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Frigidaire Appliance Repair Cost

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frigidaire appliance repair cost
Oct 2021

A Frigidaire appliance can break down due to different reasons, and it costs between $70 to $500 for repairs. However, the price of fixing your appliance depends on the type of appliance, level of fault, and the cost of the replacement component. 

There are other factors that affect the cost of frigidaire appliance repair in this article. Therefore, you can consider this article a price guide for comprehensive frigidaire appliances repair costs.

Average Price to Repair Frigidaire Appliances

Different frigidaire appliances make life easier and better for everyone. Frequently, these appliances tend to break down and develop problems that affect their performance. It’s helpful to find out the cost of frigidaire appliance repair and compare it to the total replacement cost. 

Repairing your frigidaire appliance is always a better option than replacing it. But after due consideration, a replacement may be the solution you need at the time. Fixing any frigidaire appliance costs $200 on average. However, repair costs may end up getting up to $500 depending on certain factors. 

Repair costs can also be as low as $50 if you’re trying to fix the fuse of a microwave. An important thing to note is that recent appliance models come with costlier replacement parts, affecting the total cost of frigidaire appliance repair. 

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Repair Costs for Different Frigidaire Appliances

Frigidaire appliances have a life expectancy of at least six to fifteen years. Although smaller units like blenders, microwaves and toasters can last up to ten years, and they’re cheaper to repair. On the other hand, larger frigidaire appliances like refrigerators, dryers, and washers have higher replacement components, affecting the cost of repairs. 

Most individuals don’t attend to their appliances until they stop working or start making unnatural sounds. However, you don’t need to wait for long before repairing your appliance because delaying may result in a higher repair cost. Have a look at how much it’ll cost you to repair different frigidaire appliances below. 

Cost of Repairing Frigidaire Dishwasher

A dishwasher is a machine that cleans and rinses dirty cutleries and dishes. All you have to do is load the dishes into the unit, add soap, and set the right washing cycles before turning on the unit.

The dishwasher then monitors itself to ensure everything runs properly. However, a frigidaire dishwasher can develop faults due to wear and tear, affecting the unit’s performance.  However, fixing a faulty dishwasher costs between $100 and $300 on average.

Most dishwasher components are inexpensive, but you may need to replace numerous components at once. Expect higher repair costs for a failed dishwasher control panel or motor due to the cost of the replacement component. 

Some of the problems you may encounter with dishwashers include leaking, poor cleaning, water not draining, and uncanny noises. Fixing your dishwasher is tactical and requires a high level of expertise and experience. Contact an experienced technician for dishwasher repairs.

Price of Frigidaire Dryer Repair 

While washers ensure that clothes are washed efficiently and quickly in an automated manner, dryers complete the need for a fast drying process. A dryer is a machine that removes moisture from fabrics, making them dry faster than the usual sunlight drying process. 

The cost to repair a frigidaire dryer appliance is from $100 to $200. The major faults you may experience from a dryer include motor failure, belt breaking, and drums coming off the track. The type of dryer, whether gas or electric and fault type, directly affects repairs’ price. 

Other common inexpensive dryer repairs are mostly on the door or bearings. At the same time, more expensive repairs on a dryer include a control board problem, an issue with the heating element, and a motor failure. 

How Much to Repair a Frigidaire Washer

how much to repair a frigidaire washer

A frigidaire washing machine is a very important home appliance. The washing machine helps ease the entire laundry process without you having to go through the manual process. The washer is also fast, thereby enabling you to finish large laundry rounds on time. 

To fix the issue with your frigidaire washing machine, you need to budget from $150 to $400. The cost to repair a faulty frigidaire washing appliance is based on the fault type and the part that needs replacement. 

Portable washers are cheaper to repair in comparison to integrated washers which cost more. However, you need to call for professional repairs immediately if your washer stops functioning abruptly, the agitator isn’t working, or the water isn’t draining. 

Cost of Frigidaire Refrigerator Repair

A frigidaire refrigerator is one of the most valuable household appliances. The refrigerator plays a major role in helping you maintain healthy eating habits by keeping your food and drinks fresh and preserved in the right manner. 

A refrigerator functions by pushing a liquid refrigerant through a sealed system that causes it to vaporize and pull heat out of the fridge. The vaporized refrigerant then passes through the coils outside the refrigerator (at the back or bottom). 

However, a proper functioning frigidaire refrigerator can develop a fault at any time, and it costs between $200 and $500 for repairs. Therefore, it’s also very important to fix the refrigerator immediately to enable you to preserve food and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Cheaper refrigerator repairs include fan replacement and cleaning the condenser coils. While replacing the control panel and compressor will cost significantly higher. 

Price of Frigidaire Oven Replacement

An oven is a chamber for baking, heating, or drying. Repairing a faulty oven costs between $150 to $400 due to the type of repair it needs. Some repairs are cheaper than others. 

For instance, fixing the thermostat of an oven is cheaper than fixing a control board problem. Also, the oven type plays a major role in the cost to repair a frigidaire oven appliance.

Gas ovens are usually more expensive to repair in comparison to electric ovens. Oven repairs need to be done by experienced appliance repair technicians.

How Much to Repair a Frigidaire Stove

The type of stove you own affects the cost of repairing it. The price of fixing a gas, electric or cooktop surface stove all costs differently. 

Irrespective of the type of stove, and problem at hand, repairs may cost you about $100 to $400. However, it’s cheaper to fix the stove’s indicator light and faulty burner switch. But repairs like fixing faulty burners cost more because they mostly require replacements. 

You can try to put off the stove and put it back on to check if it’ll pick up. If it doesn’t, then you need to seek repairs immediately. 

price of frigidaire cooktop repair

Cost of Frigidaire Freezer Repair

Freezers are important household appliances that preserve food ingredients and meals for a long period. Thus, freezers make it possible for people to cut down on food wastage. Sadly, freezers can become defective and require repairs to get them back up and functioning again. 

The cost of a frigidaire freezer repair is between $100 and $300 on average. However, most people pay $200 to repair the broken seal of an upright freezer. The replacement of a simple chest freezer’s light bulb costs $50. But it’ll cost about $650 to replace the compressor of a built-in freezer. 

Price of Frigidaire Cooktop Repair

A frigidaire electric cooktop offers heat for your pans and pots at a centralized point. A cooktop usually has a transparent surface from which you can see a metal coil that serves as an electrical current conduit. The surface of a cooktop in good working condition turns red once it heats up.  

Unfortunately, cooktops can develop faults like other home appliances. The cost to repair a frigidaire cooktop appliance is between $50 and $200. But the actual price of cooktop repair depends on several factors, including your location, damage extent and the replacement component.

If after trying basic electric cooktop troubleshooting you know best and it won’t come on, it’s best to leave it to experienced appliance repair technicians. 

What Determines the Pricing for Frigidaire Appliance Repair?

The cost to repair a frigidaire appliance isn’t the same for everyone. It is because several factors determine how much it’ll cost you for Frigidaire appliance repairs. See some of the factors below.

Frigidaire Appliance Repair Cost by Type

The several types of frigidaire appliances have different repair costs. To repair any frigidaire appliance, you need to budget from $70 to $500. The repair price will get higher if the appliance is more complicated to access due to its location. 

Home appliances like dryers, freezers, microwaves, washers, dishwashers, and cooktops all fall within the $100 to $300 repair range. While repairing ovens and stoves may cost between $100 to $400. Larger appliances like refrigerators may cost as high as $200 to $500 for repairs. 

Frigidaire Appliance Repair Cost by Energy Source

Appliances have different sources of energy to make them function optimally. These different energy sources affect the cost to repair various kinds of Frigidaire appliances. See a list of the energy sources below.

Cost to Repair Frigidaire Electricity Appliance

Electric appliances are the common type of appliance among homeowners. It costs about $100 to $375 to repair an electric appliance, the cheapest among the other energy sources. 

Every repair technician knows about repairing electrical appliances. Also, components for electrical appliances cost less to replace, and they carry little risk.

Cost to Repair Frigidaire Gas Appliances

Natural gas-powered appliances have high repair costs of about $150 to $450. It costs more to work on appliances that use gas as their energy source due to the risk they carry. Therefore, fixing gas appliances is critical and must be done by experienced technicians to avoid fire or carbon monoxide leakages. 

Cost to Repair Solar Appliances

Gas appliances don’t have the costliest repairs; solar appliances do. Repair costs for solar appliances range from $250 to $600. Solar appliances are expensive to purchase but are cost-effective in the long run. Appliances that use solar energy aren’t very common among homeowners, probably due to their high cost of purchase and maintenance.

However, solar appliances have higher repair costs because their replacement parts are expensive and difficult to come across. Also, technicians for solar appliances are in short supply, and it affects its cost of repair. 


All appliance repair technicians charge either hourly or flat rates. Therefore, whenever you call for repairs, always try to inquire about the hourly rate, travel cost, and service fee. However, repair costs for frigidaire appliances usually range from $50 to $150 per hour. 

Technicians charge for labour depending on the type of repair. Smaller frigidaire appliance repairs have lesser labour costs. In comparison, major repairs fall on the higher side of the cost gamut. 

Replacement Component

Sometimes, the fault in any appliance may require a total replacement of the defective component. Some parts of the appliance cost more than others, affecting the cost to repair any frigidaire appliance.

For instance, replacing the compressor of a freezer, dishwasher motor, and control costs up to $600, each without labour. However, other components are cheaper to replace. For example, replacing a thermostat will only cost you about $50 to $100. 

You can liaise with the technician for advice on how to get quality and authentic replacement parts. 


Some repair companies include an extra gas charge for people outside their coverage area. Sometimes, the standard of living within a particular area can also influence the cost of appliance repairs. 

Then the location of the appliance also matters. If the appliance is difficult to access, it’ll incur extra charges. 

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Final Thoughts

Appliances are a must-have in every home as they serve different purposes to make life easier for humans. But these appliances can develop problems over time which makes them malfunction.

It’s important to immediately fix any problems with your frigidaire appliances to prevent the problem from expanding into bigger problems. It’s also advisable to contact only experienced repair technicians to handle the repairs. 

Check out our appliance repair services for quick and affordable frigidaire appliance repair. Our experts at Prime Appliance Repair are always ready to come to the rescue. Reach out to us today! 

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