is the right washing machine for you; they have better efficiency at cloth cleaning. Also, due to the machine’s uniqueness, your cloth experiences onlu minor wear and tear. As a result, you don’t have to worry about your clothes losing their quality.

Front-load washing machines wash clothes better because they lack agitators that you find in top-load machines. The absence of agitators makes it impossible for loose or stray threads from your cloth to end up in a clog. Because there is no agitator to catch loose threads, your fabric remains just how you place it in.

It Takes More Clothes.

takes more clothes

Front-load washers can take in plenty of clothes at once. So, you don’t have to do laundry frequently. Also, during laundry, you run fewer wash cycles. Running fewer cycles saves you time, which you can invest in more productive activities.

They are Reliable

One of the differences between top-load and front-load washing machines is reliability. Front-load washers are more sturdy and require less maintenance. Also, the unique design of front-load washing machines puts them at an advantage.

In a front-load washer design, gravity aids the rotation of the clothes, as against top-loaders with a central agitator. The presence of the central agitator tells on the machine’s body sooner or later. Also, the front-load machine has fewer individual parts when you compare it with the top-load washer. Hence, there are fewer parts liable to break in front-load washers.

Less Noise

The noise coming from the front-load washer is significantly less prominent compared to a top-load washer. Even if you’re going to bed, you can have your laundry in the machine with no worry. 

The noise reduction in front-load machines is due to the vibration control feature in most new versions. The vibration control feature makes the machine’s inner drum stable. Hence, the machine does rattle loudly. 

If you plan to position your washer on the second floor, the advantage of less noise answers the ‘front-load vs. top-load washing machine’ question for you.

More Features

The top-load washer comes with more features than you can possibly need.  For instance, you can get features like a self-cleaning cycle, steam setting and reversible washing machine doors (if you want to customize your laundry room). 

The sheer amount of features you’ll get with a front-load machine is incomparable. However, be ready to incur a higher cost to buy the front-load type of washing machine. 

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Disadvantages of Front-Load Washing Machines

Front-load washers are great, but they aren’t perfect and may not be suitable for you. If you can’t compromise on the following downsides, you already know which is best for you between front-load and top-load washing machines.


Front-loader’s features, amongst other factors of efficiency, noise, heightens the initial purchase cost. The overhead price in the long term is significantly lower than top-loaders. 

The cost of washer repair and maintenance for top-loaders is expensive. Over time, you’ll be saving more money with front-loaders. 

You can’t Add More Laundry Mid-way While Washing

There are times when you suddenly find a piece of clothing hiding somewhere during laundry. For example, if you have filled your front-load washer with water and detergent, you can’t open the door while washing. The door needs to remain on lock if you don’t want to flood everywhere with water.

Top-loaders make it easy to add laundry anytime during the washing process; front-loaders can’t do that. Hence, you must be sure you have all the laundry for that cycle in the washer. To mitigate this, it’s best to have your dirty clothes in one place, in the days leading to laundry day. 

Advantages of Top-Load Washing Machines

In the average Canadian home, front-load washers are most common. However, top-load washing machines are also standard. Top-load washers have several advantages going for them too. 

Hence, when it’s time to choose between top-load and front-load washers, here are some reasons you should indulge the former.

It Saves Cost


You don’t have to dip so far into your savings to buy a top-load washer. Especially in an economy not so buoyant, top-loaders are the wiser option. For instance, you’ll most likely get a top-load washer for about $399, while front-loaders come at an average of $699. 

Top-loaders’ low initial purchase cost makes them preferred options for rental houses, short-term living apartments, and commercial. Hence, if you look to minimize cost on your budget, the ‘front-load vs. top-load washing machine’ debate goes in the latter’s favour.

Ergonomically Friendly

Top-loaders are easy to operate because you can stand upright while using. However, for front-loaders, you’ll have to bend several times. In addition, if your back’s condition is not that great, front-loaders can be torture. To avoid back pain, it’s best to get the top loaders.

Also, from looking down, you get to see each control knob. So the ease of access to controls also matters. You can mitigate the stress of front-load washers by placing them on a pedestal. But with top-loaders, you don’t have to worry about getting a pedestal in the first place.

You can Add Laundry Mid-way through a Wash

The ability to add more laundry whenever you feel like it is another advantage of top-loaders. You don’t have to wait till the current wash cycle ends before dumping in more clothes. 

Great for Homes with Kids

If you don’t want your toddlers to flood the home, top-loaders are safer. For example, if your front-load washer is close to the ground, children may open the door mid-washing. The water gushes out, and the whole laundry room is a mess. With top-loaders, you are safe, as kids can’t easily mess with the controls and doors. 

great for homes with kids

Disadvantages of Top-Load Washing Machines

Everything you stand to gain with front-load washing machines, you most likely stand to lose with top-load washers. The various disadvantages of top-load washers include: more noise, fewer features, lower wash efficiency, and the need for more repairs. Hence, you should only buy a top-load washing machine if you can live with these trade-offs. 

Front-load vs. Top-load Washing Machine; Which Should You Buy?

Choosing between front-load vs. top-load washing machines is not an easy decision to make. You can twist and turn without concluding early. You aren’t alone. However, you must realize that your choice is all about priorities. Some factors should guide your choice, and we explore them in this section.

Many of these factors may come to play in your decision-making. Hence, you need to prioritize factors that influence your decision.


Cost is an essential consideration. If you’re working on a tight budget, the best between front-load and top-load washing machines for you is the latter. Front-load machines are cheaper on the initial buy, and with careful use, you shouldn’t incur high maintenance costs later on.


There are two dimensions to the ‘convenience’ factor when choosing a washing machine. As regards physical convenience during use, the best is the top-load washer. However, if you don’t want the noise that comes with top-load washing machines, get front-load washers. Front-load washers make less noise.

Commercial or Residential

There used to be a distinction in the type of washing machine suitable for commercial or residential use. However, in recent times, with the innovation in both classes, anyone is OK. ‘Commercial or residential usage’ should be lower on the factors you prioritize before choosing between top-loaders and front-loaders.

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Final Take

Overall, your preference is what matters between front-load vs. top-load washing machines. Both types of washers have advantages and downsides. 

Whichever type of washing machine you buy, there will always be a need for repair. Whenever this happens, something is wrong with your washing machine, don’t try to fix it yourself. You may end up causing more damage. 

Here at Prime Appliance Repairs, our technicians can get your washer working the same day. Contact us today!

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