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Electrolux Appliance Repair Cost

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Oct 2021

The cost of repair for an Electrolux device varies depending on the type of appliance. Home appliances like washing machines and dryers cost more to repair than other appliances. It’s all down to their expensive parts and more complex structures. 

Sure, proper maintenance can prevent how frequently you have to repair your Electrolux appliance. But unforeseen problems like high voltage can cause a need for appliance repair.

When the time comes, you’ll want to know how much you’ll spend to repair your Electrolux appliance. This way, you can start to budget for the expense. Here’s what you need to know.

Cost to Repair an Electrolux Dryer

Using a dryer alongside a washing machine saves the stress of putting your clothes outside. As long as it’s in great condition, a dryer will deliver freshly dried clothes in no time. However, the moment your dryer begins to act up, wash days can be a lot more tedious.

You can expect to pay less to fix a faulty dryer in comparison to an Electrolux washing machine. The prices for Electrolux dryer repair depend on the faulty component. You may pay as little as $100 to fix your Electrolux dryer or as high as $400.

The price range is a function of differences in the cause of the problem. For example, simple failures with the belt, drum, or coil are less expensive to fix. But it can cost up to $400 to fix a faulty dryer timer. 

The energy source is another factor to consider. People with gas dryers tend to pay more to fix their dryers than those with electric models. If you have a gas dryer, you’ll be paying between $50 to $100 dollars extra. The reason for the extra amount is gas dryer units cost more than electric dryer units.

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Cost to Repair an Electrolux Dishwasher

A leaky dishwasher can be frustrating, and if you’re not careful can create a bigger problem with your device. It’s always best to call a professional to take a look at it. And thankfully, fixing a dishwasher isn’t as expensive as other Electrolux appliance repair costs.

On average, you can expect to pay anything between $100 and $200 to fix a faulty dishwasher. Some appliance repair companies charge about $75 per hour, while others charge as much as $150 per hour. 

Like other appliances in your kitchen, appliance repair costs for an Electrolux dishwasher aren’t set in stone. Your dishwasher may have faulty parts that require complete replacement. In some cases, the dishwasher may have multiple faults causing the technician to spend more time on repairs. For each case, repair costs for your Electrolux dishwasher can reach $350. 

Cost to Repair an Electrolux Washing Machine

Your washing machine is prone to technical faults over time. Whether or not you use your washing machine frequently, you can expect to fix it now and then. 

Fixing a faulty washing machine is a better idea than buying a new one, especially with the recent price increase. In 2018, the price of a washing machine went up by 10 percent. As long as a washing machine is fixable, it makes more sense to fix it. You’ll be caring for the environment and saving some cash.

There is no set price on how much it costs to repair an Electrolux washer. Some companies set the price starting from $50. On the other hand, other companies set their starting price to fix a washing machine at $200. 

A few scenarios may demand up to $500 to fix a faulty washing machine. For instance, broken belts and a clogged drainage pipe are usually expensive to fix. In addition, if you have to change a faulty part, you may pay more.

cost to repair an electrolux washing machine

Cost to Repair an Electrolux Refrigerator

There is no doubt that the refrigerator is one of the most-used home appliances. Unlike the washing machine or the dryer, the refrigerator is working all day. Also, a problem with your refrigerator can cause your food and fruits to go bad in the space of hours. Therefore, you need a properly functioning refrigerator in your kitchen to keep your food in great condition.

The appliance repair costs for a faulty Electrolux refrigerator depends on the faulty part. Generally, it takes a technician about two hours or more to correctly diagnose what is wrong with your refrigerator. With the time and attention it requires, you can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $300 to fix your broken refrigerator.

The major issue you want to avoid fixing is the compressor or fan. A broken evaporator fan will require replacement. Likewise, a faulty compressor means buying a replacement part. These problems are often more expensive than other refrigerator issues.

Typically, refrigerator faults that don’t require complete part replacement aren’t very expensive to fix. For example, a faulty thermostat doesn’t cost as much as changing a fan motor. 

Cost to Repair an Electrolux Oven

An oven, whether gas or electric, is a need in every household. It makes cooking less stressful and ensures meals are ready on time. A fault with your oven can be a complete disaster, especially if cooking is halfway.

The good news is fixing a faulty oven isn’t as expensive as many think. The average prices to repair Electrolux appliances are pocket-friendly. Typically, most homeowners pay as little as $50 to fix their faulty Electrolux oven. 

The type of repair you need is the determining factor of how much you’d pay. Furthermore, the type of faulty parts you’re looking to replace will affect repair costs.  

Because of their complex electrical and mechanical systems, Electrolux ovens can be quite difficult to repair. In most cases, built-in ovens may require that you change or modify their cabinet. Also, you’ll pay more if it requires the technician to remove the built-in oven from the cabinet. Common built-in oven repairs include faulty gaskets, heating elements, and a broken door.

Cost to Repair an Electrolux Freezer

Like refrigerators, freezers are must-haves in every home. However, opening your freezer to find ice cream melting is a sign your freezer is faulty. 

The lowest price you can expect to fix a faulty Electrolux freezer is $60, and that’s for the ice maker. Unlike the refrigerator, freezers are more complicated, making them more expensive to fix. 

Here is a breakdown of the various costs of fixing a faulty Electrolux freezer:

  • Thermostat: Anywhere from $100 to $440
  • Coils: Anywhere from $100 to $400
  • Ice maker replacement: Between $60 to $220
  • Ice maker repair: Ranging from $330
  • Door seal: Between $50 and $440
  • Compressor: Between $200 and $400
  • Control board: Between $80 and $800 depending on how complex the problem is

Cost to Repair an Electrolux Cooktop

When it comes to repairing technical home appliances, even the most DIY-savvy person may experience some difficulties. There, you must request the services of appliance repair technicians. Fixing your faulty cooktop yourself may complicate things as it can be quite difficult to troubleshoot.

The average cost to fix a faulty cooktop ranges between $50 and $650. Similarly, how much to fix a faulty Electrolux cooktop depends on the level of damage. 

Depending on the type of cooktop, you may pay more or less for repairs. For example, an electric cooktop main control board can be quite expensive to fix. In most cases, it’s better to replace a faulty control board than fix it. Fixing a control board can cost about $650.

Fixing a faulty cooktop knob is cheap. Although solid and built to last, cooktop knobs can break with severe impact. However, you can replace a broken knob with a new one for as little as $80.

Cost to Repair an Electrolux Stove

cost to repair an electrolux cooktop

The cost of repairing a faulty stove is cheaper than buying a new one. An experienced technician will only spend as little as one hour to get your stove up and running again. In addition to this, stove repairs are quite easy to fix compared to other home appliances. 

Stove igniter faults will cost you up to $200 while replacements for broken knobs only cost $75. Electric stoves are often more expensive to repair in comparison to gas stoves. An electrical igniter or battery costs between $75 and $150. 

As a side note, if you notice a problem with your gas valve, don’t hesitate to call a technician. Unsafe cookstoves are a major cause of burns and fire accidents in the home.

Factors Affecting Electrolux Appliance Repair Costs

Owing to the difference in home appliance systems, the costs to fix them are different. Another factor that affects Electrolux appliance repair costs is where you stay. People who live in areas with a high cost of living often pay more than those living far from the city. 

Accessibility of your appliance

The harder it is to access the faulty part of your Electrolux device, the more expensive the repair costs. Usually, appliance repair technicians charge per hour. If it takes them an hour or more to access your appliance, you’ll pay for their time.

Additionally, appliances with complex wiring systems are usually difficult to fix. As such, technicians charge more for appliances with less straightforward wiring.

Hard to find replacement part

An antique appliance can be a nice catch until it’s time to fix it. Likewise, an old water heater may have sentimental value but always come off as difficult to fix. While there’s nothing wrong with collecting antiques, they usually have old and outdated parts.

Rare appliances come with rare parts which are difficult to find in the market. Often, technicians have to use used appliance parts which are often expensive. 

Electric or gas appliance

gas appliance

What powers your appliance is another factor that affects repair costs. Electrolux appliance repair costs differ amongst electric and gas devices. Gas appliances such as water heaters and stoves cost more to repair than their electric counterparts. The reason gas appliances are more expensive is because they come with more risks.

Although running an electric appliance is more expensive in terms of bills, it comes with fewer risks. Also, it’s safer and simpler. With a gas appliance, a technician risks fire hazards and carbon monoxide leaks.

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To Wrap It Up

Knowing the cost of repairs for your Electrolux appliance can prepare you for when your appliance begins to malfunction. To get the best out of your appliance, don’t overlook any problem it has, whether major or minor. Also, routine checkups are the best way to detect early faults and fix them before they get worse.

Giving your appliance the attention it needs can save you money on buying a new one. With an experienced appliance technician, you’re sure your appliance is in safe hands. As a top appliance repair company, offers top-notch repair services for all Electrolux devices. We’ll find the cause of the issue and provide a permanent fix the same day. Get in touch with us today!

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