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Common Appliance Repairs in Toronto & Oakville

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appliance repairs in toronto
Oct 2022

Home appliances simplify everyday living but can throw a wrench in your daily activities by malfunctioning unannounced.

You can cushion the effect of this situation by learning about common appliance repair faults. This knowledge will ensure you aren’t caught unawares when your appliance develops faults.

We’ve compiled a list of five common appliances and the typical repair issues to expect. Alongside we’ll estimate the cost and timeline of appliance repair in Toronto and Oakville.


The following are common refrigerator issues, repair costs, complexity, and timeline.


One of the most common issues reported by refrigerator owners is water leakage. And having water pool where electricity is present in your kitchen is a significant safety hazard.

Therefore, this issue calls for serious consideration.

Possible causes of this issue include:

  • Broken water lines
  • Extremely high humidity levels
  • Drainage problems

Working Freezer but Fridge Isn’t Cooling

Food will spoil quicker than usual when your fridge isn’t working. This is one of the most common appliance repair problems, and fixing it may be a real pain.

Possible causes of this issue include:

  • Thermistor failure
  • Evaporator fan malfunction

Problems with the Ice Maker

Sometimes, resolving this issue is as simple as changing a setting. Find the appliance’s on/off switch, button, or lever before writing it off as broken.

However, if it turns out to have been in the “on” position, your ice maker may have more severe issues. Possible causes of problems with the ice maker include:

  • Displaced ice bucket
  • The fridge is too toasty.
  • Broken or clogged water filter

Repair Timeline: A professional appliance repair service in Oakville can diagnose and repair a refrigerator within 24 hours.

Repair Cost: The average cost to fix a faulty refrigerator is $200 to $1,000.

Repair Complexity: For DIYers, it may be a bit difficult. But it’ll be a breeze for repair technicians.

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displaced ice bucket


See possible dishwasher issues below:

Not Starting

Your dishwasher may not be properly plugged into an electrical outlet. And that may be a reason it’s not working. Check that the power cord isn’t disconnected or dangling.

However, if the cable is well connected and it’s not working, the dishwasher’s inner workings are probably to blame.

Possible causes of this issue include:

  • Circuit breaker tripped
  • Inefficient or broken motor
  • The control panel has stopped working.

Disgusting Smell

Having a strange, unidentifiable odour emanate from your kitchen is the worst. Your dishwasher may be the source of bad odour in your kitchen. 

The following are the common causes of this appliance repair issue:

  • Filters clogged with food
  • Leftovers and grease seeped into the cracks
  • Overcrowding the dishwasher can encourage bacteria growth which leads to bad odour
  • Dirty dishwasher

Repair Timeline:  Appliance repair services in Toronto can repair a dishwasher within a day.

Repair Cost: The average cost to fix a faulty dishwasher is $160 to $300.

Repair Complexity: For DIYers, it may be a bit difficult. Dishwasher repair is simple for experienced technicians.

disgusting smell


See the following common appliance repair issues to expect with ranges:

Cook Top Not Heating

Range burners may suddenly stop providing enough heat to cook your food. Or maybe there’s no heat at all. Dealing with this issue on a gas or electric range can be a significant hassle.

Possible causes of this appliance failure include:

  • Wasted fuel
  • Broken heating elements
  • Disrupted or faulty connection

Repair Timeline: You can fix a faulty range in 24 hours.

Repair Cost: The average cost to fix a faulty dishwasher is $50 to $200.

Repair Complexity: For DIYers, it’s not advisable to try repairing it yourself due to the appliance’s complications.


Some of the most common appliance repairs happen with ovens too.

Overheating Oven

If the outside of your oven is hot to the touch, it may be overheating. The knobs, in particular, will be hot to the point where touching them could hurt you. This can burn your pastry and grills.

Possible causes of this issue include:

  • Problems with the fan’s operation
  • Broken temperature sensor and baking element

Repair Timeline: An oven problem can be fixed within a few hours.

Repair Cost: The average cost to fix an oven problem is between $100 and $600

Repair Complexity: More advisable for owners to seek professional help than to try DIY.

Washing Machine

Repairs you’ll likely need to make on your washing machine include the following:

Machine’s Washer Rotor Won’t Turn

Spinning the tub helps the detergent and water reach all of your cloth. Your clothes won’t get clean if your washer’s tub doesn’t spin. At best, you’ll only end up with partly clean clothes.

Possible causes of this issue include:

  • The lock button isn’t working on the door or lid.
  • Inadequate bearings in the bathtub

lock button isn’t working

Funny Odour

Often, the solution to a stale odour coming from your washing machine is to clean the entire device. If the smell persists after washing the device, it could signify a more severe problem.

Mould and mildew in a washing machine are ugly and potentially dangerous to one’s health. Ignoring mould and mildew growth can lead to health problems for you and your family.

Likely Causes:

  • An abundance of moisture
  • High degrees of humidity
  • Failure or absence of adequate laundry room ventilation

Repair Timeline: One day

Repair Cost: $150 to $400 is the estimation for fixing a faulty Washing machine in Canada.

Repair Complexity: It’s better attended by professional technicians.


Common issues with dryers are as follows:

Clothes Dried in a Dryer Are Still Damp

Clothes dried in a functional dryer should be warm, fluffy, and dry. Clothes coming out of your dryer still damp may be due to operator error rather than the dryer’s malfunction. Sometimes the solution is reducing the clothes in your dryer.

But if that doesn’t solve the problem of your damp clothes, your dryer needs to be fixed.

Possible causes include:

  • Ducts for the dryer become obstructed
  • Objects of lint and debris clog the exhaust stream.
  • Failing or broken heating system part

Static Drum

Perfectly dry clothes are impossible without the drum inside the dryer. Here’s why the static drum in your dryer isn’t working:

  • Damaged drum rollers
  • The roller axles are broken
  • Drum bearing problems

Repair Timeline: 24 hours

Repair Cost: $100 to $400

Repair Complexity: DIY isn’t advisable.

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damaged drum rollers

Final Take

At this point, you’re likely now conversant with common appliance repair faults. This know-how will ensure you know which faults to fix yourself or enlist a repair technician.

If you decide on professional appliance repair, it’s better to go with a trusted company with a track record of excellent service. Prime Appliance Repair is the leading provider of appliance repair services in Ontario.

Call 647-905-7364, and one of our friendly appliance repair technicians will be with you the same-day.

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